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  • I’m a fraud!

    Ok, a bit dramatic, but that is how I feel slightly.

    I’ve had my blog now for at least 6 months, and so far it’s pretty much fallen flat on its face. Which is sort of in keeping with how my life has been feeling for a while now. I’m not going to get all depressive and get into the details of all that, I’m going to focus on the positives and one thing that I intend to be a positive is my blog. I’m not going to make wild promises that I will update it everyday, or even more than once a week, but when I can, I will, and I promise it will be more regularly than it has been.

    Blogging has already opened my eyes to a lot of things and I’ve had some amazing opportunities already which I am so very grateful for. This sort of ties in with why I feel like a fraud, I have always been someone that cares what other people think, I’m aware that might not be a great trait to have when blogging but to be honest, it’s more with people that have had experience of meeting me or actually have a better understanding of who I am. And because of caring what people think, one of the things that bothers me and makes me want to blog more is the lovely people I have had the greatest pleasure in meeting. Thinking that they’d be, lets say “unimpressed” or even themselves think that I am a fraud genuinely upsets me. I started this blog because it was (and still is) something I genuinely want to do and have a passion for and since then I have had the chance to go to blogger meet ups, and even get to go to London Fashion Week for the first time in my life, something that I could never have dreamed of, nor would I have though would happen so early in my blogging life. Its the people that have made these things a reality that I feel the most ‘debt’ to.

    So all in all this post is just to say “Thank you and Sorry” to people like Annabella who was there at the start giving me a whole host of knowledge and ideas for my blog and who out there in the blogging world would be good to follow. Makebelive for my LFW experience and Sam (and her mum) for being a star for transporting and accommodating us while there, Tor and Ray for my first bloggers meetup and to Rachel for arranging the Xmasbloggersmeetup.

    Of course there are loads of other lovely girls that I could sit here and list but I know i’d forget some special people and I don’t want to do that publicly and then me feel bad again!

    Sorry it’s not your average post but I just wanted to clear a few things up and get a load off my mind.

    Now lets get blogging.