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    Following on from the previous review of the Garnier Micellar Water I’m reviewing the Garnier Fresh Eye Makeup Remover.

    Like I said in my previous post I will always use the process where I use eye makeup remover followed by micellar water then finishing off with toner.

    This does a great job at clearing the majority of eye makeup, even waterproof. For what products I use on my face I don’t have to worry about anything being left behind.

    The makeup remover does have quite a strong scent which may not agree with a lot of people but I really like it, and it’s a really nice smell personally. The whole range smells great!

    There’s not much else I can say about it other than I like it, and for the cost I’m happy with it and there’s enough in the bottle to last you a fair amount of time.

    Look out for the final review from this range.


  • Guest Bloggers – Thank You.


    [Image Credit]

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the girls that came and did guest posts for me while I was away, it took a lot of pressure off my shoulders to have things written for while I was off and gave me a much needed break.

    I’m back now and looking forward to getting back to blogging three times a week like I was before I went away.

    There will still be beauty/review related posts but I will also be doing some about my holiday too, once I’ve gone through 3000 photos.

    If you missed the posts you can find them here & follow their names to go through to the blog homes of the girls that wrote for me.

    Aimee BelleHow I Prepare For Holidays

    Amanda In A TeacupTake One Dress

    Style By AmberSummer Foundations For Acne

    Elsa Pell - Gold And Turquoise Eyeshadow Tutorial

    SeriouslyShallow10 Beauty Rules To Break


    Thanks again girls!


  • 10 Beauty Rules To Break – Se..

    Hello All
    I’m Sarah and I usually blog over at SeriouslyShallow about fashion and beauty things – all the pretty stuff in life!
    Sally has kindly let me do a guest post while she’s off on her travels. I got to thinking about rules and tips, because I love a list. Now, we all know the basic beauty rules – we’re brought up with them. Rules make us feel safe and give us a playbook that says we can’t go wrong. But which ones are you better off breaking? Here’s the lowdown on the ten beauty rules it pays to break.
    In the UK, there seems to be a culture that you have to wash your hair every single day. Each time you step in the shower, its automatically assumed that you should reach for the shampoo as well as the shower gel. But could you actually be over-washing your hair and causing all kinds of problems, including dandruff, limp locks and even grease!
    Washing your hair every day strips away all the natural oils. The body tries to compensate by over-producing sebum, and then you get left with greasy, lank locks. So you…surprise surprise…wash it! And the cycle continues.
    Time to invest in a shower cap? Step down to washing your hair once or twice a week, and once it adjusts, you’ll be left with healthier, better conditioned locks. For those days when you need an extra lift, well that’s what dry shampoo was invented for!
    Those of us with an oilier complexion – and that includes practically every teenager on the planet – would usually avoid adding more oil like the plague. What good could that possibly do, we think? And I’ll admit it does sound a little counter-intuitive. Your body’s sebaceous glands housed beneath the skin produce a natural barrier substance. But when hormones and high temperatures are involved, this can get out of balance, and you can find yourself with an oil slick for a face!
    To treat this, many people resort to harsh, astringent cleansers to strip away the oils, but these are actually the wrong thing to do in a lot of cases. They can irritate the skin and cause soreness, dryness and more oil production as skin stuggles to balance itself out.
    But the oil your skin produces is very different than the pure, plant-based oils in a facial product. A quality oil will replenish your skin with essential fatty acids, meaning your sebaceous glands can take a breather and stop working overtime. Look for a quality oil – cheaper products often contain less refined ingredients with more fillers and additives. Pure, organic compounds made of rosehip, argan, macadamia, jojoba etc give the best results. Quality doesn’t have to be insanely pricey though-  The Body Shop’s Beautifying Oil can be used on face, hair and body, comes in several different varieties and will leave problem skin glowing and soft – try it and see!
    A few drops go a long way, and its usually best applied at night time for an intensive skin boost.
    This is the number one beauty rule, right? If you’re wearing bold or dark eye colours, keep the lips neutral. And a bright pout has to be tempered with tame eye make-up, right? Well…actually….ahhh, you guessed it. This is a beauty rule its worth breaking. Half the fun of cosmetics is exploring, experimenting and trying things out.
    But how can you rock bright bold lips with well defined eyes and not look like Coco the Clown? Turns out there are a couple of tricks to making this rule-breaking beauty work. Number one is to skip the blusher. More than two competing colours could really throw your look of track. You want to go for subtle definition, because the rest of your make-up has to hold its own. So the best way is to subtly contour cheeks with a shade of matte bronzer (for heavens sake, nothing sparkly), just a couple of shades darker than your natural skintone.
    Next, keep skin matte. No dewiness, no highlighter. The other make-up are the stars here, so skin must be a blank canvas.
    Finally, pay attention to the undertones of the colours you’re wearing.  When you
    use cooler undertones on the eye and want to pair a bolder lip with them, try reaching for one with similar cooler undertones. Look for
    colors that will complement, balance, and play well together.
    To get a perfect pout, especially a brightly-coloured one, you must always use a lipliner, right? Well, it turns out that isn’t neccessarily so. You can chuck out the twelve different shades of liner and array of lipbrushes in favour of a much simplier tool – your fingers! When you use a brush or even swipe your lipstick on straight from the bullet, you can end up with harsh lines and a saturated colour.
    A much better option is to pat on some lipstick using your fingertip. You’ll have more control over the level of coverage and can build up from a faint wash to a bold statement lip far easier.
    Plus, the heat from your fingers helps to melt the colour into your lips, so that flushed, natural look is much easier to master. And, pop the finger in your mouth and draw it out, and any errant lipstick on your teeth is also a thing of the past. Go digits!
    We’re always told that the best way to make your eye colour pop is to wear an opposite colour -  so blue on brown eyes and bronzes on blue eyes. And while there is certainly something to be said for a bit of contrast, I’d encourage you to look again at your palettes and grab a shade that matches your iris.
    Using a colour close to your real shade gives the appearance of much larger eyes, especially on the lower lash line. Here I am showing some brown shadow on my brown eyes. It looks much more organic, and with a competing colour out of the way, you can play with shapes instead to really balance and re-sculpt the face.
    I sometimes wear coloured contacts, and one of my favourite things to do when I’m ‘wearing’ blue eyes it to line my lower lashes with a shot of sapphire. It really perks your whole look up and draws attention to your colour.
    Lipstick is for lips, right? That’s what they tell us. And while I wouldn’t recommend smearing your lipstick all over your forehead, there is a place on your visage that’s crying out for some lipstick love- and that’s your cheeks!
    A lipstick is a perfect substitute for a cream blusher and can provide a natural and pretty flush to your cheeks. It’s best to use one with a creamy texture, for blendability. There’s also a beauty about using a lipstick with a glossy formulation, and this catches the light and provides an in-built highlight, defining your bone structure and adding a youthful flush to skin.
    Using a lipstick on my cheeks is actually one of my favourite tricks, and its also great if you’re in a hurry. Here I’m wearing L’Oreal’s Rouge Caresse lipstick in ‘Lovely Rose’, a pale cool-toned pink, on my lips and its also bringing a subtle flush to my cheeks – perfect if you’re wary of stripy, unconvincing blushers!
    As a sort of reverse of the above logic, there are other places on your face where eyeshadow can really work for you.
    Eyeshadows are intensely pigmented and can really give your lip colour a new dimension. Plenty of make-up artists intensify a red pout by pressing red powder shadow or loose pigment on top of the lips, and this gives a glorious velvet texture as well.
    And there’s a lot you can do with metallic shadows to really amp up your pout – a bit of gold or pink shimmer paired with a clear gloss and you have yourself a whole new look.
    Here I’ve used an older trick -  a bit of white shimmer shadow added to the very centre of your lips makes them look much fuller and really brings the skin to life. Bourjois Light Concentre de Lumiere was design to lighten and frost other eyeshadows, but pressing it into your pout makes your lips pop and your lipstick look about a thousand times better. So experiement with eyeshades and see what makes your kisser look good!
    Lipgloss goes on TOP of your lip colour, right? Right? Well, you know by now that I’m going to say no. Of course, that is one way to do it. But using gloss as an undercoat can bring a different dimension into play and also make your lip colours do double duty.
    Take the picture above. I’m using a Mac Frost Lipstick in ‘Costa Chic’, which is a really popping bright orange. Its a stunning colour, but what happens on days when you don’t want something that bright? Or when it doesn’t match your make-up?
    Popping a coat of clear gloss on first results in a paler shade that’s pretty and fresh. The middle shot is the gloss on first method, and you can see that the colour transforms into a very pretty sheer coral.
    And you can make lip colours go darker too by adding a plum or blue smile enhancing gloss under your chosen shade. Double the mileage from your lipsticks? That has to be good!
    This is such a common myth and I reckon its the one most of us always get wrong. Not sure where this piece of erroneous advice even came from, but it seems to be in constant circulation and never goes away.
    Almost without thinking, we swipe new foundations onto our jawlines to check whether they match our skintone. But stop just a minute. The angular shape of a jawline casts shadows, right? So it stands to reason that these shadows will affect the appearance of the colour, toning it down and cooling it off. Suddenly emerged from the shop with a shade that now looks orange and unconvincing? Oh yeah…
    So, where should you be testing out base colours? The best place is actually your chest. The goal is to find a shade that seamlessly blends in to your natural tones and matches the rest of your body. That way tidemarks are a thing of the past.The chest is the only other area that’s exposed
    to the same amount of sunlight as the face. By matching your base to
    your chest’s skin tone, you won’t risk looking ghostly pale or
    unnaturally dark. Finally!
    This ‘rule’ is the one I always fall foul of myself. Everyone wants big, beautiful eyes, and most people are aware that lining all the way around the eye visually closes it up and makes your gaze look smaller.
    As a result, I’ve been phobic about lining under the eyes for years, and yet I kept spotting pretty make-up looks that used lower lash-lining to beautiful effect. So how can you line under there and avoid an eye closing effect?
    Couple of tricks. The first is not to use an eyeliner. Using a powder shadow under the eye gives a softer, more diffused effect that’s more flattering.
    The second is to make the line thicker than usual -  and use a colour that isn’t black. A thin, black line will make your eyes look piggy and small, but using a wider stripe that’s more diffuse actually does the reverse, opens the look of the eyes up and makes them look bigger. And experiment with dark shades that aren’t black – brown, taupe, navy and grey will all still have impact but won’t look as harsh.
    Finally, tapping a little shimmer or a light colour into the inner corners with a tapered brush or your little finger will bring more light to the area and balance out the under line, ensuring you still look bright eyed and beautiful. Et voila, all the drama and none of the small peepers!
    And that’s it – I hope you enjoyed breaking some rules with me and trying out a few tips to experiment with. Let me know what beauty rules you’ve been breaking lately!
  • Summer Foundations For Acne –..


    Hi ‘Rainy Day Faces’! How are you?

    I’m Amber from Style By Amber.

    I have a YouTube channel focusing mainly on acne and a blog just like this one on life advice, beauty, fashion and experiences.

    Basically I’ve teamed up with Sally to create a blog post souly on acne products for summer.

    I know having acne can be such a bummer in the summer as your self conscious of hyper-pigmentation but also want to stay away from foundation so you can let your skin breath!

    Firstly I should say that, although it might be hard at first, you should pluck up the courage to go bare faced in the sun (with SPF), you will feel free mentally and physically, trust me, its hard, but worth it!   Of course if you can’t quite find that confidence, then here are my top 3 favourite foundations for the summer months:

    1) My number one foundation summer through to winter will always be the Arbonne Perfecting Liquid FoundationThis foundation goes on liquid form but adapts to your skin type and with acne completions being so interchangeable, this ones a good one to go for, it has an spf, medium to full coverage without being caky or heavy on the skin. 2

    2) Second love, that I used all through out last summer is the Bare Minerals loose mineral powder. Having oily skin means we love a bit of powder! It is a lifesaver and this product is beautiful in giving coverage, however with hyper-pigmentation I used a concealer under it just to give added coverage so no scars where showing at all, but just a light dusting of the powder was also nice just to fade the imperfections rather then cancel them out all together! To be honest, when I had a tan, the powder was all I needed, also it was great at minimising that sun burn!


    3) Last but not least is another one from Arbonne! It’s their tinted moisturiser. It’s light weight but builds from a light to medium coverage, smells understated when you first put it on, but soon goes and is the most smallest amount of dewy, which can be covered by powder. Like wise with the Bare Minerals, it’s great to calm down rather then completely diminish. The O Natural look as it where!


    Best thing is that none of these products break you out so you know you in a safe bet with any of them! They are all also great for non-acne sufferers I must also mention that all of the products are natural and paraben free which is something close to my heart! What is also close to my heart are that the natural products actually work! I think there is so much controversy that natural products are a bit naff, but not Arbonne and Bare Minerals!

    So what’s stopping you? Grab yourself a new healthy summer foundation!

    Hope you enjoyed? Leave a comment telling us YOUR fave summer foundation.. A big thank you to Sally and she is welcome on Style By Amber anytime! Love Amber x

  • Gold and Turquoise Eyeshadow Tutori..

    Hi there, I’m Kate from Elsa Pell, I was delighted when Sally said I could do a guest post for Rainy Day Faces, I really hope you guys enjoy it!

    If you read my blog already, you might know that I was really taken with the colour schemes used in this year’s Summer make up collections. I have already done a blue eye make up tutorial based on one of the Dior eye palettes, but my absolute favourite was this YSL palette for Summer 2014. I absolutely loved the copper and turquoise hues, but I couldn’t spare £39 for a new palette, so I thought I’d see if I could make do with what I already had.

    First off, I got the gold shade from the Body Shop Shimmer Cube Palette in 06 Warm and applied it all over the lid. Next I got the dark blue from the Topshop Lost In Time Palette and put it in the crease. This palette isn’t available anymore, but if you don’t have a similar shade already, the darkest blue in their Atlantis palette is similar. Next I got Plumage from MAC, and I placed it in the outer V section of my eyelid and under my lower lash line and blended. To balance everything out, I got some more of that gold eyeshadow I used on my eyelid and placed it under my tear duct before finishing off with some black eyeliner, here I used Blacktrack from MAC, and mascara – YSL Babydoll.

    I really like how this look is quite colourful, but still wearable. I know a lot of people have these bright turquoises hanging around, but are always too scared to wear them, so this might give you an opportunity to get them out from the bottom of your make up drawer and dust them off! This would look great with a bronzed and highlighted face and a nude lip, but in the picture I’m wearing a coral lipstick, specifically Pygmalion Rouge Coco Shine by Chanel (LE).


  • Take One Dress – Amanda In A ..


    one dress


    Well this is a bit exciting, I’ve never been asked to do a guest post before so thank you Sally for asking me to do it whilst you are away on what sounds like a pretty amazing trip!!!


    I best introduce myself I am Amanda and I blog, admittedly very sporadically over at Amanda in a Teacup.


    I’m an aspiring illustrator and I love to draw and I draw a lot, like really …A LOT! I love it

    and try and draw everyday. My inspiration tends to come from tattoo art and culture. I love

    the fact that it’s so diverse! Here’s some examples of my work…


    I was thinking about what I should do for my guest post…I was going to do something about my summer make-up looks but who am I kidding I pretty much wear the same all year! So instead I decided to do a post on what else, a bit of fashion…

    My own style leans towards grunge for sure, I am rarely seen without my leather jacket and I like to wear black even on the sunniest days…so I decided to take one particularly amazing Top Shop dress and style it up two ways…Amanda style on the left and a slightly less dark version on the right! I’m completely in love with the boots! Which again I’d like towear all year round.

    All in all I think this dress is going to be a capsule wardrobe dream piece…oh and if youdon’t own a leather jacket yet?! Treat yourself, you will get LOADS of wear out of it!

    I’m on instagram if you want to come on by and say hello and I’m on Twitter too!

  • How I prepare for Holidays – ..

    Hello, if you haven’t met me before I’m Aimée Belle, I normally blog over here, but as both myself and Sally have some holidays coming up, we agreed to shake things up a  bit and guest post for each other. Make sure you keep checking my blog to see her guest post. 

    Today I’d like to talk to you about holidays. We all love them, right? But there’s a LOT of preparation that goes into them. First you need to save so you can afford one, and when there’s so many tempting new beauty releases this in itself can be quite hard. But once you’ve actually booked it there’s still so much to do. I’ve been planning mine for months now, and the topic has come up a few times on my blog too. I’m going to Tunisia and as it’s my first ever beach holiday there’s a lot to sort out. So what am I taking? Well, here’s my ever growing check list:

    Bikinis, at the moment there’s 3 but this may grow
    3 Sarongs
    Sun Hat
    Beach Bag, this is doubling up as my travel handbag
    Sunglasses, a prescription pair, and 2 or 3 non prescription pairs
    Lenses, spare lenses and lense solution
    White linen trousers
    3 or 4 Lightweight tops
    2 Maxi dresses
    2  beach dresses
    A short day dress
    Wedge sandals
    Flat dressy sandals
    Flip flops

    Toiletries, Make Up and Medicine – that  has taken up a blog post in itself. 

    But that doesn’t really seem like enough….

    Anyway, it’s not just packing to consider. I need to get myself prepared too. This has taken a bit of doing. It’s meant diet time. Cutting out things I love and factoring in a lot more exercise. As it’s just under 3 weeks until I fly, I’m now exercising daily, be it Zumba, Weights, or Pole. And I haven’t eaten cake in MONTHS!! (you might not know this but I love cake). Alcohol intake has been reduced. And the fruit and veggies are on the menu a whole lot more. I’ve been trialing various hair removal techniques. Sugaring/Waxing is not for me, so it’s back to the trusty razor. I’ve been attempting to limit my spending in order to have some spending money for while I’m away, but at the same time, as it’s my first beach holiday there’s a lot of things I need that I simply don’t have. I’m planning on keeping my make up to a minimum while away, but I feel naked without mascara, so I’m having some eyelash extensions next week. And then, there’s things like upping the exfoliation, and putting on way more mosituriser than I normally do – particularly the ones that target cellulite! I need to sort my nails out, hands and feets. I need to remember to give my eyebrows a pluck before we go. I’ve even had a go at teeth whitening!

    Then there’s the sensible stuff, the checklist, I’ve found a wonderful post that I’m tempted to print off to ensure I’ve done all it suggests. It’s written by Jay, and you can find it here, it really is an essential check list. Phew! After all that I think I need a holiday!!


  • Race For Life – Nottingham Vi..


    Last Sunday just gone I embarked on one of the biggest challenges of my life. I ran my first 10k!

    I’ve been officially “running” since I started my weight loss journey in November, starting off with a minute at a time using my Couch to 10k app. And all that running, three times a week built up to this, the Race For Life Nottingham along the Victoria embankment.


    I wasn’t completely sure about running 10k but after Losing my Grandma who had lived with numerous kinds of cancer I knew that when I was asked I had to do this. I thought it was truly fitting that it was the day after what would have been her birthday.


    I signed up with a group of girls from work and we all felt very professional in our matching t-shirts with our company name on. All of us were at different levels of fitness but we all did so well! Better than any of us thought we could do!


    I managed to do it in 56 minutes and 20 seconds and that number is one I never thought I’d be able to say, I was aiming for just over an hour, hour and a quarter, hour and a half on a bad day. But the fact I did it sub 1 hour, despite dodging the walkers and dogs in tutus on the second lap makes me so happy.


    As a group we’ve raised over £1500 and I think we can all say we earn’t it! It was great to have partners and parents there to cheer us on. I know that seeing my mum holding up her banner shouting my name really helped just before the finish line. And a surprise cheerleader Mel who floated past on a Trent cruise and I actually managed to wave to her! Seeing her at 9k and hearing her shout across the river Trent got me moving to the finish line.


    Even now a few days following I’m still so proud of myself and my achievement and I know my Grandma would be even more proud of me.




  • Crabtree & Evelyn Handy Tips E..


    Last Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Crabtree and Evelyn Handy Tips event at my local store in Nottingham organised by Gemma who was planning it thanks to Jamie.

    The main purpose of the event was to do with the Handy Tips Handed Down idea, where we were told to add a flower to the tree with tips that you follow (or should follow) that you have been told to do by your Mum, Grandmothers or any other older wiser person in your life that they swear by.


    As well as this we got to mingle with other local bloggers, some were familiar faces and others were new ones. We were treated to sandwiches and nibbles provided by Pret next door which was dangerous, I couldn’t resist the pane au chocolat!


    We were in turn treated to a hand scrub with amazing results, it was genuinely like someone else’s hand afterwards! Luckily they evened our hands up and sent us over to have a hand massage to follow.


    It was good to see all the classic products that most people would associate Crabtree & Evelyn with along side the newer more modern packaged products. Especially the fathers day presents, I was drawn to that packaging.



    After a bit of a natter and some group photos and funky polaroid photos we were sent on our way with some rather lovely gift bags! Blog posts to follow of the products I was lucky enough to receive.

    Go over and check out the blogs of the girls that also went to this event.












    I will definitely be taking a trip back to purchase a few items I’ve now got my eye on.

    What would your handy tip be that someone has passed down to you?


  • OOTD Maxi-ed out.


    As I’m sure you can all remember, we had an incredible weekend of weather a few weeks back. It was one of those weekends that I didn’t really have any plans so Harvey and myself decided to go for a drive to find somewhere new.

    It didn’t go completely to plan cause we ended up in Loughborough which isn’t too far from where I live and it’s where the rest of my family are from. We decided to get a McFlurry treat and sit in the sunshine and just enjoy some quality time together. We found a little park and decided to hang out there.

    This outfit wasn’t particularly suitable for the antics I got up to on the park, and I wasn’t particularly lady like trying to hoyk my dress up to get on a really cool home made rope swing.  I’ve had this dress for donkeys years, so many. I absolutely love it, it’s so comfortable it’s almost like pyjamas. I have to hold the bottom up with a belt but actually this makes it less clingy on my stomach


    It was such a glorious day but I still felt the need to cover my arms so I threw my trusty old Topshop denim shirt over the top, it’s lightweight enough to keep you cool and it keeps you covered when necessary.

    Sandals are two years old from ASOS and are my favourites! So comfortable. Handbag/backpack is Topshop fairly recently but I can’t find it online. Sunglasses are from Dorothy Perkins recently too but they’re not online either! It’s a conspiracy!