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  • OOTD #10 – Feeling Hot Hot Ho..


    Top – Topshop |  Skirt – Topshop | Flip Flops (Creedlers) – Volcom

    I know I always say this, but again please ignore the face, this is what being in an office 9-5 that’s 30+ degrees with broken air con looks like.

    I don’t think its even possible to pick out another outfit that all items are from at least 2 years ago, I apologise for that. So yes, this is the outfit I picked out while we were having our crazy heatwave. Trying to still be covered up enough for being in work but naked enough not to die of heat exhaustion.

    The top and skirt are really old now however much I don’t want to admit it, the skirt I even think was my sisters before me! I can’t work out if it’s too matchy matchy but who cares, it wasn’t intentional. The flip flops were purchased from a store in Florida when I was there two years ago with Harvey, the girl who served me was amazing and actually picked these out to go with a dress I was trying on at the time. I’ve never been anywhere with such good customer service, great sales technique. I love them because they’re a bit more substantial than normal flip flops.


    Left \ Acrylic White Druzy Ring | Right\ Rose Quartz Gemstone Ring & Plain Above Knuckle Ring

    Thomas Sabo Charm BraceletSwarovski Bracelet

    My nails are au natural, I think that’s because I had let it chip so badly it just needed to come off. On my hands is a few of the rings I recently treated myself to from Kukee, they’re my favourite online jewellery shop, everything is so cheap! I’ve bought quite a few favourite things from them since I found them last year. Sorry the image doesn’t show them off very well, that’s what you get when you ask your dad to take the photo for you haha. And obviously also my everyday bracelets.

    What have you been wearing to battle the heat in, I’d love to know, especially if it’s work suitable!


  • #FABBbloggersManc Event – 06...


    Better late than never right? A few weeks ago I took a solo drive down to Manchester for the latest installment of the FABB Bloggers Events. This is the second FABB event I’ve been to but the third event held by Ray and Tor.

    After a beautiful scenic drive through some incredible little villages I arrived in Manchester, and proceeded to get completely lost. Note to self, you should not be left by yourself in strange towns. After a stressful walk round I ended up jumping into a taxi and finally finding my way to the event and meeting Joanna.

    The event was held at 2022 NQ which was a little bit hidden away but was a great basement space. Inside there were little stalls for each brand that was there, the brands included, Tinned Bananas, Lavish AliceVita LiberataHealth Point Ltd., South Beach Swimwear, La Moda and Eldora Lashes. They’d all prepared a great set up and it was good to be able to get a taste of each brand that was there.


    This event was a little bit different to the other events that I’ve been to that have been held by Ray and Tor, at the other ones it was more based round the brands doing a little talk about themselves with a bit of mingling. This event was more about the mingling I felt, you could speak to the brands and get to know a bit more about them and a few were giving out discount codes and we were lucky enough to get a few goodies from some of them. I think this was was good but could have been difficult if you weren’t very confident or were there by yourself.

    I definitely think my favourite stalls were from Lavish Alice and South Beach Swimwear, they just had some great bits of clothing that I was drooling over and also depressing myself over the fact I haven’t got a holiday to be able to wear the Swimwear from South Beach.

    After a few giveaways and a bit of mingling with new people it was time to head home, not before having some food at TGI fridays to prepare ourselves for the journey home.

    Again, I’d like to thank Ray & Tor for organising it and well done for everything they did. Again they managed to put together and amazing goodie bag, my favourite treat being the £30 Espa voucher, which I keep meaning to spend.




  • A Little Life Update

    2013-07-14 15.09.02

    If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram (why not?!), then you may not know that over the past two days I have been slaving away during the hottest weekend of the year moving all my things back to my parents. Today is the day that I finally hand my keys in and say good bye to by trusty little flat. It’s done me well for four years but it’s time to look to the future.

    I’m not moving back because I’ve finished at uni, I never went to uni. I’m moving back to start saving for my first proper home. It wasn’t a decision I made lightly, it took me almost a year to finally decide on a date to move out. It just wasn’t financially viable for me to be throwing away money on rent and not have enough money to save at the end of all that and actually living a full life for it to have made a difference.

    So I’m back, living with the parents preparing for the compromises that we’ll all need to make. The only clauses they’ve given me so far is that I dance for 30 minutes a day with my mum, go on bike rides with my dad and also teach him how to use twitter. Which I think I can do, the latter might be difficult!

    Just thought I’d keep you updated and let you know that I did intend to blog about the Manchester FABB event but I didn’t get chance to get round to it after moving and then trying to enjoy the last of the sunshine! It will be up this week so look out for it!

    Have you ever had to move back to your parents? What challenges should I expect to face? Or is it something you’d just never consider, I know I’ve spent almost the whole time living at my flat saying “I will NEVER move back with my parents”.

    Below are a few photos of what I flat looks like empty without all my belongings in it.




  • Collective Sale Haul



    Over the last few days I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree regarding clothing and jewellery. I thought I’d show you some of my wares from my first stint. I tried to stay in the sale rails but I panic and always end up in the less scary, more organised full priced areas of shops.

    Firstly I went into Topshop. Other than jeans I’ve not bought much from Topshop recently but I got a handful of items while on this trip. From the sale I got the Bold Stripe Crop Tee in red for £5 and the shorts playsuit that I can’t find online for £20, that may seem like a lot but I fell in love with them when they weren’t in the sale so I was super happy with them, I ended up wearing them to the FABB Manchester meetup. Not from the sale I picked up the Mesh Insert T-Shirt for £20.

    Over the way from Topshop in the Victoria Centre is a River Island accessories boutique where I eyed up a really beautiful nude backpack but ended up only walking away with two pairs of earrings, I think they were both about £1 each, one pair is little gold crosses and the other pair are teeny moustaches.

    Then on the way home after work I took a detour towards Zara and ended up getting two tops that I can’t find online either. The photo doesn’t really sell them very well but the white one is just a plain loose oversized top with tight 3/4 length sleeves, it;s super slouchy and really comfortable. And then the black top which really isn’t photographed well is a plain black t-shirt on the front but then has an all lace back. The lace is quite thick so I’ve worn this with nothing underneath with my bra strap showing and it doesn’t bother me. Both of these were £9.99. Then last but by no means least I picked up the Basic Messenger Bag in black for £15 from £19 so not a massive saving. I have a love hate relationship with this bag, I love it, but I hate that as soon as you put more than just your keys and purse in it the magnets aren’t strong enough to hold the bag closed so you end up walking around with all the contents on show a definite design flaw.

    I know the photo doesn’t do some of the things justice but i’m sure you’ll see them in outfit of the day posts at some point.

    That’s all I got on that trip, I’ll probably post the other bits and pieces I got at some point too. Have any of you been sale shopping recently? Do you have the same feelings over sale racks as I do/send your mums in to find things for you?


  • An All American Launch – Mura..


    Last Thursday I was invited along to the launch of the American brand Murad’s new counter in House of Fraser in Leeds. As Murad is an American brand it was only fitting that they celebrated it on the 4th July. You can already find Murad in London but they’re expanding up north.



    (Photo credit to Joanna)

    On offer were skin consultations, using a special contraption that took a photo of your face and broke it down to view sun damage, redness and bacteria. Then it went into a 3D scan so you can see any fine lines, or dehydration lines and other observations on your complexion. It was terrifying to see how much sun damage I had, it wasn’t really bad but I never thought it would be as bad as it is. Sam (pictured) was a really nice lady that talked us through all this, if you pop in you should say hi, I’m sure she’ll be happy to help you out. You could also have a facial from one of the consultants, they have a menu of the options you could chose from. A few of the girls tried them out and they came out looking so fresh faced it was amazing, now I’m looking back I wish I’d had one.




    After a bit of mingling, wine and cupcakes and a photo op/chat with Claire Cooper (Jacqui McQueen from Hollyoaks) we were taken for a talk from Zoe who is head of PR who talked us through what Murad is about and about Dr Murad himself. We were told that Murad is more of a Cosmesutical company and their main aim is results, so the products may seem expensive, but they’re all proven to work and have great results so it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it. Hearing about Dr Murad was one of the most interesting parts. He is a certified dermatologist, that when seeing people not getting the results they wanted went about producing his own brand, he’s one of the only dermatologists in LA that doesn’t offer plastic surgery as a quick fix. He even started out testing the ingredients and products on himself, so from that his products aren’t and never have been tested on animals.


    After the talk we were all lucky enough to be treated to a goodie bag, in mine I got the Summer Sun Essentials pack which after my consultation I was really happy about. The pack  contains an essential-C Cleanser, an Advanced Active Radiance Serum and Oil-free sunscreen broad spectrum SPF30, and also an Energizing Pomegranate Lip Protector SPF 15. All the products in the set are to help with reducing the appearance of sun spots and hyperpigmentation while protecting against sun damage. Perfect! I can’t wait to try all the products out and review them for you.


    If you’re up in Leeds, or even in London and see a Murad counter, then you should definitely try it out, and with some great names supporting the brand, it’s definitely one to look into. Again, I just want to thank everyone at Murad that made the evening so enjoyable, and wish them luck with their new Leeds counter.



  • IMATS Haul





    So, in two pictures you can see the damage made at IMATS (and Zara).

    Where should I start?! Let me first off say that yes, I did need 8 new makeup brushes and I will continue to stand by my purchase of them even when my Dad says I have enough.

    Lets go in order of what I bought. So obviously, the first stall I went to was MAC. Before I went to IMATS I knew that I wanted a second 217 and 239 so they were the first things I picked up, then I did my usual trick of asking the sales person what brush they would recommend I should get. I love doing this because its nice to know what other people like and if you are in the purchasing mood but don’t know what you want it’s just a bit of fun. The girl that served me said I should get a 224 because its similar to the 217 for blending, I’ve also read good reviews saying to use it for blending in concealer. While I was looking at brushes, there were two eyeshadows that caught my eye. I wanted to add some more interesting colours to my pallet, so I went for two similar colours, Rose and Coral. Rose is a beautiful matte colour, obviously as the name says, its a coral colour, a little bit orangy too. Rose is the most beautiful iridescent pink, in the pan it looks sort of rose gold, but on the skin it is definitely pink. Then on the second day, I couldn’t keep away from the MAC stand again, especially because it wasn’t as rammed. I ended up buying the 138, I thought this brush would be great for bronzing, because a lot of my face brushes are quite big and I cant get as much of a controlled application with them as I can with this brush.

    Then I found a little stall that sold Make Up For Ever, which had a much smaller crowed than the actual MUFE stand. I ended up buying a set that if you purchased the foundation, you could pick up two other items and you got a little makeup bag all for £50, which when you add up the products I got is a bargain. I ended up getting the HD Foundation then choosing the HD concealer and the HD Powder. All of which I have been using lots and absolutely loving them.

    Also on the first day I picked up some Velour mink eyelashes in their most popular You Complete Me, I don’t wear lashes that often, if ever. But I plan on using these lots, I just need to practice application. I also managed to get to the stall selling the OCC Lip Tars, where I picked up Grandma (best name ever) and ChaCha. Once day one at IMATS was over I met my sister in Shepard’s Bush Westfield and we had a cheeky look in Zara where I ended up walking away with the beautiful monochrome floral jacket, which I ended up wearing on the second day.

    On the second day I stopped off at NYX, Inglot and Crown Brushes. From NYX I picked up, The Curve eyeliner, a jumbo eye pencil in 625 Sparkle Nude, and Xtreme lip cream in Nude Peach Fuzz and one of the popular blushes in Taupe. Then there’s Inglot, I didn’t need to get a pallet, but I wanted to, after hearing the rave reviews I knew I had to pick on up. I ended up choosing some more bold colours that I wouldn’t normally go for, I’ll be doing a review of it for you so you’ll get to see the colours in that. I picked up some DUO lash glue for my lashes from Inglot too, and they gave me a sample of their foundation but it was WAY too dark so I chucked it. Having seen the Mahron talk the day before I went and spoke to the girl that did it (mentioned in day 1 post) and she told me which brushes she’d recommended for foundation, which ended up being a Crown brush. Once I got to the table and saw how cheap all the brushes were I decided to buy a few others, I ended up getting the C439 Deluxe Round Buffer foundation brush, the AC011 Deluxe Double Sided Blender, a spoolie brush for my brows and a really small eyeshadow brush that I probably didn’t need but was super cheap.

    Overall I’m super happy with all my purchases and I’ve been loving using them all over the past few weeks since IMATS. Reviews of a lot of it will follow.



  • IMATS Day 2



    Day two of IMATS, and hopefully this one won’t be as long as day one!

    The second day was a little bit different from the first day. Because I’d bought the majority of the things I wanted on day one I decided to leave day two till a bit later and enjoy some time with my sister. We had a nice easy morning, sleeping in and then heading over to her friends beautiful flat in a converted warehouse for an amazing brunch, they really did look after me. I then braved it and headed from there to Clapham junction, then from Clapham Junction to Kensington Olymipa, and I made it! Life points go to me.


    Once I got there the first thing I noticed was how quiet it was compared to the day before. I started queuing for the NYX counter, despite it being quiet, this was still one of the busier stalls. I picked up a few bits and pieces that took my fancy, unfortunately they’d sold out of the jumbo pencil in Milk but I wasn’t too bothered really. That’s where Joanna met me and queued with me. I had a great time wandering round with her just taking in what I’d missed the day before. Admiring the second day of body art and makeup transformations that people had done.


     (I didn’t realise how inappropriate that woman’s head placement was)

    IMATS-makeup-transformationsI also got the opportunity to have a chat with Karla Powell, a makeup artist that now also works for Crown Brushes, that I’ve followed for quite a while now. She was really lovely even though I was nervous to go up and speak to her. It was great to see her work in real life. The previous day she did an amazing pop art look that I unfortunately didn’t get a completed photo of. You should definitely check her out


    After a few final purchases it was time to say goodbye to London and head home on a massively over packed train that I ended up having to sit in the luggage compartment all the way home with my giant suitcase that I came home with.

    Overall I had a really great time at IMATS, I enjoyed every minute of it. A few things for future reference and for other IMAT newbies. Don’t go alone unless you have a set list of things you want to purchase and that’s all you want from it, but at least have a bit of a list of what you want, don’t go clueless so you don’t have to swatch or try things. Make sure you do research into the talks so you don’t miss any you want to see, alternatively if you want a quiet day then go when the most exciting talks aren’t on. You probably don’t really need to go for both days. If you do go for both days try and fit in some sight seeing/shopping elsewhere too.

    And that’s about it for IMATs, I feel like it’s over for a second time now I’ve written about it and relived it in my mind. At least my next post on Monday is my haul of all my treats that I bought myself over the two days.


  • IMATS Day 1



    Better late than never ey! Warning; it’s a long one!

    I know IMATS was just over a week ago but I couldn’t just let it go by and not talk about how it was. I thought any other future first time IMATS newbies would like to know what to expect when they go and be more prepared than I was.


    I got the train at about half seven in the morning on Saturday after um-ing and ah-ing over whether to go super early at half five or not be so keen and leave it a bit. I thought I’d leave it for a bit, and that gave me a little bit extra time to lie in so I wasn’t really tired. My sister met me from St Pancras and came with me to Kensington Olympia where the event was being held, I said my goodbyes, handed over my suitcase and headed over to queue to be let into makeup heaven/hell.


    Once you’ve got in and been given your wristband/pass you’re welcomed into the biggest brightest hall, full of different stands. Some makeup stalls, some makeup school stands, some body art, some sculpture and transformation stalls.

    There were major queues for the most popular stalls, and some of them weren’t even queues, you just had to have the balls to push and battle your way to the front, which I don’t! haha. If you don’t know what you want then you’ll struggle because you don’t really get a lot of chance try out and swatch all the products you want to.


    Upstairs was a little bit of added fun, it was all models and props from different TV programmes and films. Some of them were so life like it was a little bit unnerving!  But non the less amazing! The skill some people have actually baffles

    After I’d had a cheeky Pizza Express with dough balls I decided to be an eager beaver and head over to the Apex Room for some talks before the final talk with the Pixiwoo sisters.

    First up was Stuart Bray who was talking about sculpting and all the weird and alternative uses of random items he uses to make lacerations and marks and scars and a whole host of other things for special effects makeup. Some of the different things he uses are coffee granules, apples and gelatine. I think he said that he’s done work on The Walking Dead, which is so cool.

    Then there was a talk from Sindy Perez as part of Mehron talking us through some great products from the brand while showing us a wedding makeup look which ended up looking lovely. I am definitely going to look into this brand more, they’ve been running since 1927 so they must know a thing or two. One of the things I found really interesting was that they produce the blue body paint for The Blue Man Group, how cool is that?!


    Then for the thing I’d been waiting for, but with a bit of a line up change. Unfortunately Sam and Nic couldn’t  make it so it ended up being Ruth Crilly, Louise, Anna and Caroline Hirons doing a talk on Online Media. As a blogger I found this so useful, and the girls made it all so much fun, I laughed so much, they’re such a great bunch of people that obviously get along with each other. And the fact that they can talk from experience about it all from their own blogging lives made everything they said that bit more interesting. I still can’t believe how close I was, I’m half waiting for a vlog to be uploaded and spot myself fan girling three rows back!

    I even took notes! Hand written ones. But I’m so glad I did because what was said was so helpful. A few things I wanted to share with you were…

    Call it online media, not a blog. I can’t remember why but I think it does sound a lot more professional, almost like the time a group of us got called freelance writers!  Think about your branding and keep it consistent across all media platforms. Let your personality shine through in your posts, keep the quality of them at the highest you can do and make sure you’re consistent with it. Don’t swear on twitter (unless really necessary :P). Have an opinion, you don’t have to like everything everyone else does, let people know if you found a product disappointing. Try products for longer before blogging about them, make sure that you really do know what you’re talking about when reviewing things. Make sure you’re 100% behind a post, if you’re not happy with it then don’t post it, why would you expect anyone else to enjoy it if you don’t. If you have a change of opinion on a product then make sure you back track to let people know.

    And last but definitely by no means least, “be a blogger not a blagger”. Don’t expect something for nothing. If you’ve not put the effort in then why do you deserve to be given things. Don’t go to PR companies demanding things. One thing I’ve learnt over the last year of blogging is that other than interaction from others, nothing beats the feeling of a company finding your blog and coming to you for work, it honestly makes it all worth it and it makes you more grateful when it happens.

    after-imatsAfter the talk had finished and a slight panic attack over a dead phone and train issues I finally met my sister at Shepard’s Bush Westfield and we went for some food and retail therapy. We ended up having one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten at Byron (it had to be done, and I don’t even like burgers that much!). Then we headed back to her flat and sorted ourselves out for a few drinks where we ended up in an awesome hotel bar at The Gore Hotel in Kensington where we felt like we’d stepped into an episode of Made In Chelsea.

    Overall it was a really great first day in London. Stay tuned for Day 2 on Friday!