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  • Blogging Break.


    As you may or may not have noticed I’ve been taking a bit of a break from blogging and social media for a few weeks. This is mainly due to the fact that at the beginning of the month I lost my much loved Grandma. It came as a total shock and I’m still not sure it’s even hit me yet whats actually happened. With her being the first person close to me that I’ve lost I felt a feeling like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I don’t particularly want to talk about the ins and outs of it, I just wanted to keep you all up to date with whats going on and for you all to know that I’ve not gone anywhere, I will be back.


    I just needed time and space to recover from that happening, help my parents with the things that then followed and have time to just enjoy the company of the family I’m still blessed to have with me. I have over 20 draft posts waiting to be sorted out so I’ll work on them and have them ready for when I’m back.

    I hope you’re all ok and have had wonderful easter holidays.

    I shall be back soon, speak then.


  • New Body Mission – Month Thre..

    2013-11-25 19.09.08

    So, three months in and almost completely back on it.

    I’ve been eating better than ever other than snacking, I seem to snack a lot and I can’t control myself. It’s like that daily Twirl has become a habit, a bad habit that I really need to kick. I’ve bought apples and a cucumber to try and have them instead but I seem to be eating that and then the chocolate treat too. The vending machines in the new office are my nemesis.

    This coming month I’m going to try and aim for fat loss not weight loss. I think I’ve made it to as low as I’m going to get weight wise, now I want to lose the fat and tone up so you can see more definition in my body.

    I’ve added photos to this month from yesterday, I still have the problem areas that I want to work on. I feel like I’m looking more pair shaped nowadays, especially since my boobs have definitely shrunk. I know you can’t target things specifically but I want to work on my hips/love handles, I think these are the things that make me still look quite large and wide. Obviously that bulge at the top of my shorts would be great if that decreased but I know how hard it is to work on that bit specifically. I’m also wanting to work on my thighs and legs in general, they’ve always been pretty large and are something that when I look at myself I notice the most.

    Looking at numbers below, I am really happy with how things are looking, I’m down 2lbs, my fat percentage is down, although that fluctuates a lot at the moment. And amazingly my muscle is up, only slightly but that still impresses me! I’m amazed that I’ve lost 2cm from my love handles/tummy seeing as that’s the main area I struggle with.





    We’ll see how my gym goes, my membership at David Lloyds is now ended, but, we have a small gym in the new work office so hopefully I can go for at least 20 minutes a day.

    Have you got any tips for reducing fat? I’d really like to hear them if so.