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  • Lose & Shape Up Week 1



    Last night I embarked on making a change to my life and to my body. OK that seems a bit drastic but if you battle with eating/your body image then you’ll know what I mean.

    Recently I’ve just not been happy with the way I look and I’d hit the highest weight I’d ever been, and at that point I knew I needed to do something about it. I signed up to my local David Lloyd gym at the end of February and have been going (almost) religiously ever since. I think I have noticed a slight difference so far but I knew I needed to do something a bit more drastic if I wanted to get into the shape I wanted. This is where Loose & Shape Up comes in. It was advertised all around the gym for an additional fee of about £6 a session for a 12 week course, which compared to the cost of a personal trainer I thought was really reasonable. The idea behind it is sort of like Weight Watchers or Slimming World, but this varies because you do an hour of food/nutrition/lifestyle talks and then move on to an hour of exercise. You also have a log in on a website so you get meal plans and shopping lists which will aid your weight loss, which I personally thought was fantastic, it’s definitely my eating that’s letting me down so having a strict menu and all the help I needed to follow it will hopefully be the thing that gets me to where I want to be.

    And all that started yesterday, I was massively nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect. When I walked in I reccognised the girl at the first desk and she is really lovely and made me feel at ease, I also found out that she is also doing it so it was good to know someone there. The variety of people that have signed up is incredible, I’m only guessing but I think I might have been the youngest person out of the group, but I could see it went up to quite healthy elderly ladies (I feel bad saying that). There were more men than I’d expected too, they too varied in age. And of course, there were people of varied sizes and shapes, it’s incredible to see people making the same choice as you and I look forward to seeing their progress too! I befriended some ladies that I presume are around my mums age and one woman took me under her wing for the first sessions activities.

    Yesterdays session started with signing in, getting weighed, having a ‘before’ photo taken and then getting measured. Once that scary part was over we moved onto a quick chat about what the idea behind the course is and what we will be doing, it was only short because the signing in process had taken so long. Then we moved onto a circuit training style routine, separated into groups of 2-3 we went round to cards on the floor and followed what it said on them. Let me tell you, having women bigger and older than you do better than you at a sporting activity isn’t fun, I felt totally disheartened but also spurred on at the same time and I hope that this will help me work on my fitness and endurance. I’m not going to lie, I seriously struggled, and got to a point where I had to sit down or else I’d pass out (it’s happened before so I know the feeling), I’m going to put this down to not having anything to eat before hand because I went straight from work, this is something I will discuss with Suzie the team leader and see what she says is best to not let that happen again.

    Overall I’m totally happy that I’ve taken the plunge into this. I’m planning on doing weekly updates on here and maybe at the end I’ll show you the before/after photos.

    Have you ever done anything like this? Did you see a difference and have you managed to keep it up?


  • Review – Lauren Luke Brushes


    Top to Bottom – Large Powder Brush , Foundation Brush, Flat Contour Brush, Angled Liner Brush

    The reason for the purchase of these brushes is due to a recommendation on my blog from Thomas. I thought I’d never heard of the brand before until I Googled them, and in fact, they’re the products of the lovely Lauren from Panacea, a YouTuber I’ve been subscribed to for a while now.

    First up is the Large Powder Face Brush (£6.50). This is a great brush for dusting a light bit of powder all over your face or for blending in blusher/bronzer that’s a bit OTT. Unfortunately this isn’t the softest of brushes but seeing as you’re not supposed to scrub it over your face it’s not actually a big deal.

    Then there’s my favourite brush of the lot, the Foundation Brush (£6). I have a whole load of foundation brushes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and this is one of the ones I reach for on an almost daily occasion, depending on the foundation or whether the brush is clean or not. This brush just buffs the foundation into your skin so nicely, I find it sometimes leaves streaks if you use too much foundation on your face but that’s not the brushes fault.

    Onto my second favourite brush, the Flat Contour Brush (£5.25). Again like the powder brush this isn’t the softest brush, but I love it none the less. It give a more sharp contour effect on the face but without looking like you’ve smeared something brown on your face. I usually alternate between this and my real techniques contour brush depending on what sort of contour I’m going for because they give a different effect.

    Last but definitely not least is the Angled Liner Brush (£3.25). I’ve tried this for two different products, I’ve used it for eyebrows with brow powder and I’ve tried it with gel eyeliner. Personally I prefer it for my brows, I just don’t think it’s stiff enough for my eyeliner, because I struggle with liner I need a brush that pretty much does the job for me and wont look like I’ve used my feet to apply it. But like I said, its perfect for when I want to lightly fill in my eyebrows without it making them look completely drawn on.

    Have you ever tried these brushes before or do you think you will because of how super cheap they are? Do you follow Lauren on YouTube?  I think you should, I particularly love her lucky dip makeup videos.

  • Rimmel Haul


    So, another haul, this time it was a budget one from Wilkos! Now I had no reason to buy any of these things, but while I was  waiting for Mel to turn up in town before we attempted a trip to Leeds in the worst weather ever, I decided to browse what delights and deals they had to offer me.

    Now I can’t actually remember how much each bit cost me, nor can I remember what the offers were, but who cares! I had a nice little shop and the retail therapy cheered me up.

    In this post I’m just going to do a mini review of all the products minus the foundation, which I’ll review in it’s own post.


    First up, we have the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Sticks in the colours Bad Girl Bronze (top) and Blackmail (bottom). I picked these up because I was planning on using them as base colours on my lid that I can blend out, also just for a bit of colour if I couldn’t be bothered to do a full eyeshadow look. I wanted to have a couple but actually the rest of the colours were just a bit too garish and not as wearable as the two I ended up choosing  I do really like them but I’ve found that with the bronze colour it doesn’t last all day on my lids. I intend to try the black one when I’m doing a full on smokey eye look. Bad girl bronze is just a light coppery brown with flecks of gold glitter running through it, the glitters nothing too much so it’s not really a problem, I like it cause it gives it something a bit more than just a flat brown. Blackmail is purely a matte black, essentially just a bigger kohl pencil.

    Which then leads me onto the other pencil I bought, this is a Rimmel Scandaleyes Kajal Pencil. I have no idea why I bought this but I have the one in nude and I like it so much I thought I’d add a black one to my collection, even though I have two others from Urban Decay and I think the old Rimmel eyeliners.

    The other purchase I made was the Rimmel Match Perfection Silky Loose Powder. I do really like this product, it never makes your makeup look dry or cakey or too powdery, it’s just a nice powder to set your makeup with. My only issue with it is how much of the product comes out, there’s no way of limiting it and I feel like I waste quite a lot just trying to get it off the brush. I have to keep the powder puff that comes in it in the top to block the top as much as possible, which can get quite messy.

    Again I’ll do a separate review of the foundation. Have you ever tried any of these products? Are there any other Rimmel products you’d recommend?


  • #NottsBBMeet – 13.04.13


    Image Source

    Last Saturday was the day of yet another Blogger meet up, this time it was a completely different set up and surprisingly, it was in my home town of Nottingham! Planned mainly by Sophia, this meet up would be a day rammed full of shopping.

    Now on the day unfortunately my wing woman Mel was poorly, so I was more nervous than I was to start with. But I manned up, and tootled down the road from my flat to get my shop on. Now let me tell you walking towards a massive group of people is daunting, and seeing as there were around 40 people stood around the Lion it was crazy. Luckily I found the always lovely Joanna so went over and said hi, and it was through her that I met Sammy, Ellie and Gemma who I loved spending the day with, and pretty much stayed with the whole time other than splitting off from Ellie (*sad face*) for the Kiehls trip, where I also ended up meeting the lovely Clair who joined the little group afterwards.


    (Cheeky photo taken by Joanna in New Look : L-R : Sammy, Gemma, Ellie, Me, Joanna)

    As a treat and to break up the day, Sophia had planned for us to go in small groups and go for a visit to Kiehl’s. When it was my groups turn we got to take it in turns to have a skin consultation where they tested our skin type and went through the products they recommended for you. While we waited for our turns we were able to have a wander round looking at all the other products they had while drinking champers and eating cakes. I knew I wanted to buy something while I was there because I’d never been in or bought anything from Kiehl’s before. I ended up going for their number one best selling product the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, purely because of all the great things I’ve heard about it and also because my Estée Lauder Advance Night Repair is almost empty. A review will come after I’ve used it for a while.


    (Kiehl’s Group 2 )



    I managed to hang on till the end until everyone started to meet up ready to go on to the evening meal which unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to mingle with some of the others I’d not had the chance to speak to, but I said my goodbyes and wandered back to my flat, multiple bags in hand(s).

    2013-04-13 14.23.29

    As you can see I may have gone a little bit overboard with my shopping but I’ve not been on a proper shopping spree for a while and I’d got a list of things I’d been wanting for a while. Below is what I ended up buying, as you can see I went a little crazy in MAC, but I just couldn’t help myself!


    Again, I just want to thank Sophia for all the planning she put into the event, I know I couldn’t do anything like it. And I’d also like to thank the girls that I spent the day with for making me feel welcome from the moment I got there.

    Is there anything you want me to review first from my haul? I’d love to know if you already read the blogs of some of the girls mentioned, and if you don’t then you should definitely go and say hi!


  • OOTD #8 – Casual & Comfo..


    Eagle Letter Print Grey Pullover – Romwe /  Indigo Leigh Skinny Jeans – Topshop

    Converse All Start Light Oxford Trainers

    This has to be one of the comfiest outfits ever. I wore it to work when I wasn’t feeling well last week and it sort of made me feel a little bit better, the jumper is so soft and snuggly, I love it! It was a recent purchase off Romwe, it was the first time I ordered off the site and I’m so happy I chose this, I was looking at Boy London items for a while and when I saw this dupe for half the price I thought why not, I know it’s not real but I’m totally happy with it.

    I wore the jumper with my ever trusty Leigh skinnys, I have gone through so many pairs of these and I think I will continue to do so because I’ll always replace them.

    Then on my feet I chose my little converse pump/trainers, I got these while I was in Florida a few years ago but you can get them almost everywhere now if you want them. I love them because they’re not as clumpy as the other style converse and they’re really wearable in the summer when you need more support than an actual pump.

    Do you dress down on ill days or do you try and dress up and make yourself look/feel better?


  • A Hair A Day – Week Two



    Week two – check.

    I think I’ve had quite a variety of styles this week which makes me happy.

    Monday I just went for a messy bun, which ended up being messier than intended but I actually quite like it.

    Tuesday was my start of poorly girl hair so I went for a simple twist across the front of my hair and just put the rest of it up in a ponytail.

    Wednesday was the day I was off work ill, at least I took a photo! So yes, I wasn’t going to spend time doing my hair so it was up in a top of the head bun situation to keep it all off my face.

    Thursday I got back to work and got my spark back to do my hair, so I used my straighteners to wave my hair all over then I pulled the fronts away from my face and used one of my Beauxoxo bows to snazz it up a bit.

    Friday’s hair was just Thursday’s waves restyled, I then gave myself a slight quiff, then pulled the sides back to meet at the middle at the back. I think it had a bit of a rocker look, especially with the outfit I wore it with.

    Saturday’s hair was for the Nottingham Meetup that I went to, I used my Enrapture totem styler to curl all my hair and then my straighteners to do the top layer just so the curls weren’t too much. I just left it down and natural and I was really happy with it.

    Sunday (today) I got Mel to try a style we saw done by Kayli (video here) just because I was lacking the creative mind, and also because the waterfall braid we were trying to do just wasn’t working on my hair.

    Which style do you like the most, would you try any of them now you’ve seen them?


  • Body Shop Haul



    Can you believe I’ve never really bought anything from The body Shop, but since finding the blogging world the lure has been strong just to go in and try some things.

    Originally I went in for the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser after seeing Corrie talk about it in her drugstore gems post. But because I lack all self control I went a bit crazy! Because my skins been having a bit of a hissy fit recently I’ve wanted to try out a few new more affordable skin care items. I think I picked up so many items because it was 3-for-2, then I signed up for a Body Shop card so I got a free mini tub of pink grapefruit body and then the nail buffer caught my eye by the till (they do put them there on purpose!).

    I’ll give you reviews once I’ve used them enough to have an opinion on some of the items. Have you tried any of these items before? Are there any items you’d reccommend I get when I next visit?


  • #Northmeetup Event – 07.04.20..



    Last Sunday Mel and I jumped back into the mean green driving machine and went on another road trip, this time to the home of Old Trafford, Manchester.

    The reason for the road trip was Ems North Meetup. Held in Deans Gate Lock Revolution, the weather was great and the fact that we took the scenic route there made the trip so much better, if you ever get the chance and you like countryside, you should visit the Peak District.

    Now I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t feeling great all day, and it was one of those days where everything that can go wrong will go wrong. The first and major mishap that occurred was the fact that I dropped my mascara on my top that I was going to wear, major disaster, which then in turn caused me to laughcry which wasn’t great for the makeup, which I wasn’t happy with already anyway!

    We were also late so that wasn’t great, but when we got there it was all good, the row of bars/restaurants was really nice, I’d never been to that part of Manchester so it was nice just to go to a new place. The bulk of the day was in the Mezz area but because there was so many of us and so many different things going on it had to spill down to the main bar area.


    On the day we were able to catch talks from Natalie from Xen-Tan / Glam glow which are two brands that I’ve heard of before and I’ve got a place in my heart for the Glam Glow original mask. Keil from Arbonne which I’d never heard about before, developed in Switzerland they’re a combination of makeup and skincare. Unfortunately because of evening plans we weren’t able to stay and hear any others but we did get chance to go round and speak to a few people from a variety of brands like Ilah with their brow salon and brow kits, and Cailyn and their 2-in-1 conditioning mascara, both again being brands I’d not heard of previously. Celeste Arnold hair salon who deal with some of the most amazing celebrity clients and there was also a few makeup artists/prosthetic artists on hand to show off their skills and give people mini makeovers.


    Unfortunately we didn’t get to talk to many people while we were there but there were a few girls from blogs that I read that I recognised and we did get to talk to Joanna who I met at the recent Fabb event we went to.

    Although we had to cut it short and travel home Em was lovely enough to have got together an incredible goodie bag which I look forward to reviewing a lot of the items.


    Em did an amazing job and I think she should be proud of what she achieved. Thanks Em!


  • OOTD #7 – Black & Yellow


    Shirt – Forever 21 / Disco Pants – American Apparel / High Heel Chelsea Ankle Boots – So You Shoes

    Now this has to be one of the most boring outfit posts I can give you. If I’m being honest I forgot to put jewellery on before I left for work.

    This is yet another outfit I wore to work, it’s rather on the dressy side I think and as soon as I got there I felt it, but I embraced it.

    I’ve not worn this blouse for so long, I think because of the weather it’s been tucked away in hibernation. But seeing as the sun is trying to shine I thought I’d bring a pop of colour into my outfit. It is pretty in your face in person and every time I looked down it was a bit of a shock.

    I wore the shirt with my trusty disco pants. I love these bad boys, they really do just squeeze you in. I’ve had them for so long I really should get a new pair. I’ve noticed them starting to wear thin at the back, which is never attractive and also means I have to wear dark underwear. TMI?

    Then to finish the outfit off I wore my SoYouShoes black heeled boots. It was a toss up between these or my black Vans, but I thought these would make the outfit a bit more dressy but I think it was them that tipped the outfit over to too dressy.

    Have you started to dig out your old summer clothes to try and incorporate into this weather? Also, like I said, I need/want a new pair of disco pants but I just can’t bring myself to pay the ££’s again. Which dupes would you recommend the most? I want the closest to the actual thing as possible please.


  • A Hair A Day – Week One


    Week one done.

    None of these hairstyles are anything life changing but I feel like anyone can recreate them, there’s nothing worse than seeing a hairstyle you like and not being able to recreate it.

    Monday I didn’t actually do anything exciting with my hair just because that was when the feature started.

    Tuesday I went for the twists that I go to as a standard get my hair out of my face, I struggle with plaits so I go for these, I tried to bring them round the back but my arms don’t just don’t let me, hence why the plaits never work. Finishing it by putting it in a side ponytail.

    Wednesday was a fishtail plait day, I love fishtails and I actually impress myself with the fact that I can actually do fishtail plaits, I’m sure I learnt how to do them out of an old school Mizz or Sabrina’s Secrets and practicing on the creepy model head doll I had.

    Thursday was the first day of my new hair so I wanted it down but I didn’t know what to do so I kept it super simple and just did a plait underneath, you couldn’t really see it but I really liked it.

    Friday I was off work because I was ill, so all it was was bed head all day.

    Saturday I tried to keep my hair off my face again so I just did basic plaits in the front bits and clipped them back.

    Sunday (Today) – I have had a bit of a hair nightmare but I think it looks almost presentable in photos. All I did to get this hairstyle was do a bit of backcombing at the crown grabbed it together into a slight hive.

    Like I said none of these styles take much skill but I think they were good to ease me into this feature. Which would you wear?