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  • Superbowl Sunday


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    I’m away this weekend, down in London visiting my sister to celebrate her Birthday!

    As some of you may know it’s the Superbowl this Sunday and this is the first year in the past 4 years that I’m not having a party for it now I’m back at home!

    I’m not sure what time I’ll be back from London but I look forward to catching what I can. I stupidly didn’t book Monday off so that’s going to be a struggle! It’s going to be an interesting one with the cold weather snap they’re experiencing over there & the fact that that it’s an open top Stadium.

    I didn’t want to not post this week so I thought I’d share something that makes me laugh to try and cheer other people up. Even if you don’t follow American football this is still super clever. And something that might interest you is the fact that Bruno Mars is the half time performance, and that’s usually the thing worth staying up for! It will be about midnight though for all you early night birds like myself.

    And on a related note, San Francisco let me down! SO should have got into the final. I’ll have to give them a talking to when I visit in June!

    Normal service will resume shortly!

    “Wrist Nub”


  • 100th Post Giveaway! – CLOSED



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    It’s that time again! Giveaway time!

    I’m not making these a regular thing but I thought I would really love to acknowledge this “milestone”. It may not seem a lot to others, and really it doesn’t seem humongous to me either, but I’m still really proud of myself for getting to this point.

    On and off I’ve blogged for over a year and a half. Thus resulting in this, my 100th post!

    I’m looking forward to many more posts to come, and hopefully it won’t take me as long when I try and be more consistent with my posts.

    Now onto the giveaway. I am giving away two prizes, that personally, I think are awesome prizes!

    First up we have a Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask. I have been using the normal Hydraluron for the past few months and I’ve only recently just used it up which I’m truly distressed about, it’s an awesome product! I haven’t tried the mask but if it lives up to the normal product, you won’t be disappointed.


    Next up is a little set of three trial sizes of the Hydraluron, Snoxin and Nanoblur products. I haven’t tried the other two either but I think this is a great prize for you to test each of them out and see how you like them before you go out and spend so much money on the products.

    There will be two winners, one for each prize. For your chance to win then just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below. This is a UK only giveaway & any competition accounts that have been set up for purely that reason won’t win.

    Good luck to all that enter!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway


  • Belated Boxing Day Eye – MAC ..

    boxingday_eyePainterly Paint PotMAC Satin TaupeMAC ShroomMAC WedgeMAC Teddy EyelinerDerma V10 Volume & Length MascaraMaybelline The Falsies MascaraClinique Bottom Lash Mascara

    This post is belated in a number of ways, it’s belated because it’s over a month later from when I took this photo and it’s belated because instead of seeing the family for the second day in a row we decided to go over to Loughborough on the day after Boxing Day.

    I went for a bit of a smokey eye using minimal products. Although writing them out makes it look like there’s a lot, and it’s made me realise how much MAC I actually used. I think I used my pallet that I have because I’d got my new Naked 3 Pallet and another Benefit one for Christmas but I hadn’t yet taken photos of them! First world blogger problems and all that!

    I started with a base with my MAC painterly paint pot, I find this helps any heavy looks stick a bit better. I then ran my Teddy eyeliner along the lash line and smudged it in a bit. I followed this by sweeping some Satin Taupe all over my lids and over the top of the eyeliner. I then went on to blend some Wedge into the crease of my eye to blur it out a bit, topping that off with some more Teddy eyeliner along the lash line again smudging it out a little bit and running it along the outer 3rd of my bottom lash line. To brighten up to look and my eyes a little bit I put some Shroom in the corner of my eye bringing it along the inside of my bottom lash line too.

    For lashes I had been loving the combination of my Derma V10 mascara with the Maybelline Falsies one on top for added volume and thickness because I have pretty pants eyelashes. Finishing the whole look off with some of my favourite Clinique bottom lash mascara, which I really should get a new one of.


  • #EastMidsMeetUp – 30.11.13



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    Continuing on with my “this post is so late” run. At the end of November I went over to Derby for another meetup. Unfortunately I was so busy dashing about the shops that I didn’t even twig to take any photos. I didn’t want the event to go unmentioned because I am still super impressed with Emma or even anyone that plans any of these meetups, takes an awesome person to get them all together.

    I did get a photo of all the amazing goodies so I thought I’d share that with you because Emma really excelled herself there. Look out for future reviews of some of the products!


    The day mainly consisted of shopping. We all met up at 11 and split up into smaller groups after we’d picked our secret Santa names out of the bag. Secret Santa’s scare me but I hope Annie liked what I got her! Was hard to sneakily buy it when I was with her in the group. I managed to tag onto the nicest group of girls who were lovely to me and made me feel a lot more comfortable than I was because I was by myself and I didn’t know anyone there!

    After a number of hours of shopping and a Starbucks break we all met up again and headed over to Fat Cats which was a short walk from the Westfield shopping centre. After a nice meal we had a fun lucky dip where we had the chance to win even more amazing goodies. I was incredibly lucky to have won some Sleep in rollers! Look out for a post featuring them.

    When the evening started to calm down it was time to head home, I think people stayed on for cocktails and drinks but I gave that a miss because I was driving. I had a lovely day and met some really lovely bloggers that I hope to keep in touch with. It’s good to go to a more local meetup because you meet people that are so close to you that you’d never have known about.

    Again, congratulations to Emma for planning it all, you’re a star.


  • Happiness Week

    Sad-pug[Image Source]

    As a listener of Radio 1 I couldn’t help but hear all about their “Happiness Week”. This is where they try and make everyone listening happy because we all know how depressing January can be.

    I thought this was all very well except even though I was listening to the things they were doing to try and cheer you up I couldn’t help think that actually, the last two weeks have been weeks from hell. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as low as I have done. Now I don’t want to turn this into a depressing post but I feel like I need to talk about it and get it off my chest.

    The reasons behind the last two weeks being the worst sort of spans over the past few months really, sort of only coming to a head. My Grandma has been really poorly for a few months now sort of deteriorating over three months more rapidly. It all sort of spiralled from then and last Tuesday we finally convinced her she needed help & go into hospital. It has been really hard on all of us and the situation at home has been pretty tense and not at all very cheerful. That on top of not being happy at work at the moment and struggling to get back into it after my time off at Christmas, it’s been really hard.

    So all this has left me like this, not wanting to wake up in the mornings, spending 8 hours at work feeling rubbish then coming home into a sad atmosphere and just wanting to go to bed as soon as I can. I know it might not seem a lot but I’ve even lost the energy to be bothered to dress nicely, sticking to just jeans and whatever comfy/cosy jumper I can find. And on top of that I’ve kind of lost interest in makeup, I just don’t really see the point in making the effort at the moment. Hence the lack of Outfit Of The Day posts or Face Of The Day ones either.

    I even lost confidence in my body, although I managed to get almost back down to my goal weight I’ve really just hated how I look in the mirror, and because of all the travelling around trying to get over to see my Grandma and try and get all the things I try and do done in the evenings my fitness had fallen to the wayside, which I feel contributed to feeling miserable. I do feel better after doing just a little bit of something that’s healthy in the evenings. In the last 3/4 days I have tried to kick it up a notch, I did a short run round the village yesterday and a longer one today, but I can tell that I’m not as fit as I was a week or so ago when I was running a lot more.

    So that’s just an update with what’s going on with me really. I don’t think I’ll draw attention to this post, I think I just needed to vent and I also think that an honest post isn’t something to be ashamed of, I think more people should speak out when they’re not feeling so fine and dandy. I’m hopefully going to get myself back into blogging and working on my fitness and those are the things that really make me happy.

    Back to the BBC Happiness Week, I can see why it’s a good idea and in the short term yes, it does cheer you up. But in the long run when you feel like nothings really going right, it’s not particularly helpful. Did anyone else listen to it? Would you say any of  it helped you feel happier in the month of January? Do you think January is as bad as everyone makes out or do you just embrace it and think of it like any other month. I do think the weather & whatnot does contribute to it but I think for me personally, it’s been the rest of it that’s been the hardest.

    No more depressing stuff now, back to proper blogging again.


  • #MYFABBHALOHAIR Event – 24.11..


    I was lucky enough to have been invited to a very exciting event in Leeds that was held by Halo Hair Extensions helped out by Ray and Tor.

    This event was to find some new “Halo Angels” who were lucky enough to be given a Halo to try out for themselves.

    When we got there we were greeted by Rachel and given some bubby and canapés which were really well put together. We were given a talk by John who was really friendly and was great to talk to and hear about the brand and the product. He spoke about the product so highly that really made us get excited to try it.


     Photo Credit to Hannah Rose Photography

    We were then taken two at a time to get our Halos added and adjusted to fit us and then styled. I still can’t believe how well my Halo matched my hair. After that we had more time to chat to people and get used to the added hair on our heads. I can tell you now, you really don’t know that it’s there after you’ve had it in for a few minutes and it’s fitted so quickly it’s so much better than any other extensions I’ve tried. I won’t go back to any other type of extensions that’s for sure.

    We were super lucky enough to be able to bring our Halos home and use them for ourselves. I have worn mine on a number of occasions one being at work, I have to say, not one person noticed till the end of the day on the second day of wearing it which for me was actually a good thing, I can feel quite self concious but if it’s not so in your face and I can wear it without worrying about it being obvious then it’s a winner for me.

    I’m hoping to keep trying out some more hair styles with it so keep your eyes peeled for some posts featuring it. Have you ever tried extensions, what’s your feelings on them? Would you try out this innovative new way of wearing them?




     Coat – Zara / Shirt – / Leggings – Zara / Boots – Urban Outfitters / Watch – Marc Jacobs Ginger Dinky

    At the end of November I was invited to go to a Halo Hair event in Leeds. Before I left I managed to get some outfit photos. Please ignore the natural frizzy hair.

    I have been trying to lose some weight recently and on this day I was having a good body day so I decided to dig out my Zara wet look strip leggings. I feel like these ones are thicker so hold you in a bit more. I like to pair them with my heeled boots from Urban Outfitters but then I thought that might be a bit too dressy so I added my really old check shirt just for that extra bit of comfort. On top of that to keep myself warm I wore my last years Zara coat with the collar detail that matched the stripes down the leggings.

    Look out for my (very late) post about the actual event.


  • My New Body Mission – Fitness..

    Following on from my last fitness update post (here) I thought I’d start the new year as I mean to go on.

    Yesterday morning (1st January 2014) I did a list of things. I took some “before” photos, weighed myself on my new fancy scales and then I measured all the main areas of my body and some of the ‘problem’ areas I have.

    I will just keep this brief and post the information so I have it for reference for future posts and so I can share the changes. I’m not sure if these posts will be once a week, once a year or even every so often depending on when I get the time to do the photos, scales and measuring. We’ll just have to leave this as an open book. No photos until I’m happy with my body though!

    So here it is, my body stats as of the beginning of the year.




    Wish me luck! Are you starting the new year with a new body in mind or have been training for some time now? I’d love to hear about your journeys too.


  • Santa Came To Visit At Christmas.


    As you can see I was a very lucky spoilt lady this year. Christmas isn’t about presents, it’s about spending time with family which I did, all 11 other members of my close family and it was a great day where we broke with tradition and split the day up a bit and did things differently.

    I thought I’d just do a quick round up of the bits that I got. I’m not going to lie, my biggest present is not actually in this photo, it actually took this photo, myself and Harvey treated ourselves to a Canon 600D camera. I’m still yet to learn all the tricks and tips but I can’t wait to get my blog photos looking as great as possible.

    From my parents we always get some random stocking fillers and this year didn’t disappoint, getting a few silly little things like nail buffers (because we always steal my mums), some hair bobbles (because we’re always losing them) and a little sweet treat of M&Ms. As my main present from them they bought me the Polar FT4 heart monitor and watch that I’ve been hanging my nose over for ages. They also treated me to a few other bits to help with my running including the socks & water bottle. Two random presents that I didn’t know I was getting from them was the Westie socks, because I bloody love Westies & the epilator. I have tried the epilator since Christmas and I think it’s a sign that I was a bad girl this year because it’s one of the worst pains on the same level as getting my eyebrows threaded (as you can tell I’ve not been through child birth or broken any bones).

    From Harvey’s side of things, he also treated me to the Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallet on top of the camera, I don’t think I could love an eyeshadow pallet any more than I do this one. His Mum and Sister really pulled it out of the bag this year and surprised me with a beautiful Benefit makeup kit with all sorts of minis and a set of shadows so you can create a whole look. One of his sisters also got me the female Lynx gift set which is a good little set and it’s funny to use the body spray when you know that Lynx is usually a male brand, the body wash smells incredible and the sent does stay on you for a while but it’s not a strong smell unless you’ve got someone up close sniffing you.

    Then from the rest of the family & family friends I got loads of special bits and pieces Including a few snoods, a beautiful red Zara handbag which I’ve used everyday since getting it. More sweet treats, Katy Perry’s Killer Queen perfume. I ran out of my last perfume and this one took my fancy when it was in a magazine and yes, I love Katy Perry so that’s a bonus. A great backpack with owls all over it which will be perfect for America because it folds up really tiny. I shouldn’t have favourites but I do love Just Dance 2014 and me and the family have already had loads of fun with it especially on New Years Eve when we stayed in as a family.

    And last but not least my Sister treated us all to tickets to go and see John Bishop’s Supersonic tour at Wembley Arena and she has got some stonkingly good seats, like so close you can almost smell him sort of seats! So excited, I’ve seen him live before and he’s so good. I also have him on my “I fancy you but I don’t know why and you’re an old man so it’s wrong” list.

    As you can see I was very lucky and will get lots of use out of everything! Did you have a good Christmas & was Santa good to you too?