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  • Money Saving March – Wishlist..



    White iPad  / Capped Sleeve Lace Dress / Petite Double Layer Tube Skirt /

    Escentric Molecules 01 / Unknown

    Hello! Can you believe March is almost over?! We’re almost half way through the year already.

    This means that this will be the last in the series of Money Saving March *sad face*

    I’ve had a really good time doing this, and I was really good with it in my eyes, up until I got paid this week… but we won’t go into that. I will probably do more if I feel the need to save again because it does make you feel so good about stuff, or at least it did to me.

    On this weeks wishlist are a couple of price hefty items. First up is an iPad, I’ve been hanging my nose over iPads for so long now and I feel like now is the time to get one just so I can get it out the way and not worry about it money wise. I just think it’ll make my life a bit easier, regarding blogging and regarding not having to lug my whole laptop around with me, which then involves my parents making comments about how badly I pack. I know these aren’t the best reasons but it makes sense to me.

    The next few items are pieces of clothing. I don’t know why but I’m really liking the tea cup coloured pieces of clothing recently. There is just something really girly about it. I hadn’t seen this dress until I was just browsing the Topshop website just now but it really caught my eye. I’m also massively into dresses at the moment and I think this one will do nicely in my collection, especially with the supposed Spring/Summer coming up. Then there’s the black tube skirt. I’ve got this skirt in grey and I love it, I’ve been hanging my nose over it in black for so long now, I really think I might cave and get it, then I think I may even look out for it in other colours too.

    Then on the list is a seriously hyped product, it did it’s rounds on the blogosphere but you don’t hear much about it nowadays  But I’m still left with that wanting feeling. I’ve never really been a perfume person but I want to change that.

    Finally, this is down as a question mark, because I can’t think of anything else other than a leather jacket. I’ve wanted a leather jacket for SO long it’s getting stupid now. But I have so many boxes it needs to tick I’m yet to find one! I want a black one without studs or embellishments  preferably zipped straight up the front (the hardest part), and I would preferably like one with a hood, but that’s definitely another box that I struggle to tick. I thought I’d found on on the OBEY website but alas, it wasn’t real leather.

    I’d love it if any of you let me know if you find one that ticks all the boxes. Have any of you tried the Molecule 01 perfume, what does it smell like on you? Also, do you have an iPad and if so which one do you have and do you think its enough for what you use it for?


  • Have yourself a Lazy Evening

    scrubHappy Friday!

    Here’s another post featuring a product that I got at the FABB Event.

    Now I have to confess, I’ve never been one for exfoliating my body, that is until recently. I think this is due to the fact that I’ve never really faked tanned before until I was lucky enough to get a few to try out. I’m still fairly wary of tans because I have seen so many mishaps, and been on the receiving end of them before myself. So because of this I’ve looked into numerous different hints and tips on how to avoid disasters and one of the things that came up was exfoliating. The only other body exfoliator I have tried was a Makebelieve one.

    Again this is another product and company that I had never previously heard about. It was one of the items in my goodie bag that I was most interested in trying out.

    On first impressions because I’ve only used it twice so far, I really like it. It’s not your average scrub, its not full of grit but you can definitely feel the salt getting to work and I think it’s actually quite frothy, it’s like its whipped. I’m not crazy about the fragrance of it but it’s not that offensive. The first time I used it I just scooped it out the tub while I was in the shower and just rubbed it over my legs, but since then Mel posted her review of this product where she pointed out that there’s actually instructions on the tub. So the second time I used it I followed them, and I did notice a difference. Originally the product just slid around my legs a bit and I couldn’t feel the product as much. But the instructions tell you to use on dry legs, rub the product in your palms and then get to work. This way I felt the product working really well, and because of the oils in it I wasn’t worried about not having wet legs.

    The product worked amazingly, my legs felt exfoliated but moisturised at the same time, which is something I struggle with when I have used my other exfoliator. One thing I did notice was how my hands also felt after using them to rub it in. They felt so smooth as well, albeit a little bit greasy because of the oils, but because I did this step at the beginning of my shower once I’d been under water to rinse it off that soon went away. And I think the oils helped nourish my hands so it’s a bit of a multi use product. I feel like it would also be a great product for your feet, because I suffer from dry heels. I’ll definitely be trying this next time I have a shower.

    Do you exfoliate before tanning, or so you do it every time you shower? Have you got any tips and tricks that will help me when tanning?



  • This Is Not A Tweezer.



    Today I thought I’d review this nifty little gadget that I was lucky enough to get in my goodie bag from the #FABBbloggersLeeds event.

    This is the zip file. Now if you’re anything like me you were probably blissfully unaware that Tweezerman even did products other than tweezers. Well I was, until last year at the last Leeds meetup I went to and I got a mini nail kit in my goodie bag. When I first saw this product in the bag of goodies I was thrilled, knowing how much I use my nail kit and hearing all the rave reviews about their tweezers I was ready to give this a whirl. And boy am I pleased with it.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the files nothing special, although it feels super strong and the file makes a fairly boring task quick and easy, you get a spare replaceable file that’s really easy to change over once you feel you need to replace the other file. I’m not sure if you can get just the spare files for it instead of having to get a whole new one. But it’s the protective casing that sells it for me, I have never seen anything like it before and it baffles me why no ones thought of it sooner (correct me if there are others out there). I’m one that just throws random bits and pieces in my bag and sometimes a nail file finds its way in there for one of lifes great annoyances of a broken finger nail pops up. But I’ve always had a slight wariness of it just scratching about my handbag, scuffing my possessions and pulling at the lining of your handbag.

    Well no more do I need to worry about that when all I need to do is retract the file back into its protective casing and I know everything will be alright. I’ve found this to now be a permanent fixture in my handbag.

    I’ve found it on Feel Unique at the barginous price of £9! And that one has a keyring on the end so you can handily attach it to your keys so you’ll save time searching for it. But I’m sure if you Google it you’ll find it elsewhere.

  • Getting Hot (And Sweaty) At The Gym..


    Hello inappropriate photos.

    Today’s post is fitness inspired.

    A few weeks ago I ordered myself a few items from Zaggora, after hearing such great things about it from quite a few people but mainly Em. Now I’ve never been one for the tight gym clothing but I thought in for a penny in for a pound. I may look awful in them now but eventually I’ll have the body I want and I’ll look good in them (well that’s the plan).

    Ever since  joined the gym I’ve wanted some long legged gym trousers, I’ve got a couple of pairs of shorts and one pair of cropped trousers but let me tell you, with the British weather what it is I’m glad I’ve got these to keep me warm before and after my workout. These are the Flares 2.0, they only come in one colour, black with a bright yellow inner. They have zips up the sides of your ankles  which helps to get them on (which is a workout in itself). They also have an interior pocket which you can put any spare change or it even fits an iPhone 4s in without the novelty case. My only issue with them is the fact that they’re not as high waisted as I would have wanted, but that’s purely a personal issue. They’re obviously too long for me but that’s because I have the tiniest legs, I don’t have an issue with this fact but it is pretty obvious when you look at the images that they don’t fit properly.

    I also purchased the Hot Top in black. The body is made of the same material as the trousers but has breathable material down the sides. It’s a racer back style top which I like but I haven’t got a sports bra to wear with it, but I think the one I do have looks OK with the matching colours.

    I’m already so happy with these items, I’ve only worn them three or four times to the gym so far so I haven’t seen a change so far, but lets just say you can feel them working. You get really warm in this outfit and without putting anyone off, you get really sweaty, but that’s the point it’s this that’s supposed to help you loose those extra lbs. One thing I’d say if you have them yourself, you have to make sure you’re well hydrated because you’ll sweat it out.

    Zaggora also do something called the 2 Week Challenge, where you’re supposed to wear the clothes for 30 minutes a day in your most active periods for two weeks and you will see the difference. I’d do this myself if I didn’t have to wear them to work, and even then I’m not that active when sat at my desk.

    Do you think this is just a fad or a placebo? Have you ever tried any gym gear that has the same claims? Do you think you’d be willing to try them for the price that they are?


  • Money Saving March – Wishlist..

    1 – Barry M Effect Nail Polishes / 2 – Marc By Marc Jacobs Ladies Mini Henry Watch

    3 – Mac Harmony / 4 – Topshop Pink Stripe Shirtdress / 5 – Lush Bathbombs

    Wow this is a very pink wishlist.

    Almost there, technically pay day for me is tomorrow, but I’ll definitely keep it up till we’re officially in April. I think I’ve done really well personally. As well as not buying anything I don’t need, I’ve also been taking in my own lunches to work to a) stop me spending money on the day for food and b) to stop me buying takeaways that are bad for me, which is in turn helping me feel healthier and hopefully in the long run lose some weight!

    First up is yet another hyped up beauty product, I’ve put both effects on this list, the Textured and the Gelly effect polishes. I currently only own the one Barry M Gelly nail varnish, but I want to increase my collection and get some of the other colours. I have never tried the textured ones before but I’ve seen lots of people, including Sam talking about them, and I’m sold! They just seem so interesting! And when it’s Barry M you know you’re getting good quality polishes for the most ridiculously cheap price. I think these are a couple of pounds more but I’d be more than willing to pay that for them.

    Next there’s the Marc By Marc Jacobs watch, I don’t necessarily want it in this colour but I really like the style. I’m not much of a watch wearer but this one really appeals to me. I feel like it’ll be small enough for it to not bother me like a big watch would and it’ll be like wearing a bracelet.

    Thirdly is another Mac product of course. Like I said in my previous post I’m on the look out for contour products, I think this blush will be a good contour colour that gives me a bit of blush as well, saving me the hassle of going fully into the contouring.

    Now this Topshop dress caught my eye when I saw it on Instagram, although for the life of me can I remember who posted it (please remind me if you know). I just think it’s super cute and girly and totally appropriate for summer. I can imagine styling it but you just know if I had it, it wouldn’t look half as good as I’m imagining it!

    Then lastly are Lush bath bombs on the whole, I know this might shock some of you but I have never had a Lush bath bomb. I’m adding these to the list because I see so many people raving about them it just makes me want to buy them and take nice long soothing jacuzzi baths ;), I look forward to having more of them once I move back in with my parents and using up all their hot water rather than having to pay for my electricity to run my water heater just to fill a bath.

    Again, I’d love to hear what is on your list this week. I’d also love to hear your recommendations on Lush bath bombs, I’m not a massive fan of glitter though and I know a few of them are covered in glitter.


  • OOTD #5 – High hopes & h..

    Grid Print Flippy Dress – Topshop / High Heeled Chelsea Ankle Boots – So You shoes / Leaf Band Ring (not exact) – Topshop


    Wow that angle makes my head look big!


    Today’s outfit is what I wore to work yesterday. I thought I’d take advantage of the almost nice weather (well it wasn’t raining) and throw on a dress. I’ve been absolutely loving this dress recently, I love the pattern, I love the colour and I’ve had quite a few compliments on it which is always lovely.

    I really like the back of this dress too although looking at it in the picture I look rather naked. P.s thanks Harvey for lying when I asked if my bra was showing. I also cant get over how pale i’m looking, very depressing. Back to the dress, I’d been hanging my nose over it for agessss, and over similar designs too like the fairisle print, but the cut out just really scared me, but I now really like it and embrace it, and if I don’t feel like getting that naked I can pop a vest top on underneath. Of course I put tights on underneath to cover up my legs and keep them as warm as possible.

    Then on my feet I decided to wear the same shoes from my last outfit of the day. I’m trying to make a conscious decision to alternate between all my shoes and make an effort with my footwear, just because I usually just throw on my flat boots or my vans because they’re the most comfortable and easy to walk in.

    For jewelry I went fairly basic, of course with the ring Harvey got me on my right hand, and then a gold leaf design one on my left, I’ve not worn this ring for a while but It’s one of the only pieces of gold costume jewelry that I own. I then also opted for three bangles that I managed to haggle for in Tunisia last year, they’re all different designs which I think makes them more interesting. For my necklace I went for my gold name necklace that my sister got me for my 21st birthday, it’s another one that I throw on and forget about because it’s so light and comfortable to wear. My only qualm with it is that people on the street find it acceptable to just say your name out loud at you, it’s odd.

    And that’s it, do you think the dress is a bit inappropriate for work? Have you ever had that reaction from people if you have a name piece of jewelry? And are you embracing the cut out trend or are you shying away?


  • Neal & Wolf Product Review

    Today’s post is a quick review of the products that I was kindly given at the #FABBbloggersLeeds event.

    I’m not going to lie, before the event I had never heard of Neal & Wolf, but being a hair care junkie I was excited to try out the treats that I got.


    First up I tried the little sample sachets of the ritual daily cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner. My first impression while I was in the shower was how incredible these products smelt, I love a good smelling hair product. Once I’d got out the shower and dried my hair you could still smell the product on my hair which is something that I personally like. My only issue with this product was how dry it left my hair feeling, especially at the ends where I have the most damage. Now i’m not sure if that was purely because of the damage of my hair or if the product was quite drying. Saying that, my hair did feel super clean and I think it looked it too. I think if I was to purchase this then I’d get the shampoo for the cleanness but then I’d buy an alternative to the conditioner just to tackle the dryness (I’ll also book myself in for a haircut to get rid of the damaged ends). I’ve seen a few people who also got some other of their products raving about how their hair felt and looked after using what they got so I’m definitely going to look into those things and hopefully try them out.

    As well as the samples I was lucky enough to get what I presume is a full size of the guard heat protection spray. Again, this is a product that smells incredible. Of course I can’t give a full review of this product because I feel like I need to give it time to work. On first impressions I do really like this, the spay is a nice mist so it covers your whole hair and it doesn’t leave your hair feeling weighed down or like you’ve got any product on it at all. I’m hoping that this will help get/keep my hair in good condition.

    Overall I am happy with the products I have tried. You can find Neal & Wolf online at although you can’t buy the items separately buy the looks of things, you can get them in bundles all for under £30 which I think is a bargain for three items. I know I’ve spent almost that on individual hair care items! I’ll now be hanging my nose over the cleanse & Treat Duo and the Volume Trio. I’m sure if you do a sly Google you’ll be able to find other sites that stock the items.


  • FOTD #2 – FABBbloggersleeds M..


    Foundation – MAC Studio Fix Fluid / Bronzer – Nars Laguna / Contour Bronzer – Makebelive

    Blusher – MAC Legendary / Highlighter – MAC Soft & Gentle


    Lid – MAC Painterly Paintpot / Crease –  MAC Corduroy

    Waterline liner – Urban Decay 24/7 Perversion

    Liner – Soap & Glory Supercat


    Base – NYX Matte Lips (unknown colour) / Top – Rimmel Apocalips Celestial

    This is the makeup I chose to wear for the FABBbloggersLeeds event. I chose to keep the base and blusher quite basic and not too much but went for a light eye with a defined crease with a bit of a play on the eyeliner flick that I always do, but in a way which I thought would be in keeping with the pattern on the dress that I wore. On the lips I went for a mix of colours, I’m not sure if the base one made any difference but I felt like putting a bit more of a moist colour over the top just because I struggle with really dry chapped lips as soon as anything goes near them!

    Do you think you’d try the eyeliner look or is it a bit too much for yourself? I’d also love to hear about any eyeliner you can recommend to make the eyeliner design a bit stronger and easier to apply.


  • Money Saving March – Wishlist..

    1 – Chanel Tan De Soleil / 2- Urban Decay Naked Basics / 3 – Nike Free TE III Trainers

    4 – Polar Heart Monitor / 5 – Zaggora Slouchy

    Hello, well, we’re half way, and in a way, I have totally failed. But let me explain!

    In the past week or so I have bought a number of things, some studio lights for those dark nights that I still want to blog on, a light tent so I can take product photos without a dodgy background with good lighting and some flares and a hottop from Zaggora. Now I know I don’t need to explain but the long and short of it is that I had somehow become in credit on my credit card, so I decided to use that money to put towards some of the bits, obviously I wasn’t in that much credit so I also used some of my savings too towards them. So technically, I’ve still not spent any of my actual pay ;).

    Now, back onto this weeks wishlist. Obviously it’s very fitness related with a few additions of beauty items.

    First up is the Chanel Tan De Soleil, I’ve seen lots of people talk about this product over the past few years that I’ve been reading blogs and watching YouTube videos, I’m currently really interested in trying out a few contouring products, i’m debating booking myself in for a MAC makeover so they can show me how and what products they have for contouring and highlighting. Any products you can reccommend please comment below :).

    Secondly there’s the second in the beauty section and yet again it’s another hyped product by almost everyone in the beauty world, and as the owner of the Naked 1 & 2 pallets, I feel like I need to add this to the collection. I recently swatched the products and they were SO “creamy”, I tried to hint to my mum that I like it and my birthday is coming up in the next month but she’s one of the members of the “Sally has too much makeup” crew so how likely it is that the hint will have been taken I don’t know.

    Now onto the Fitness items, this is because I recently joined the gym and I need a second pair of trainers so I can give my others a breather. I’ve found these Nike ones but I don’t know if I want those particular ones, I realised that I needed a second pair after having a personal training session and getting my shoes stuck in the foot holders of the rowing machine because the soles of my current trainers are so big.

    Then there’s a heart rate monitor, I want one of these purely so I can work out my personal calories burnt rather than the average calories burnt. Its not a need, it’s more of a want.

    Then last but not least, to add to my collection of Zaggora clothes I really like the look of the slouchy, just to throw on over my gym gear if I’m going to head home and have a shower once I’m home or if I’m waiting around the gym for whatever reason. I also think it’ll be good for when I’m just at home and I can loose weight while not really doing anything ;).

    And that’s it, would love to hear what you think of the items on my list, yet again I’d love to hear what’s on your list.


  • OOTD #4 – #FABBbloggersleeds ..

    Tribal Jacquard Skater Dress – Topshop / High Heel Chelsea Ankle Boots – So You Shoes

    Belt – Dorothy Perkins / Silver Collar Cuff Necklace– Ebay


    Bracelet – Swarovski / Personalised Charm Bracelet – Thomas Sabo

    Right Hand Ring – Chisholm Hunter / Above Knuckle Ring – Kukee

    Thumb Ring – Vintage / Nails – Barry M Gelly Blackberry

    So, this is the outfit I chose to wear to the #FABBbloggersleeds event that I spoke about in my last post. I wanted to be a bit dressed up but not so dressed up that I look like I could be going on a night out.

    The dress was a Christmas present from my sister and I’ve not had enough opportunities to wear it other than Christmas day, so I was really pleased to be able to get the opportunity to wear it again, I love it’s fit and flare shape and I also love the pattern it’s just a little bit different and I think it’s quite eye catching. I feel like the little capped sleeves are quite flattering for my shoulders and it’s always good when things cover up my burn scars on my shoulder from hair styling tool accidents. I added the belt just to make it a bit more interesting and I think this spiked belt goes really well with the pattern on the dress. My favourite part of it is how stretchy it is, so no matter how bloated you are, it’ll always fit. I chose to wear this necklace to add a bit of detail to the top of the dress without detracting anything from the dress itself.

    My Chelsea boots haven’t had an outing for a while since I’ve added to my heeled boot collection but now I’ve rekindled my love for them they’ll get a lot more love. They’re seriously comfortable other than the fact that yet again I struggle to stand/walk in heels for prolonged periods of time.

    As for the other pieces of jewellery I decided to go with a number of rings but not too many, deciding on my trusty ring that Harvey got me for a present a few years back that I wear almost everyday, a vintage ring on my thumb which I found when I was clearing my bedroom out at home the other day, and an above knuckle ring just to add another ring without going overboard. And then on my wrists I went with my everyday bracelets that include my Swarovski bangle that Harvey’s mum got me for my 18th Birthday and my personalised Thomas Sabo charm bracelet.

    And that’s it, my OOTD for a very exciting day. What do you think of my choice of outfit? I’d love to know what you’d wear to an event like this too.