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  • “New Year, New Me”


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    That’s how the saying goes isn’t it? I’m not an entirely massive fan of this saying.

    For me, New Years eve is just another day and one that is usually a disappointment when the clock strikes twelve. Nothing really changes and there’s never been anything super magical about it. I’ve tried going about it in so many ways, like going out into town, or house parties and every time it’s never been as amazing as people reckon. Most of them have even ended in tears or feeling miserable and full of alcohol induced drama. What a great way to start a new year!

    This year I’m just staying in with my parents and sister, having a takeaway with them and probably just sitting and watching Jools Holland’s New Year Hootenanny (living the dream). But at least I know there will be no drama, no tears and just spending it with my nearest and dearest.

    I thought I would post a “resolutions” post just as something I can look back next year and see if I’ve accomplished anything. I’m trying not to make them really far out there cause I’d really like to achieve at least one of them!


    1. Try to complete at least one monthly Instagram photo a day challenge. – I’ve tried to do a number of them and failed so I’m hoping that I’ve now got 12 months to actually be able to complete at least 1 fully!


    2. Make the most of the last few months of my gym membership. – My gym membership runs out in April and I pay an extortionate amount for it so I’m planning on making the most of it until it runs out. I’m not going to say “I’ll go to the gym so many times a week” because I don’t think that’s realistic because life gets in the way. But as long as I’m not feeling guilty for not going in ages then that’s a win for me.


    3. Complete my 10k app. – Over the last 8 weeks I have taken up running, running three times a week following the “10k Runner” app on my phone. So far I have got to 5k and in the new year I will be starting on training for the 10k part of it, it should take 6 weeks according to the app but who knows! Just as long as I complete it I’ll be happy.

    4. Run the Loughborough Half Marathon. –  On Christmas day in my cold filled paracetamoled up state I was in I somehow agreed to run the Loughborough Half Marathon with my Uncle. I’m hoping that my 10k training will help me get ready for it. It’s on 23rd March so I have 3 months to train for it.


    5. Improve my photography skill to help improve my blog and to document more exciting moments in the next year. – I have just purchased a new Canon 600D camera and I am looking forward to learning how to use it. I hope that you notice an increase in quality on my blog overall and especially with the photos. I have loads of really exciting things planned for 2014 so having photographic memories of all those things will be perfect to look back on.


    6. (For good luck) Don’t drink Coke all year. – This one will be the hardest for me, but I thought while I’m on my fitness/health hype I might as well keep it up seeing as I’ve already gone 2 whole months without drinking it. I think it’ll be a really good challenge and an even better achievement.

    What are your plans for New Years Eve? Anything actually exciting?

    I hope 2014 brings all of you lots of joy and memories and a great year to look back on.


  • Christmas Festivities


    As you get older Christmas really loses it’s sparkle, this year it had more so than ever before. I really wasn’t looking forward to it, don’t get me wrong, it’s all about family for me, being able to have a few days off work and just spend time with your family is better than a kick in the teeth.

    This year I was able to join Harveys family for a few days including Christmas eve and go to Center Parcs with them. This was great and I always love it when I’ve joined them there before for the odd day or two. The first day was spent swimming because by the time we’d settled in it was dark. Christmas eve I woke up early and took myself off for my first 5k run, this was awesome around the park, such an amazing place to explore, you feel like you’re running so far and can see so many different things whichever way you go. We did a few activities that day but we still just spent most of the time relaxing in the villa. I came home in the early evening and me and the family followed our tradition of watching Love Actually, such a good Christmas film.


    Then came Christmas day, I think this was the first year that my Parents were up before me and my sister. Presents were opened and I was a very lucky lady with what I got. Then it kicked into full gear when we went to pick up some of the oldies and the rest of the family came over for Christmas dinner. How my mum manages to cook for 12 people I will never understand. I wouldn’t put myself through that! We broke with tradition this year by the fact that we opened presents after we’d had the dinner and that we then went back over to Loughborough to my Auntie and Uncles. At this point my cold/flu had kicked into full gear and I could have easily of just gone to bed. But I managed to muster up just enough energy to play Cranium and help me, Dad and Lucy win even though we’d never played before! Such a good game.

    Christmas_2013In between Christmas and new year is a time to just relax and do as you please. It’s been fairly quiet other than joining up with my Dad’s side of the family again as a sort of belated boxing day gathering that we used to do. We ended up eating even more food and playing Charades and trying to update our family photos that we take every year/big gathering.


    How was your Christmas? Do you agree with me about the sparkle missing?


  • Fitness Update & Weight Loss


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    I’m not going to be able to put this lightly, but it was when I finished my time of the month and my weight didn’t go down and I was the heaviest I have ever been that really gave me the kick up the arse that I needed to get back into working on some weight loss.

    When I finished my Lose & Shape up course my fitness went out the window, I was completely wasting the money I was paying to go by not going to the gym. I ended the course at exactly the same weight that I started at and I didn’t see any physical difference either.

    When Harvey went to Africa at the beginning of November I decided to sort it out, I was going to make the most of the time I had alone to go to the gym and I even started running.

    I started on the 4th November at a starting weight of 9st 10lbs. I took some before photos that I have saved so I can see the progress I’m making. I won’t post them anywhere until I am super happy with my body. Because who wants to post their half naked self on the internet when they look their worst?! I will insert my before & after of my arm though because I’m super proud of that, you just have to brace yourself for a bit of bra viewing (shocking!!).


    I have now been working hard at it for just over a month, doing something almost everyday. Running at least 3 times a week using the 10k runner app which has helped me go from someone who would almost pass out just running the last distance to the bus and had a hate relationship with treadmills to someone that almost enjoys going out in the evenings or at weekends trying to get further and run for longer periods of time beating my previous goal. Going to the gym on the days in between for at least an hour and if not the gym then I have been going to Fitsteps classes (which I totally recommend if there’s one local to you) as well as pole dancing lessons, which I have gone to a few previously but I’ve just started going again.

    2013-12-05 19.56.37-2

    So after all of this, I have lost a lot of weight, well a lot for what I thought I would. I am now down to 9st 2lbs!!!! I’m so happy with this and so excited to get down to my goal of 9st and maybe even work towards getting to 8 1/2st but to be honest, 9st and toned would be just as good for me. I’m trying to keep up with my fitness and I’ve even added in walking a small dog for 15 minutes everyday.

    I will keep you updated and look out for when I’m super happy with my body when I’ll post a before and after. I will also put more regular posts up with just my measurements because I’ve seen a change in them too and it’ll be good to write them down in a place that’s not just in my notes on my phone.

    Are you trying to lose weight? What tips do you have that will help me lose those last few pounds?


  • Mesmerize Makeovers.

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    Last year for Christmas, my parents treated me and my sister to a gift voucher for a makeover and photo shoot experience at Mesmerize Makeovers. Unfortunately my sister doesn’t really enjoy having her photo taken so I asked my friend Mel to come with me instead so the voucher didn’t go to waste. I think one of the only good things about this experience was that I was still able to use it the month after it ran out

    I’m just going to come out and say it how it is. They scammed me out of a rather large amount of money by lying to me and saying that you can’t scan the images they give you because you’ll get a watermark shine through. I just want to call bull on that, because the day that we received the photos we took photos with our phones with flash and there was nothing. Then I asked my dad to get them copied with the scanner over at his work. He came home with so many copies of the photos to prove that the watermarking was a lie and he even managed to get versions of it onto a USB stick. This just adding to the disappointment with the company.

    Sally_002 (2)

    I did have a good day overall, and it was nice to have a girly day with my friend but the first thing that was off for me was the fact that it was sold as a “MAC makeover” but the makeup girls were using products from brands like Sleek and other cheap drugstore makeup brands, which I wouldn’t have minded but it wasn’t what my parents had paid for. The makeup girls weren’t particularly friendly and spent the majority of the time bitching about other MUA’s that they know about.

    The one part that I really liked was the photo shoot, the photographer was really lovely and she made you feel totally at ease even if you are totally out of your comfort zone. I was really pleased with a large selection of the photos that she took. I’ve included a few in this post for you to get an idea of what it’s like.

    Sally_001 (2)

    After the photo shoot you’re taken to a quiet room with who I presume is one of the owners of the business where he sat us down and went through the photos taken and you have to cut them down to your favourites. They tell you how much all the options are for the photos and tell you the story about the watermark. I came home having purchased a number of photos for gifts for my family members but now I feel totally duped because I could have saved myself a lot of money had I just got one of each photo. Baring in mind we were allowed one free photo print with the voucher. And you don’t get them straight away, they send them off and you have to wait about 4 weeks for them.

    I had heard other stories of photography studios being similar to this and I do think unfortunately its just the trade but it really did put a damper on my experience and I feel most bad for my parents for buying me the experience with such high hopes. I thought about holding my tongue over this but I felt like other people need to know about what to expect if they’re going to go themselves.


  • 7 Days Till Santa!


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    Well, I blinked and completely missed November and the majority of December too!

    Where did those months go? Did they fly by for you too? I always feel like the end of the year just snowballs and just runs away from me. It’s going to be 2014 before we know it!

    I’m lucky enough to have had some holiday left over for this year so as of yesterday I am off until I go back to work on the 2nd. I have no definite plans but I am going to seriously make the most of the time I have off as well as some much needed sleep catchup. No more early starts for me! Yesterday me and Harvey went on a little bit of an exploration, we were trying to find Newstead Abbey but ended up just in Newstead Village instead, we found a nice long walk though and Boss (Harveys’ sisters dog) seemed to enjoy the fresh air too.


    I have a few other things sort of planned for the rest of the week too which I’m looking forward to. Then on Monday I’m going to Centre Parcs with Harvey and his family to stay until Christmas Eve. I love it there so much and it’s going to be awesome around Christmas too. I’m looking forward to Huckleberry’s, swimming, bowling, mini golf and the fact that I’ve taken up running means that I can have a beautiful new place to run round & hopefully get my first 5k run done there! Wish me luck!

    I’ll have a few more posts for you over the next few weeks or so and hopefully get a few posts written up to keep it going into the new year. I’m planning on one of my new years resolutions to be to blog more than I have been recently and try and be more consistent with it.

    Are you looking forward to Christmas yet or does it take until Christmas eve before it starts to get exciting?