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  • Review – Rimmel Lasting Finis..




    Yes, I did fall for the hype on this one. And I blame Zoe for that! It was in one of her videos that I first saw it and I knew I wanted it.

    Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate in number #107 is one of the most beautiful rich colours ever and I am really looking forward to wearing it during the colder months. It’s verging on the more matte side once applied but still glides on beautifully.

    It lasted for a couple of hours and on the right is what it looked like after I’d eaten about mid day. I think it looks worse because I have such sore lips at the moment. You do have to really moisturise your lips before using this lipstick I’d say.


    I don’t wear this lipstick enough, but like I said, I will definitely be wearing it more now we’re coming into fall/winter. I do think you have to be confident to wear it, I think that’s what’s put me off wearing it as much.

    It’s one of those colours you can pull off during the day with the right outfit and the right eye makeup, or turn into a night time lipstick.

    Have you ever tried any of the other Kate for Rimmel lipsticks? I think I have another colour in my collection but I can’t remember what it is.


  • FOTD – Recreated Wedding Make..



    This is a wedding makeup look I did on my sister a few months ago for her best friends wedding. It was a lot of pressure and we had a few trial runs but on the day it turned out great and she looked beautiful. I’ve also tried to re-create the hair that she had done on the day too. I actually think with more attempts I might actually get it how I like it so I think I’ll be trying it more often. Obviously it looked a lot different on her because she has sorter curlier auburn hair.

    Because they were all wearing very pale coloured dresses we decided to go a bit darker and smokier. I started with a base of Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe, bringing it down along the outer edge of the bottom lash line. I then went over the lid with the colour Kalahari out of the Nars And God Created Woman Palette for a bit of shimmer. I applied some of MAC’s Corduroy into the crease but kept it quite rounded because me and my sister have different eye shapes.

    I then used the Nars palette and used Alhambra as an inner corner highlight and bought it 3/4 of the way into the bottom lash line. As far as eyeshadow goes I then just used MAC’s Shroom as a brow bone highlight.

    Because my sister isn’t as much of a fan of the black liner as I am I decided to use MAC’s Teddy eyeliner. I used it all around the waterline, top and bottom. I also smudged it down on the bottom lash with the taupe colour that was already there. I then did a line across the top of the top lash line. I have a feeling on the day I did one line of that and smudged it in a bit then drew another more definite line over the top. She had also been to MAC and had some false lashes applied before I did the makeup so her eyelashes looked more incredible than mine ever will with this look.

    Finally, on the face we primed with Benefits Porefessional Primer, then used Nars Sheer Glow as her foundation because I feel that it gives you more coverage than you think you’d get with a product with sheer in the name. We used  Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Corrector just to cancel out any darkness under her eye, we then went over for extra coverage with Maybelline Age Rewind concealer, set it with Ben Nye’s Banana Powder, and covered any other spots with a concealer. After Trial and error we ended up lightly powdering her face with MAC’s skin finish. We added colour to her face by contouring with NYX Taupe and then bronzing her up with our mutual favourite Nars Laguna. To finish we used MAC’s Melba blush and highlighted with MAC’s Lightscapade. Her brows were filled in using the same ILAH Brows pallet that I use but I used the lighter brown and the darker brown colours from it which suited her nicely.

    Below I’ve added a photo of the products used.



    Hope you enjoyed this sort of post recreating makeup I’ve done. I have a few more planned so I hope you do. Have you ever had to do someone else’s makeup, was it stressful for you or just a bit of fun with a friend?


  • Review – Bourjois Rouge Editi..


    This has got to be, hands down my favourite classic red lipstick. I got it ages ago and I’ve only used it two times I think.

    The first time I used the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick #13 was on my birthday earlier in the year. I went for a meal with my family and the fact that they commented on how good it was gives it enough points in my books. After the meal I realised how well this lipstick had stayed on my lips. I think it was only slightly worn round the corners of my lips.

    For some reason I decided to wear it to work earlier in the week, so I decided to do a bit of a review on it while I was at it and to see if it was a good as I remembered.

    I can confirm, it is.

    I applied this lipstick at about 10 in the morning, drank copious drinks of blackcurrant squash (my office drink of choice) and had lunch at about quarter to 12. See the image on the right for how it looked afterwards.


    My lips are really dry, chapped and sore at the minute. I think it’s to do with the constant war over the air con in the office at the moment. So I don’t think that helped it, and it and I do think it was slightly obvious when I first applied it, but not nearly as bad as it could have been like some of my other lipsticks are.

    After I’d eaten I did apply another coat and it lasted until about 3 in the afternoon and ended up just feeling like I had to take it off because of how dry and sore my lips are, nothing to do with the lipstick.

    I was impressed with how satin this lipstick looked on my lips for the longest time despite drinking so much. I really do love this lipstick and I will be wearing it more often and it’s made me want to add a few more colours in the range but I’m on a spending ban so I’m not allowed to!


    Have you tried any other colours in this range or any other Bourjois lipsticks that stand out and I should know about?


  • FOTD #4 – Another Brown Smoke..


    Another day another brown smokey eye face of the day.

    Although I like the full face, the close-up of the eyeshadow just makes me feel a little bit disappointed with the colours out of the pallet I used. I’ve been trying to use the pallet that my parents got me for Christmas last year because I’ve neglected it for too long. When I applied the shadows I really liked them, but the lid colour was glittery to start with and as you can see from the picture, it isn’t and that’s probably not even 15 minutes after applying it.

    I think the pallet will be better for more interesting eye looks and would maybe work better if I wet them a little bit first if I want them to be more dramatic. In the meantime I will keep using them and I did like the overall look & the colour I used on the bottom lash line to smoke it out a bit.

    I think my favourite part was the brown eyeliner, I’ve not used it before but I like how it looks with the brown shadows. A lot less harsh than the black liner that I usually wear. I actually dismissed this product when I got it in one of the Glossyboxes that I had subscribed to ages ago, so it’s good to go back and try it and like it.

    It was only after taking the photos that I realised that I had completely forgotten any mascara! Luckily I have had my lashes tinted in recent weeks, but I still think it’s noticeable. Although I realised I had forgotten, I then continued to forget and spent the whole day not wearing any mascara.

    I also realised how awful my eyebrows are at the moment. I’m not sure weather I should try and grow them out a little bit or what. They’re sort of at that in between stage.

    Below I’ve put a photo & listed the products I used on my whole face.


    The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimising Primer

    Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector In Moonstone

    Make Up Forever HD Foundation

    Bobbi Brown Corrector

    Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser

    Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

    Make Up Forever HD Powder

    Ben Nye Banana Powder

    NYX Blush In Taupe

    Nars Laguna Bronzer

    Body Shop All In One Blusher

    MAC Painterly Paint Pot

    Blush Professional 120 Colour Eyeshadow Pallet

    Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner In Brown

    Ilah Brows Travel Kit

    Have any of you tried these sorts of pallets with lots of shadows in, how do you feel about them? Let me know!


  • Daarn Saaarrf


    Image Source

    Boy how time is flying, I can’t believe this was two weeks ago. 2013 is running away from us fast!

    Like I said, a couple of weeks ago I took a long weekend and travelled down to Kent with my Mum, Dad and Grandma to visit family that we have down there on my Grandmas side. While we were down there we surprised my Grandma by planning for my sister Lucy to travel down from London and join us.


    I’m not going to lie, it was the longest journey ever, made longer by the fact that my Grandma can breathe through her ears so she can talk for long periods of time. I had a few naps on the way and that made the 2 hour delay a bit more bearable, but it was still the longest 6+ hours. The only plus side of the journey was the awesome bridge we got to go over, it was so high I felt a bit sick just taking photos.

    We stayed in a beautiful bungalow in Herne which catered to all our needs, and I spent most of the time there thinking how I could easily just move into it because it was so nice.


    On the Saturday we dropped Grandma off at her cousins house and me and the family had a trip round Canterbury. Canterbury is one of the most beautiful towns and has everything anyone could ever ask for. Some idilic little areas and a massive shopping area. It was lovely to have a wonder round and admire some of the really old buildings that were still there. There was also a food festival on while we were there so spent ages having a wander round that.


    On the Sunday we went out to Herne Bay with everyone including my Grandma’s Cousin & her Grandson Jamie. It was freezing cold and really windy but it was great to be by the seaside, especially one that’s not Skegness. We had a little wander along the pier and tried to bully my mum onto the helter skelter for the first time in her life. We didn’t win though.


    Then on the Monday it was time to get back into the car and travel all the way home again.

    It was really good to get away from Nottingham even if it was just for a weekend. Long weekends really are a great thing when you work full time!


  • Getting Things Sorted


    Just a quick post to update you on things.

    I’ve not been posting recently because I’ve had some trouble with my home internet. It wasn’t letting me view my website at all on any of the computers/laptops/iPads in my house, unless I connected to my iPhone’s hotspot (which I didn’t want to use and it end up costing me).

    I phoned Virgin about it, I asked Harvey who usually fixes everything! But this left everyone really perplexed.

    I’ve been sorting through the comments while I’ve been at work and able to get on here (when I say comments, most of it is spam), but I’ve been unable to write up the posts because, well that’s not what I’m paid to be there for unfortunately.

    Now I’ve left it all for a while and I’ve tried again just now and it’s working again! I’m so glad it is and I’m looking forward to writing the posts I’ve had in my drafts for all this time. I’ve got quite a few reviews, a few makeup looks I’ve done recently and loved and a little lifestyle post about a holiday I took a couple of weekends ago.

    Speak soon!