• FloridaTix Birthday Event – #..


    Last week I was invited to attend the #FloridaTix1oth event in Birmingham. The event, as you might have guessed from the name of it was to celebrate the company FloridaTix’s 10th anniversary of business.

    The event was held at Island Bar near the Mailbox in the centre of Birmingham and all evening I had the Disney song “Tiki Room” stuck on repeat in my head, because it was, a tiki room, it was like going to a bar on holiday, I absolutely loved the decorations.


    When I got there I was welcomed by Cindy who had got in touch about the event and she introduced me to a selection of the others that were already there which was lovely seeing as I had gone on my own and didn’t really know anyone. We had an opportunity to mingle and get to know one another and grab a drink from the bar. As I was driving I had a non-alcoholic beverage but it still looked just as awesome as one of their cocktails as it came in a mason jar glass.


    Having got settled we were then drawn together to attempt a #supersnapeselfie with all of us there including the FloridaTix employees who were in on the fun too, as a homage to the Oscars selfie.

    We then had the chance to wizz around the room to find the “hidden mickeys” a game that you can enjoy whilst in Disney parks which I thought was great fun and bought out the inner child in me. I managed to find them all which I was rather proud of too.

    We were then given a talk about the company by Simon one of the Directors at FloridaTix and told about how and when it had started and what it is that they do.


    Following on from that was the official cake cutting ceremony which seemed a shame because it was awesome! They called it a “cake boss” cake and it sure was, a lot of skill went into it I’m sure. It did taste as good as it looked too.


    Having filled ourselves up on cake and buffet food we were then set for the main event. The quiz.

    I was in a team with Chris and Joy and we’d already set our sights on the booby prize of the stickers but there were awesome prizes up for grabs for the winners. I’m not going to lie, the quiz was pretty hard, I didn’t know nearly as much as I thought I did about Universal and Disney, I did however know more about Florida itself which was quite nice, I think we redeemed a few points there and again on the music round, although that was pretty hard too!

    In the end, we came last but we still had a good time and a laugh whilst playing along. Plus it wasn’t likely that we would win anyway because there were some real hardcore Disney fans there who did extremely well.

    After the quiz we had a bit longer to chat and people started to disperse on their journeys home.

    We were lucky enough to be treated to a pretty amazing goodie bag too which had all sorts of treasures in it from Disney, Universal and Busch Gardens all of which will get you started for a trip to any of the parks.


    I had a wonderful time and I am grateful for being invited to the event. I was also a very lucky girl by winning a prize for finding all the hidden Mickeys and also for having the best Snape selfie!

    I want to thank Cindy for organising the event and the rest of the FloridaTix team for helping make the event so much fun. I look forward to the next one! ;).


  • #Nottsmeetsep14 – 20.09.2014


    This post has been a LOOONNNGGGG time coming.

    During September I had a wonderful opportunity to go to a local meetup. I feel like I’ve not been to one for ages!

    This one was run by Leah & Gemma both whom I have met before at previous events/meetups.  It was also great to see other girls that I’ve met before and get to speak to them at least a little bit during the day.

    The meetup was held at Sobar, an alcohol free bar and restaurant that also helps recovering addicts by giving them a place to work and get experience and help that they may not do otherwise.





    We were a few minutes late getting there but as we did they were prepared and were already bringing food out. I had the pulled pork pizza which was so yummy, it was a perfect size just for a mid day meal, not a huge pizza that you then don’t need food for the rest of the day. After food there was chance to chat to Amber who also joined us on the table and say hello to other girls that I’ve previously met at other meetups.



    Having paid for our food we headed upstairs to a private room that I presume they use for meetings with addicts we were sat around a table and given a Talk from Suzie from Xenca which was really interesting. She gave us a presentation on all the products and an in depth explanation of the company and then followed up with a tester of all of the Perfection makeup range and the supplements that help your well being from the inside out along with the skincare range. Afterwards we were all treated to the choice of makeup product from the brand, I picked the Mink eyeshadow.



    Once we’d had a play around with the products we had a raffle where the money raised was going towards Schools For Parents. I was super lucky enough to win three prizes! It was my very lucky day.


  • Pizza Party Tuesday Night – #..


    Let me just start by saying that my love of sour dough pizza stems from my trip to Boudin whilst in San Francisco.

    A couple of weeks ago I attended the #BloggerPeterParty hosted by the always lovely Annie at the newly opened Peters Pizzeria in Leicester.

    Peters Pizzeria opened its first restaurant in Loughborough which I have spotted before but have never got round to visiting (which I will be doing now).

    I have to tell you, Peters Pizzeria in Leicester is absolutely awesome from the second you walk in. The toilets are in individual sheds for goodness sake!

    I’m an absolute sucker for interiors of restaurants and I’m a massive fan of how cool the inside looks and fortunately most new restaurants are ticking my boxes and Peters Pizzeria is one of them.

    Peters Pizzeria InteriorsPeter Pizzeria Toilet

    This meetup was a breath of fresh air, it was after work on a Tuesday and it felt like you were just meeting up with friends for a meal, except there were about 25+ of us there.

    It was lovely to see faces I recognised and to meet new people too. It was also really nice to just sit and talk to people from brands because they were sat as part of the meet up rather than purely there for brand purposes.

    Food wise we were treated to a selection of pizzas off the menu, I’m a picky eater so stuck with the margherita pizza which was ah-mazing! And as far as I could gather the others were pretty tasty too, not a bad word said so I think that’s a win. To make things even better we were also shown the delights of their ‘Peterella’ which is a sour dough pizza base smothered in nutella which I have to say is heavenly! who doesn’t love things covered in chocolate!

    Peters Pizzeria Leicester

    I ended up having a really good evening and it was great to meet new people and some new brands and businesses.

    A massive thanks to Peters Pizzeria for letting us use their facilities and have a nosey around and also Annie for organising the event, girl did good!


  • Oh Hi There…

    2014-11-15 10(2)

    Long time no see! How have you been? Glad to see you here again.

    It’s been a while eh, and a lot has changed in the last year (almost) personally anyways.

    I’m back, maybe not regularly but I’m back, and I want to get my mojo back, this blog is something I’ve always loved and been proud of. I’ve just had to take some time to myself and get my life back on track. I’m still not quite there but lets just say I am a LOT happier than I was back in October.

    Over the next few posts you’ll get some past posts that never got posted, mainly event ones that I went to in 2014 but I want to share my experience of them and show my appreciation for the hard work that goes into organising events and meetups. You will also see posts from my travels from America that I went on almost a year ago! Time flies, it really does.

    I look forward to getting back into it and being more present on my little old blog. I’m also looking into having a re-design cause I feel like it’s time to clean up and start a fresh like I have done in my life.


  • Travelpod -Travel Blog Review.


    While I was away in America you may or may not have noticed my absence on the blog. However in reality I kicked it up a notch and blogged every day for 29 days, but using the travel blogging app TravelPod.

    I wanted to use a platform that I could update easily and share each days activities with family back home to keep them up to date with what had been going on and so they were sure I was safe. I also love that I am now able to look back over all the posts and all the photos and remember all the amazing things I did while on my travels. This in turn will help me when it comes to eventually writing up all the posts I’m eager to put the time into to write for here on Rainydayfaces.

    The app is actually just the addition to the website where you can do all the same updating but seeing as I took my iPad with me I thought it would be perfect to be able to update on the go without needing a computer or internet. Obviously to actually post you have to have internet connection but it all stays there ready for you to upload when you’re around wifi on your travels. Luckily the places we’d booked to stay all had internet connection and the only problem I had was the last few days in Las Vegas surprisingly, the wifi was rubbish there!

    To start you have to set up an account and create a ‘blog’ which was easy enough. Give it an image, I put my limited photoshop skills to use and made this funny little image, which I’m actually quite proud of!


    On the actual online blog it shows a map of all the journeys you’ve taken which I think is a great touch.


    You can even add each hotel you stayed in and review them from the app/site.


    I will definitely use this app for any future holidays I go on and recommend it for ease and usability if you’re wanting to do the same. My parents loved being kept up to date with what I was doing on a day to day basis and it also means they knew every detail rather than me getting home and missing anything.

    For a few added features you can pay a yearly subscription of around $35 but I’ve just stuck to the free one. If I was to use it on a more regular basis I’d maybe consider paying that fee.


  • Kiko Makeup Milano Cosmetics Haul

    IMG_1962Last month during the hottest days of the year I visited my sister down in London.

    While I was there we ended up doing some damage in a number of shops, one of them being Kiko. I only really know of Kiko Makeup Milano because of Annabella, she raves about them and was even kind enough to treat me to some bits from the brand.

    Here’s what I treated myself to

    Street Fashion Eyeshadow Palette – Addictive Song


    Soft Touch Blush – 108


    Quick Dry Nail Lacquer – 854 Mint



    Nail Lacquer – 491 Toucan Red


    The prices are ridiculous, it’s a steal! And for great quality products too. I think my favourite purchase was the blush, I’ve worn it almost everyday since I bought it.

    If you also love Kiko Makeup Milano Cosmetics are there any other products you’d recommend I pick up next time?


  • HD Brows – Review.


    As you may have noticed in recent fotd posts my eyebrow have grown out crazy amounts and I was sporting the caveman look (while wishing it was the Cara Delavegine look).

    I usually go to The Benito Brow Bar in House of Fraser in Nottingham and get them threaded but after seeing a number of posts on HD Brows I decided to see what all the hype is for myself.

    I booked myself in at Beautification on Claridon Street for after work. Despite seeing other HD Brows Reviews I still wasn’t 100% sure what it involved.

    When I got there I was welcomed by Yasmin who is the only girl that does the HD Brows at Beautification and shown up to the room that the “treatment’ takes place in, it’s obviously where all the waxing etc happens because there was all that equipment and a table on one side of the room and a high backed bucket chair on the other. I was sat down in the chair and we had a chat about what I wanted from my eyebrows, what sort of shape and also what colour I wanted. I said I just wanted to have them cleaned up and if she could try and thicken up the ends of my brows that would be perfect, one her advice she said that I should go for a warmer colour on my brows and I was happy enough to trust her judgement.

    To start she applied the tint all over my brows and extended over the main brow to make sure to colour any lighter hairs. This wasn’t left on for very long at all but that’s because my brows are pretty dark anyway, especially compared to my lighter hair at the moment.

    That step then lead on to waxing. I’ve only ever had my brows waxed once before and I can say that this time was less painful but not completely pain free. But I have the lowest pain threshold ever so all of this may be nothing to some people.

    Following that was the threading, I love threading because it just makes everything look so neat, especially the line at the bottom of your brow. This wasn’t actually as painful as it usually is when I get it done, but again like I said, in no way pain free. She even went quite far up my forehead which was weird but it’s good because it makes your makeup sit better on your skin.

    Lastly was the tweezing, now this was the worst part for me, I ended up all teary eyed, blotchy nosed struggling to handle the pain. I don’t know why it hurts so much but it does!

    She wiped it all down and showed me them in the mirror. Despite the redness I was super happy with them, she put some powder on my face to cover the redness a bit and used a brow pencil to fill them in. I was red and my skin was a bit raised for an hour or so afterwards but it soon went down.


    [Before | After & Filled In | Next Day At Home Routine]

    My verdict; £25 might seem steep but I usually pay £20 for a tint and thread anyway so the extra £5 for a bit of extra and more of a consultation wasn’t too painful for me to part with. I’ve booked in again for another 5 weeks and she’s told me not to touch them myself and she’ll continue to work on the ends of my brows then. I’m really happy with the result and I still felt pampered without actually having a pamper! (If that makes sense).

    What brow taming route do you take? Have you ever had a HD Brows treatment before?


  • OOTD – Wild Hair Date Night.


    [ Top – Zara | Kimono – New Look | Jeans – Topshop | Boots – Topshop]


    A few months ago my mum treated Harvey and myself to a Living Social voucher for a meal at Chutney in Nottingham.

    We’d taken a while to decide when to go but we finally used it the other week. We both dressed up for the occasion which was nice, I love seeing Harvey in collared tops.

    I wore the top and jeans to work during the day but dressed it up for the evening my adding a kimono that I’d bought for America and my favourite heeled boots of the moment. My hair was super crazy by this point cause I’d put it up in twists while wet the night before, it looked good when I woke up but was nice and frizz-tastic by the end of the day!


    Accessories wise I went with the usual jewellery that I always wear keeping it nice and simple.


    What are your tips for taking an outfit from day to night?


  • Sunday Fundays – Twycross Zoo..

    SundayFundaysI thought I’d do a new feature on here for a bit.

    I’m calling it Sunday Fundays because Harvey and Myself have started to make plans for Sundays because now he’s got regular hours at his new job he always has Sundays off so it’s nice to make the most of them rather than sitting inside all day.

    I thought I’d catch you up with the first two Sundays we’ve spent together.

    Twycross Zoo –

    The first trip we took was fairly close to home, it was actually Harveys idea to go to the zoo that weekend and I was happy to go to Twycross zoo. I have so many memories from from this zoo, my Grandma used to take me and we would have such great day trips bonding over our love of animals. Although the Zoo itself has changed a lot I still had so much nostalgia being there and remembering past trips.


    2014-08-17 15.12.15 HDR-1



    Woodhall Spa –

    The idea to go here came to me thanks to Groupon. I saw an offer on one of the many emails you get from them for a maize maze and I loved the idea of it. I thought it’d be a large commercial maze but actually, it was just in the middle of a field run by some people in a portacabin. It was so much fun and we spent quite a long time wandering round it trying to collect the letters to work out the answer to the question they gave you before you headed in.

    Afterwards we drove up the road and into the woods to find the Kinema in the Woods, which is a really old, tiny cinema in the woods would you have guessed it. They play all modern films that you’d find in the cinema but they have an interval in the middle and they have someone on an old fashioned organ come up from the ground & play a half time song. We didn’t actually go in but it was cool to see and would be a good idea if we were heading that way again. We did however go sort of next door to the Tea Rooms in the Woods for some lunch, it was quaint on the outside but like a proper restaurant on the inside. We were really lucky with the weather and it was good to go on a bit of a road trip.


    Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset


    I’m really looking forward to future Sundays that we spend together.


  • Room Tour



    It’s been over a year since I moved out of my flat and back into my parents and I thought it was about time that I did a room tour.

    Before I moved home I made sure that my dad helped decorate my room for me, I chose to keep it light and bright so went with a really pale grey shade for the walls and then a bit of accent wallpaper for under the built in wardrobes, it’s from Laura Ashley and I absolutely love it plus I’m so impressed we got the paint and wallpaper such a close colour match.

    Slowly but surely I’ve been adding bits to my room to make it feel more homely and I thought I’d share with you my favourite bits.

    I have to admit, I think the shelf above my bed is my favourite part of my room. I feel like it brings a bit of personality to my room. Here I keep all my books, mainly self help and religious books, aside from Mockingjay and The Wolf of Wall Street. I also have my Mini Dianna camera because I’m yet to actually put film in it and take it out for a play so while it’s not in use it’s a nice little decoration. Two personal items on my shelf are the Card that my parents got me because I always joke that my sisters the favourite daughter so they saw this and thought of me, and also the bottle of coca-cola, anyone that knows me knows that I used to be an absolute fiend for the stuff but I’d given up drinking it by the time that the named bottles came out, but when my sister found one with my name on she saved it for me. Goodness knows how flat it is now but I like it as decoration, is that weird?


    If you follow me on instagram then you’ll probably be familiar with the above view of my bedroom, but below is the other end where most of the furniture is.


    Here I have my skincare cabinet that I bought for £10 from the British Heart Foundation, yes, three shelves of skincare and no I do not need all of it but I’m working my way through it all I swear!

    I also have all my entertainment bits like my PlayStation and my Now TV box along with the TV that I used to have in my lounge at the flat that I fought to have in my room because it’s so big. It’s been there so long now I don’t even think it’s that big any more. I also keep my hair grips, cotton pads and cotton buds in little glass jar type things along with a tray to keep the jewellery I wear most often in.

    Above the TV I have a shelf where I keep my spare candle, my jewellery stand and two candle holders that I use for decoration which I got years ago from a Jamie Oliver party, your modern day Tupperware party.




    The chest of drawers under my TV is where I keep all my makeup in the top draw and then t-shirts and shorts/leggings in the other two drawers. Again, it does seem mad that I have a whole drawer full of makeup but I do love the stuff!


    On the other side of my room I have my dressing table/desk where I do all my makeup. This part of my room has changed a bit because I’ve actually moved my makeup brushes over to some pots that I’ve saved from my Grandmas belongings.


    desk_detailsUnderneath this is my least favourite part where I store all sorts of bits and bobs, it always looks a mess but I can’t seem to make it look organised. Any tips for making it look better would be much appreciated.

    Overall I’m so happy with my room, I keep adding to it and changing bits that I’ve accumulated. I’m usually told off by my dad for spending too much time in my room but I always say he shouldn’t have made it so nice to be in!

    Is your bedroom your safe haven or is it a space you just sleep in?