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  • OOTD – 50 shades of grey.

    Shirt With Patch Pocket – Zara , Petite Double Layer Tube Skirt – Topshop , 60 Denier Opaque Tights – Marks & Spencer , Boots – Urban Outfitters , 5 Pack rings – H&M


    First of all can I please just apologise for the lighting, this was taken after work and unfortunately we’re yet to get light evenings.

    This is another outfit I wore to work the other day, it’s such a comfortable outfit but I feel like it still looks put together. I tied the shirt at the waist just because I think it looks a little bit frumpy over the top of the skirt, with trousers I’d leave it untied. The skirt is one of my favourite recent purchases, it’s slouchy and comfy enough to be dressed down but I’ve dressed it up and worn it out on a night out before too, I keep hanging my nose over the black version that’s out there too just so I have an alternative. Then we come to the boots, they’re my current favourite footwear, I wear them almost every day, they’re so comfortable! my only issue is that they have no grip on the bottom, so although I bought them as my “winter boots” as soon as its icy/snowy then they’re a bit risky to wear. The stirrup part is detachable so that leaves you with a more basic boot if you so wish. I’m afraid I couldn’t find them on the website so I presume they’re not for sale any more, which makes sense because I got them in the sale. The silver rings I’m wearing came in a pack of 5 different depths, I got them in large but I wish I’d got a pack in medium too for my smaller fingers. I can only find the gold ones on the website.


  • Origins – Clear Improvement.

    I’ve had this product for long enough to have a good enough opinion of it.

    This mask was one of the first that I bought from Origins after seeing all the hype about it at one point. Back then I was only just really getting into skincare and I don’t think I had many masks. Now that i’ve increased my collection of masks I’ve found myself reaching for this mask more often than not.

    I tend to apply it either really thick over my whole face and just leave it on a bit longer until it dries, or I apply it quite thin and let it dry thoroughly. And when I’m feeling lazy I just put a bit over my trouble areas, which I find are my nose and chin. You’re advised to leave it till it dries on your face but I’d say the standard 10 minutes will do. To remove I use my Washi! cloth and lots of warm water to really remove it, which can be quite stubborn when it’s completely dry on your face, I find holding the warm damp cloth on your face to really open up the pores and break up the mask on your face to make it easier to come off without resorting to scrubbing your face raw.

    Saying all that, the last time I used it on my problem areas I ended up having an allergic reaction to it where it made the patches that it was on go patchy red and a little bit puffy which was a little bit disconcerting for me. I’ve not used it again since but I will try it at some point and see if it was a one off on my sensitive skin.

    I do think that this product works non the less, my face always feels clearer afterwards, although maybe a tad dry and tight, so a nice slather of moisturiser will sort that issue out.


    Have any of you tried this mask, what are your experiences? has anyone else had the same reaction that I had? Let me Know!


  • Money Saving March.

    Image Source

    This is the first feature of this sort on my blog.

    I’m planning on not buying anything for the entirety of March. Other than necessities (deodorant/razors/shower gel/shampoo & conditioner). I say for the entirety of March, I’m starting it from today, 24th Feb, because this is my pay day, and I feel that if I let myself spend until the 1st this will just negate the saving of money.

    I used to be a really good little saver but now I find myself “treating myself” or trying to cheer myself up with material things.

    The idea for this feature is to hopefully post a weekly wishlist of things that I’ve been lusting after. I have considered going to the end of the month and buying one thing from each wish list but yet again I feel this negates the saving money idea, so maybe I’ll do a final round-up wishlist and maybe pick one thing from that.

    Have any of you done this before? Have you found it’s helped you save money? And was it hard to do?

    Let me know 🙂 x

  • OOTD – Lace and Bows

    Lace Applique Blouse/Shirt – Topshop . Indigo Leigh Skinny Jeans – Topshop . Patent Shoes w/bows – Clothing at Tesco 


    Sorry about the awful face and how uncomfortably awkward I look, this was an early morning before work situation on a non hair washing day.

    This outfit is a little bit more dressy than I usually wear for an average day for work, there was no reason for this, it was actually just one of those outfits you just throw on. I love this blouse, its a high low style and one of those ones that you can wear during the day and also dress up for the evening, of course it’s pretty sheer so I just put a black vest top on underneath to keep some modesty. Then I just paired it with my trusty leigh Topshop jeans and on my feet I have my really cute patent shoes that have a really cute little bows on the front. I’m glad the weather picked up enough to be able to wear these shoes, they’re one of my favourite pairs of shoes and I can’t wait for summer so I can whack them out more often. I still can’t believe they were from Tesco, they often surprise me with little gems like these shoes.

    I kept it simple (purely because I forgot in the rush to get to work) with jewellery and just stuck with my trusty heart necklace on a silver chain, which I’m aware that you cant see in this photo but I’m sure it’ll pop up in plenty of other outfit posts.


  • Review – MAC Patisserie.

    For ages i’ve been looking for a basic nude lip colour, I thought that I’d found it in the Marilyn Monroe “Pure Zen” but now I realise how stupid that is because its far too pink.

    I heard about this colour through a few beauty bloggers talking about it on twitter, and it was on a blog that I cant remember now (sorry to whoever it was!). Of course I lacked the self control to not buy it, so off I strolled to my local MAC store, which is far to close to my place of work for my purses liking.

    Patisserie is a lovely shade, in a lustre finish. Its a “my lip colour” colour. It also seems to have very small flecks of silver in it but when on the lips you cant tell at all. The wear is a few hours on me, it’ll probably last longer on others but because I don’t often wear lipsticks I tend to mess about with my lips whenever I have anything on them.

    I’m really glad I bought this lipstick and it’s good to have another lipstick to add to my MAC collection that I’m trying to build.

    Are there any MAC lipsticks you’d recommend to me to add to my list?


  • 25 Things …

    Bit of a “personal” one. Following in the steps of a lot of other bloggers/YouTubers here are a few facts you may not know about me.

    1) I used to be platinum blonde, but now my natural hair colour is a dirty blonde.


    2) My middle name is Helen.

    3) I have one older sister called Lucy.

    4) Having a dog is my dream.


    5) Coke (Coca-cola) is my addiction, I could drink about 2 litres a day, if not more.

    6) I currently live in a flat in Nottingham city centre but I’m going to move home to my parents to save for a house.

    7) I have a boyfriend called Harvey and we’ve been together for about five years.


    8) One of my favourite achievements is passing my driving test, with one minor, beating my sisters 2 minors.

    9) If I had all the free time in the world I could sit and do my make up over and over again and enjoy myself.

    10) Moving to Canada is my goal, a lot of people try and convince me otherwise but there’s no where else I want to be.


    11) I’m known to have a “crow laugh” but you’ll only hear it when you genuinely make me laugh hard.

    12) My favourite childhood cuddly toys are Mr Ted and QuackQuack , named oh so creatively.

    13)  Duck characters are my favourite things, I have a collection of about 6 cuddlies and my phone case is one too.


    14) I have a rotation of about 7 meals that I can/choose to cook.

    15) I can’t for the life of me pack lightly for anything, whether its overnight, a weekend or for a week.

    16) About 3 days ago I would have said Jennifer Lawrence is my girl crush, but Katy Perry came back to the top spot after her beautiful dress at the Grammys, One word boobies.


    17) I take what people say too seriously, especially if it feels like a personal attack.

    18) I’ve had a number of different jobs, in a hairdressers, a pub and Toys ‘R’ Us (baby section).

    19) Reality TV is predominately what I watch, and I’m not proud of it.

    geordie shore

    20) I have one fatter/flatter thumb on my right hand from sucking it.

    21)  I have a very close extended family.

    22) I’ve never had that crazed emotional fan feeling for anyone, crying and screaming over someone embarrasses me.


    23) I get told that my music taste is rubbish but I don’t see how that can be true when I have all varieties of music on my iTunes.

    24) In 2012 I cycled from Dublin to Galway and it’s the best feeling when I think back on it.

    25) I’d kill to look like a Victoria’s Secret model but I lack motivation to exercise so my body will never look like that (not to mention I’m about a foot too short).


    I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some little facts about me, I feel like they’re not as interesting as some that I’ve read but I don’t mind, these are my personal things.

    I love reading these things so send me yours over for me to look at.


  • Something about mango made the girl..

    Let me just start by saying that this is one of the nicest smells EVER.

    This body butter is probably comparable to the body shop body butters, although I’ve not had a body butter from there for a very long time. The main difference I have noticed is that this body butter is a lot more ‘moist’ than ones from the body shop, I find it rubs in so much easier and a little bit more like a lotion. A plus for this product is that even if you put too much on you will always be able to rub it in and it soaks into your skin nicely, leaving behind a not too overpowering scent that you occasionally catch a whiff of.

    Now I’m not a ritual moisturiser but when I remember to do so I always reach for this. I think the main reason for this is the smell, I’m not a fan of overly scented products but this just smells incredible so I don’t seem to care. The first time I opened it and had a sniff I automatically just thought of yoghurt, if I could eat it without getting ill, I would!

    If you want to try it yourself and see what I mean then head over to their website. You can pick this product up from most Tesco stores for £3.99. I will definitely be getting more once I run out of this stuff, and they offer other “flavours” which I’d love to try out.