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  • Review – MAC Impassioned

    Today I thought I’d talk to you about one of my new favourite lipsticks at the moment. It’s one of the ones that I bought while I was in Birmingham for my birthday with a bit of my birthday money.

    Impassioned is one of those colours that when it’s on the shelves they have in MAC, your eyes are just drawn to, I kept picking it up and checking what it was called, and every time I realised I’d picked up the same one again I chuckled to myself, and personally I think that is a perfect way of choosing a lipstick when you don’t have a particular one in mind.

    In terms of wear, colour, application. I think this lipstick can last 5 hours at a serious push, I tried to leave it as long as I could to test this. It turns into a stain after about 3 1/2 hours and I definitely had to reapply after lunch.

    mac-impassioned-swatch(Sorry about the blurry pic)

    The colour is a lot brighter than what was showing up in any of the pictures that I took, it isn’t for the faint hearted but it isn’t so crazy (candy yum yum) that you struggle to wear it. Worn with the right outfit I think this can be an everyday colour. It’s an amplified finish and I’d say it’s a red toned pink.

    My only issue is how difficult it is to apply, I’m so special when it comes to applying lipstick so it gets quite messy, but nothing a bit of concealer round the lips wont sort out, you definitely need a mirror when applying.

    Have you got Impressioned in your collection? Is it too bright for you or do you wear it regularly?


  • Lose & Shape Up – Week 5



    Having just about recovered from my virus I went back to Lose & Shape Up on Tuesday.

    Apparently all that I missed last week was that they had a different instructor  because our usual instructor couldn’t get back from a meeting in time. But we were back in action this week with an extra instructor who was there to get us doing some more cardio workouts and then some boxercise type exercises. So while half of us were doing that, the other half were doing the circuit training that we always do, then we swapped over. I really enjoyed the boxercise half of it so I’ll definitely be looking into doing a class in that again.

    After that we again went and got weighed and this time we got measured again like we did in the first session.

    Amazingly, despite being bad with eating again I’d actually lost 1.6lbs which doesn’t seem too much but I’m really happy with it. I’m now only 4lbs off my first weight goal, and if I lose almost 1 and a half lbs each week then it’ll only take me a fortnight, then that will give me just under half the sessions to get to my final goal weight. Which is my ultimate, probably won’t happen but want to at least try goal weight.

    Measurement wise everything has decreased;

    Waist – Was: 30 3/4 | Now: 30

    Chest – Was: 29 1/8  | Now: 29 1/4

    Hips –   Was: 38 3/4  | Now: 38 1/2

    I’m going to measure my thighs and arms myself when I remember to do so, my thighs are one of my problem areas so I’d love to see a change in them.

    I think I’m going to go to Body Pump tomorrow (Friday), despite it being such hard work and being in so much pain after my first session I know that it’ll be the best workout I can do, especially because I can’t get to the gym tonight like I’d planned to. I’m hoping that combining that with the Lose & Shape Up sessions I’ll see a difference.


  • #SheffieldMeetUp – 18.05.13

    2013-05-18 14.31.10

    Last Saturday saw me and Mel (my trusty travel buddy) travelling up to Sheffield for another meetup. Organised by Rachel, Caroline and Charlotte, the plan was to meet at The Homemade Burger Company in Meadowhall at 1, but due to all the roadworks going on in Nottingham at the moment and the traffic we didn’t plan for, we ended up being about 25 minutes late (sorry!).

    Again the plans for this meetup were completely different from others I’ve been to, it was really relaxed. We were spoilt enough to be given a free meal from the Homemade Burger Co, we had a lucky dip giveaway and I won another lovely lush reusable bath stick and then we had chance to talk to people at our table/other tables.

    We were then  able to do as we pleased once we’d finished eating and the only really scheduled thing was a trip to Lush to be shown round their store and given a talk about some of the products they offer and an insight into the ingredients used in the products which was really interesting.

    I’ll leave you with a load of photos taken while there, sorry for the dodgy quality, I think I finally need to invest in a decent camera.

    2013-05-18 13.51.42

    Some of the girls at the tables ready and waiting for food.

    2013-05-18 14.31.04

    Lucky dip giveaway time.

    2013-05-18 13.58.03

    My Peri-Peri Chicken skewers, they were really spicy!


    Me and Mel Twinning it up in our jumpers.

    2013-05-18 14.51.26

    Marina & Ashleigh.


    Front of the Lush store


    The Emotional Brilliance range.

    We were lucky enough to be given great goodie bags and I was so excited to see a few extra special products in there. You could tell the care and effort that the girls put into the goodie bags and the event by the little details, especially the really cute handmade tags on the goodie bags. I did have a few other bits and pieces in my bag but I made the mistake of stopping off at my parents on the way home and my mum got her mits on them, I luckily have a full size of most of the things she had off me so its not too bad. She tried to take the Porefessional but I wasn’t going to let that happen! There were also some pain relief patches & gel sachets and as soon as I saw them I knew my dad would appreciate them more than I would so I treated him too (he can’t say he never gets anything out of these things too haha).

    2013-05-20 17.50.56

    Super cute little goodie bag tag.

    2013-05-20 17.52.47

    The goodie bag contents (that my parents hadn’t taken).

    We also got given a few goodies from Lush when we visited too, I’m really excited about trying out the FUN stuff


    Lush goodies.

    I want to thank the girls that organised it, it always amazes me how well they do. It was also really nice meeting Marina, Ashleigh & Hannah (will hopefully get a photo of us all at the table) and thank them for letting us crash their table when we turned up late. It was a shame I didn’t get to talk to more girls but I was in a tizz when we got there it was just nice to chill out and calm down for a bit.


  • Lose & Shape Up – Week 3..



    Just a quick one to keep you up to date, this is week 3 & 4 because I missed blogging last weeks and then there’s not much to say about this week because I’ve been struck down with a virus so didn’t manage to go on Tuesday.

    Week three, followed the same suit as all the others, we started with circuit training, I think we’ve all got the hang of it now so that’s good. I hope I haven’t lost it because of missing a week this week!  Then once we’d done an hour we moved to the DL Kids room and we all got weighed again. I’d weighed myself at my parents over the weekend and supposedly I’d lost 2 lbs, but when I got weighed at L&SU I’d actually put on .4 of a lb, it’s not a lot but its still not great to go up. I’m still not being completely good with my meals, and I’ve been worse this week because of being poorly. But because of that I’ve got extra umpf to go back next week, I’m hoping to get at least 3 gym sessions in during the week and another one over the weekend. I need you guys to hold me to that!

    The session we had last week focused on hydration and water intake. Overall we just learnt that we’re supposed to aim to drink 0.33ml of water per kg of body weight to stay hydrated. For example;

    If you weigh 70kg: 0.033ml water x 70 =2.3 litres

    If you exercise for an hour you should drink an extra 500ml of water a day, that’s the average amount you’ll sweat during exercise but obviously varies on the heat and how intense your workout is. You should ideally drink that extra water during exercise.

    How to add more water into your day…

    • Have a glass of water when you wake up. This will replace any water you lost overnight in sweat and also normalise appetite.
    • Buy bottled water and take one bottle with you everyday and try and finish that bottle by the end of the day
    • Have a glass of water before bed
    • If you don’t like the taste of water then add fresh squeezed lemon or lime to give it a kick (could also add raspberry’s to the bottom too)
    • If you have to have coffee then limit it to 2 cups a day, ideally in the morning
    • Equally, limit fizzy drinks (my downfall). Cutting them out completely isn’t easy so set targets
    • Eat a good amount of fruit and veg, they consist of about 90% water
    • Keep bottles of water by your desk at work so you always have some to hand
    • Leave a bottle in your gym bag and fill it up at the fountain when you need it.

    Hope you found this helpful, let me know any other facts/helpful tips on drinking more water.

    Fingers crossed for me for next week!


  • Healthy Eating Meal #1 – Oven..


    Every so often I thought I’d take some of the meals I have made (and enjoyed) from my Lose and Shape Up meal plans. First up, is Oven Poached Cod. This was the first meal from the plan that I made. I made a few tweaks to the final thing but this was one of the meals I used all the ingredients stated.

    What you’ll need;

    100g Cod Fillet / 1 Clove Garlic / 3 Spring Onions / 50g Leeks / 150g Sweet Potato

    1/4 Lemon / 2 Tsp Butter / 75ml Fish Stock / 2 Tsp Parsley / 2 Tsp Mint

    Start by Pre heating the oven to 230°C /450°F/Gas Mark 8.

    Boil some water and cook the sweet potato, this shouldn’t take long, once you’ve done the rest of it it’ll definitely be ready. Poke it with a fork and if it’s soft to the centre then you know its cooked.

    While that’s cooking, chop up the spring onions, leeks and garlic, if you’re using fresh mint & parsley then chop that too but I got the little pots so I just use them. Boil 75ml of water then crush the fish stock into it and let it mix (the part I got wrong). Mix all that together and add the lemon juice. Place all this into an oven proof dish, I use a large lasagne dish.

    Place the cod on top of the mixture in the dish, rub it around so it gets all the flavours then turn it over and let it moisten the other side.


    Place in the oven to roast for 8-10 minutes.

    Just before the time is up, check the sweet potato is cooked, then mash it with the bit of butter. I use a ricer to mash it because I can’t stand lumpy mash but if you put enough elbow grease into it you should be OK.

    Then if you want to be fancy you can garnish it with the lemon and serve it with your mashed sweet potato.

    Because I’m such a fussy eater I didn’t actually eat the leeks etc. but if I were to do it again I’d blend it all together then have it as a sauce on the fish so I’m still getting the nutrients. Hence why there isn’t a photo of the final product, because it looked so boring. But I can promise you it is seriously nice, and that’s coming from a well known picky eater.

    Let me know if you try this out and what you thought. If you have any good recipes then please let me know them.


  • Lose & Shape Up Week 2


    Week two went so much better than the first week, less stress and no almost passing out.

    After a really bad week food/drink wise I was expecting the worst.

    Because of numbers we’ve had to start going straight into the workout side of the session, which actually I prefer, although sitting in your sweaty gym gear isn’t great. We did circuit training again but this time I really enjoyed it, it was slightly more relaxed and because of the space we had it wasn’t so cramped.  I do really enjoy circuit training and it is supposed to be one of the best things you can do to lose weight and tone up.

    After the gym session we went to another room with tables and chairs and the dreaded scales up at the front. We all took it in turns to get weighed. Some women did really really well and lost 5lbs, which is awesome, and quite motivational to know that if I put in the same effort I’d get the same results. When it got to my turn I was really worried, after over indulging over my birthday weekend I was expecting to have put on weight. But I needn’t have worried, when I stepped on the scales I’d dropped 50lbs to about 5 stone! Of course it was broken (although after stepping off and back on again and it being the same I did start to question if that was possible). But no, overall I’d lost weight, my start weight was 132.6lbs and I’m now 132lbs. I’m not over the moon about it but I’m so glad that I managed to lose even the slightest bit.

    Overall it was a good session, made even better by one of the ladies asking me why I was there and if I was there training to run the course! haha bless her.

    If you’re trying to lose weight how is it going? I’d love to hear about your journey too.


  • FOTD #3 – Birthday Face

    IMG_3056 eye-birthday-makeup-fotd


    Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to go a bit more fancy with your makeup I think. And although I play around with my makeup all the time I was really happy with this makeup, despite still being a little bit spotty. This is an almost all MAC makeup look.

    I’m really annoyed with myself but I can’t actually remember what foundation I used, but I was really happy with the coverage. I used MAC studio finish concealer on my spotty areas and Origins plantscription concealer under my eyes to try and hide a few of my flaws. I set it all with MAC mineralised skin finish in light -which I’m really loving at the moment. I contoured a little bit with my Doctor Hauschka bronzer duo, then popped a bit of MAC pink cult blusher over my cheeks. I highlighted with one of my favourite highlighters Watts Up! by Benefit, I love how intense the highlight is and how it doesn’t ruin the makeup underneath when you apply it.

    On the eyes I used MAC constructivist paint pot, I used it all over the lid and slightly winged it out a bit to create a sort of smokey eye look. I put a bit of MAC mulch under my eye and lined the water line with MAC Teddy pencil. I used MAC blacktrack fluidline to do a winged eyeline, Cailyn 2-in-1 conditioning mascara on the top lashes and Clinique bottom lash mascara on the bottom lashes. To highlight the brow bone and inner corner of my eye I used Benefits high brow.

    On the lips is a combination of MAC boldly bare lip pencil all over the lips then Nars orgasm lip gloss over the top. This is my favourite combination at the moment.

    Eye makeup will forever be my favourite part of makeup.

    Do you like making a bit more of an effort with your makeup on special occasions or do you usually stick with the same look?


  • OOTD #9 – Party Pants.


    Black Roll Sleeve T-Shirt – New Look  / Black & White Tribal Print Trousers – River Island / Spiked Necklace – Ebay

    Shoes – New Look (not the same ones but similar)

    Please excuse the most awkward smile in the world.

    This is what I wore for my family meal on the Friday to celebrate my birthday. Again, I felt totally overdressed, I think this time it was the shoes, but I don’t know what other shoes I could have styled the outfit with.

    I felt totally comfortable in the outfit, the trousers look dressy enough but it feels like you’ve gone out in pyjamas! Perfect for when you  go for meals out. The trousers caught my eye in the window when I was walking to/from work to the bus back to my parents. I’ve been looking for a pair of jazzy trousers for so long, I’ve tried on quite a few pairs in Topshop but none of them really suited me, but I’m really happy with these ones, although they were a bit more money than I’d hoped, but they were for a special occasion so I didn’t mind. Plus… the t-shirt was only £5! For saying the same t shirt in Topshop would be £12, I think I’ll be going to New Look for the same top in multiple colours.

    Do you like the patterned trouser trend or is it not your cup of tea?


  • Birthday party with Beyoncé!


    (The card my parents got me)

    In case you didn’t know, last Saturday was my 22nd birthday.
    I’m not going to lie, it has to have been one of, if not the best birthday yet.

    On the Friday I went for a really nice Indian meal at the local Indian restaurant in our village, it’s my favourite and I’d been asking to go for ages, so why not go for my birthday. I went with the parentals and my sister and Harvey came along too (when foods involved, he’ll be there :P). That was such a nice evening and getting to spend it with the people closest to me made it more special. I got so involved in the food that I forgot to take pictures.

    2013-04-26 19.16.25

    Took this photo before we got picked up.

    Although that was a really good night, the best was yet to come…

    My birthday plans were to stay in the Post Box apartments in Birmingham and then that evening we went to see BEYONCE! I’m not going to lie, I was totally fangirling. I was so excited it was crazy, I ALMOST went all Directioner reaction on her.


    The apartment was great, I’m so glad we made the decision to make something more of the trip and stay there, it made a really nice change from a hotel. If we could have stayed there for longer we would have. We got there at about three and we went straight out for food, before we picked where to eat we went for a quick wander round the Mailbox and dream shopping in Harvey Nichols. We ended up eating in Strada, it wasn’t the best meal out I’ve ever had but it didn’t bother me and meals out with friends will always be one of my favourite things to do.


    Mel taking pictures of her Rosé and me Photo bombing it

    Now I could talk about the concert, but I think I’ll just post photos and leave it at that.



    Hands down, other than Take That, it was the best show I’ve been to. Her performance was incredible. When someone has such talent, to be around that talent in real life is an awesome experience.

    The next day we managed to fit in a bit of shopping at the Bullring where I got to spend some of my birthday money. Below is just a few of the presents that I bought with my money and what I got on the day from people


    I’m so grateful for all the presents, I got truly spoilt.

    Birthdays are one of my favourite times of year but most of the time they don’t live up to my expectation, but by spending it with people I love and care about me in return was what made this birthday the best.

    Have you found that as you get older birthdays just aren’t as much of a big deal anymore? What was your best birthday that you can remember?


  • Rainydayfaces 1st Birthday! –..

    I’m back! And back with a bang!

    Today is my little blogs first birthday! I can’t believe its been a year already, although I had a bit of a rocky start I really feel like I’ve achieved something. My blog is something I love and I’m super proud of it. It’s come quite a way from where it started and I’ve met so many lovely people who I feel I can call friends through it.

    To celebrate I wanted to do a giveaway, I tossed around a few ideas for prizes but I finally settled on the below prizes. All of which I am super jealous of and if I could, I’d keep them to myself!

    First up, the main prize. One lucky winner will get a Benefit Easiest Nudes Ever eyeshadow kit. This kit contains two of their creaseless cream shadows in No Pressure and R.S.V.P (R.S.V.P being one of my favourite cream eyeshadows) and six longwear powder eyeshadows in Call My Bluff, Pinky Swear, Quick Look Busy and Thanks A Latte. Benefit is one of my all time favourite makeup brands and it seemed only fitting to give away one of their products.


    Secondly for three runners up there are three different Lush bath bombs up for grabs. There’s Sex Bomb, Big Blue and Dragons Egg. I’ve always been drawn into Lush for their bath bombs but only recently did I purchase any (Sex Bomb being one of them). I was in love after the first one I tried, something about the fizziness in my bath that just makes it more fun, but ultimately more relaxing in the long run. The three runners up will receive ONE bath bomb each and they will be sent randomly so you’ll have a nice surprise when you get it!


    I wish you all luck and I’ve got everything crossed for you :). May the odds be ever in your favour!



    a Rafflecopter giveaway



    [Ts&Cs –
    UK only – Sorry for people that will miss out. Safer for posting/delivering.
    Only one winner of the Benefit Easiest Nudes kit.
    Three runners up will win ONE random bath bomb out of the three pictured.
    Closes in a months time – 2nd June Winners will be announced a week later AT LATEST]