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  • RainyDayFaces now on Facebook!


    I thought I’d update you all about the Facebook page I’ve set up for RainyDayFaces.


    I would be so grateful if you could like it for me. If you like being kept up to date with new posts through this form of social media then now you can 🙂 all new posts will be posted over there.

    Click here to go over to it & check it out if you’d like.



  • Hump Day Helper

    Why can’t we all dance like this in the streets…

    Loving this song, happy hump day!

  • Review – ILAH Semi Permanent ..

    ILAH-eyebrow-kitThis is one of the products I was lucky enough to receive in my goodie bag from the North Meetup.

    Initially I was a little bit sceptical with this, the woman that was showing it to us there did sell it to me though and I was looking forward to using it. Once I got it home and started using it I still wasn’t sure and at that point I was using another product. I tried using it with the gel but I just don’t seem to be able to get along with it. I also tried using the template things and that was just an epic fail.

    So for a while this got left by the wayside, in my draw of makeup it was forgotten about. Until one too many comments about my eyebrows from my sister made me pick this back up and try again free hand. And I’ll tell you, I haven’t looked back and it’ll be a sad day when I use all this product up. Not only do I love it, I’ve also had compliments on my brows from my sister, some of her friends and a few other people which I think must be a good sign!

    I use the two darkest colours, the almost black and the dark brown, a bit more of the brown to go with my hair. I’ve also been able to use the lighter brown mixed with the darker brown on my sisters brows when I was doing her makeup recently.

    Overall I’m really happy with this product, my only thing is that it looks very similar to the whitening lightening brow kit and that the template & gel isn’t personally usable. But other than that I’m sold.

    What brow product do you use, which type do you prefer, powder, pencil, wax?