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  • Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brus..


    I bought this brush a while ago, as a massive fan of  the Real Techniques brand and brushes as soon as I saw the Real Techniques Silicone liner brush I knew I had to have it.

    It took me a while to find it or for it to be in stock but as soon as I found it I snapped it up. As a massive fan of eyeliner and a not so massive fan of brushes that lose their shape after a lot of uses. I have a few different brushes that I use for my gel liner, the one of choice most of the time is my Sigma E05 brush, it’s the one that’s kept it’s shape the best and washes easily.

    When I saw this brush for the first time I was hoping that all my eyeliner prayers would be answered, I’d forever have clean sharp lines with no random shock splayed edges.

    Unfortunately I have a love hate relationship with the Real Techniques silicone liner brush. I hate to say it, but it’s actually turned into my least favourite brush from the brand.

    Yes, it’s good for the cleanness of the brush stroke. but you end up using quite a lot of product to cover the brush tip and I found it dried on really quickly, so it was really difficult to actually do more than a tiny proportion of your eye before having to go back into your product, again wasting more, which when said product is your MAC Blacktrack Fluidline can feel a bit of a kick in the teeth.

    I personally don’t reach for this brush very often if at all, but I know loads of bloggers swear by it. I’d just say think about it, does the brush you’re already using really do that bad of a job?

    Did anyone else find this and question the hype behind it?


  • Liebster Award



    There’s something really thrilling to see a comment pop up from another blogger saying they’ve nominated you for an award. It really sends a warm happy feeling through your body. I was nominated for a liebster award a while ago now and I was lucky enough to be nominated by two people, the most recent one being my good friend Mel.

    I’m just going to use the questions from her post for ease.


    The rules for this award are as follows:
    – Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display the award.
    – Answer eleven questions that the blogger gives you.
    – Give eleven random facts about yourself.
    – Nominate five to eleven blogs that you think are deserving of the award, however they must have less than 200 followers.
    – Let the bloggers know you nominated them.
    – Give them eleven questions to answer.

    I was asked:
    What 3 things would you take to a Desert Island?
    I’d take sun-cream, of course. Got to make sure that I don’t burn to a crisp and to protect my skin.
    My iPhone, it may not work internet wise but at least I’d have my music to keep me sane.
    And I’d also without sounding too vein I’d take a sports bra so I could work out on the beach to look good with a tan!
    What song never gets old?
    I think Prettiest Eyes by The Beautiful South (hard choice, could be any Beautiful South songs). It’s such a good song and it’s great when you listen to the lyrics.
    What is your favourite thing about blogging?
    My favourite thing about blogging is that it’s my space to do whatever I want with it and it’s always great to put up posts that I’m proud of and that might help other people that are reading them. Not in the emotional help sort of way, but deciding whether or not to buy the lipstick kind of way.
    Dead or Alive if you could have dinner with anyone who would it be?
    Well of course after everything that’s gone on recently, I’d chose to have dinner with my Grandma. I’d love to just talk to her one more time. We wouldn’t have a fancy dinner, we’d have a McDonald’s takeaway and we’d just talk.
    Who was the first blogger you started following?
    I’m pretty sure the first real persons blog I first started following/bookmarked was Corrie from Dizzybrunette, although I think TheBeautyDepartment was the first beauty blog I found but that’s a bit corporate.
    Do you still read them?
    Yes, I do still read both. Corrie will continue to be a favourite of mine, she’s such a lovely down to earth girl.
    What’s you spirit animal?
    I don’t really know how to answer this question, so I took a quiz. I got an Owl(<click for link for description)
    Have you ever hidden your blog from anyone?
    Yes I still try and hide it from people that actually know me but more and more of them seem to have found it. I’m growing in confidence with it through so it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to.
    Which ‘Friends’ character are you?
    Again, I decided to take a quiz! I got Rachel.
    Where is next on your destination list?
    I’ve got plenty of places on my list that I dream of going at some point in my life, but if I was given an infinite amount of money and could go tomorrow it would be Canada.
    Hopeless Romantic or Realist?
    Hopeless romantic, always have been, always will be.


    11 facts about myself:
    -I’m never happy with my hair
    -I very rarely paint my nails
    -I need to learn to use products up before buying new ones
    -I hate being made to feel like I’m being patronised
    -Over the last 6 months I’ve been wearing as little makeup as possible
    -I will never be too old to play The Sims (bring on Sims 4!)
    -I’m always thinking about food
    -At the age of 23 I’ve just learnt how to do a French plait on myself
    -I used to be a hoarder of underwear
    -I love the smell of fresh sheets and cleaning products
    -I’m currently dreaming of a shake up in my life and I will find a way to make it happen

    Blogs I nominate:

    To Become Mum
    Frugally Peachy
    Amanda In A Teacup
    Seriously Shallow
    House Of Bargain

    Questions I’d love you to answer:
    -Tea, Coffee or Other?
    If you could change your natural hair color, would you? To what? 
    City or country person? 
    Have you ever used something other than “makeup” as makeup? (Like paint? Pens?)
    -Do you have a talent?
    -What’s your favourite pizza topping?
    -Would you rather trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence?
    -If there is one thing you want to be remembered for, what it is?
    -What’s your favourite pudding?
    -If you could learn one language, what would it be?
    -What’s your perfect date?

    I just want to thank the girls for nominating me, I really appreciate it and I want you to know how happy and proud of my little blog it made me.
  • Review – Benefit Total Moistu..


    I got this sample pot of the Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream when I made a purchase after a mini makeover that I had recently.

    I’ve never bought any of the skincare from Benefit but they always use it on you when you have a mini makeover. Out of all of it I’ve always had a love of the Moisture Prep Toning Lotion but I’m yet to use that for myself.

    But onto the moisturiser. I have noticed that since using this on an almost daily basis my skin hasn’t been as problematically dry as it usually is. I tend to use it in the mornings but you could probably use it morning and night, it’s just that I have different things that I use in the evenings.

    It’s quite a thick consistency and needs a bit extra time to soak into your skin. Some days I can get quite far into the day and it’s still soaking in, that’s if I haven’t put any makeup on. This might not be ideal for anyone with oilier skin.

    I’ve had this for about 2 months now and it’s still going strong because you don’t need to use that much. If anything it might even be worth buying a different product from Benefit just for the sample of this… but don’t tell them I said that! That’s just from one blogger to another.


  • OOTD First Bare Legs Of 2014.


    While we’ve been enjoying the amazing weather that we had over the last weekend I thought I’d dig out an outfit post from when I visited Ox Pasture Hall Hotel. Luckily I’d got the day off work and I was able to actually enjoy the weather rather than admire it through the office window.

    It was the first opportunity of the year to actually get my legs out and give them some air rather than wearing jeans or tights. It gave me a great taste of summer.

    The Dress is from Topshop, I received it as a present from my parents one Christmas and you may have seen it on the wishlist that I’d posted before then, cheeky people reading my blog.

    I teamed it with my favourite Sam Edelman sandals that I managed to get at a discount on a few years ago. They’re super comfortable and I absolutely love the little heel on them.


    I kept it simple with jewellery by just wearing my Marc Jacobs Ginger Henry Dinky watch my Chrisholm Hunter diamond ring and an extremely old necklace from Dorothy Perkins which I dug out and thought would look nice and summer/springlike.


    It’s a fairly basic outfit but I felt great in it and I enjoyed being able to dress up for the sunshine. It probably wasn’t totally appropriate for the beach where it was a bit windier though! I covered up with an equally as old faux leather jacket from Dorothy Perkins.


    This post really makes me realise I need to get a new wardrobe so I can link to more things! I hope to do a few more OOTD posts, I do enjoy them, even if I do feel a bit silly taking the photos in public.







  • Easter Holiday In Derbyshire


    It’s been a while since I actually went on this holiday, but I still wanted to share it because it was so nice to get away over the long bank holiday with the majority of my family. And I wanted to show you how amazing new places can be when you only travel less than an hour away from home.

    For the last however many years, more than I can remember when I was a child! I have been going on family holidays with my parents, my sister, my dads parents, my Auntie and Uncle and my two Cousins. The last couple of years since the younger members of the family have got jobs it has dwindled or maybe cut down to just the weekends rather than the whole Easter week that we were blessed with as school holidays.

    This year we travelled not too far down the road to Youlgreave in Derbyshire. A beautiful, very tiny village with not a lot going on but amazing walks on some amazing countryside tracks.

    Because we farted about we ended up getting a cottage just for myself, Harvey my other half and my Sister Lucy which had the most incredible view (see above), which made my parents and Grandparents green with envy. Harvey and myself travelled up on the Friday and my sister joined us for the rest of the weekend.

    On the Friday we just spent the time exploring the village and making the most of the beautiful weather by sitting out in a pub garden having a few drinks and enjoying the pub grub that was on offer.

    The rest of the weekend was spent wandering round Bakewell and going on an epic walk along the High Peak Trail which is a beautiful walk along an old train line.

    I had a great time and it was great to spend time with the family at such a hard time. I hardly wanted to come home, there’s something refreshing being out of the loop and out in the middle of no where. Below are some of the photos from that weekends escapades.









  • Empties #2


    I’m so backed up with empties it’s getting ridiculous, I need to blog about them more often!

    Following on from my first empties post, here is another lot of products I’ve finished off recently. Or just given up on because it was so horrible. Can you guess what that product was from the photo?

    Ojon Damage Repair Hair Spray – Unfortunately this product is no longer available on the Ojon site for whatever reason but you can still get it from Boots. I bought this such a long time ago when I was on the Ojon hype. It’s a fairly standard size of hairspray and it was pretty pricey, although no more costly than any other product from Ojon. This is a fairly light hold hairspray with a strong scent and a fine mist when sprayed, however I’m not sure how I feel about the repair claims. Personally I wouldn’t spend £24 on a hairspray again, now I think about it it’s madness.

    LOreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water – I did a bit of a comparison of this product in a previous post reviewing the Garnier Micellar water. I do like this water, it does an all right job at removing 80% of your makeup. I just prefer the Garnier one and you get less product in this one although I don’t think there’s much difference in the price.

    Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover – I used this along side the micellar water. This product had a double layer of water and oil that you had to mix up. This did a really good job at removing stubborn eye makeup, again I don’t think I’ve found anything that removes makeup completely. It does leave a bit of a residue on your face but if you follow it up with the micellar water then that removes anything left.

    Soap & Glory Peaches and Cream – This is a product that I was first introduced to by Mel almost a year ago as a sample size and I liked it so much that I purchased it in full size. The smell is a bit off putting, it’s not my favourite but it leaves your face feeling super fresh, it almost feels tingly on your skin. I loved using this in the morning cause it completely wakes you up. The only downside is that you can’t get all the product out so you’re wasting a bit, it took me so long to get that last little bit out of it, it was a bit of a pain.

    Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash – Now this is the product that I just can’t stand. I picked it up on a whim because I had run out of any other cleansers and I love the smell of pink grapefruit. This however, is gross, it feels horrible on your skin because it barely foams up, the smell is less than appealing. Just all round not nice, it reminds me of a product you’d buy as a teenager.

    Soap & Glory Ultimelt Cleansing Balm – As you can see I was on a bit of a Soap and Glory love in. I purchased this at the same time as the Peaches and Clean. I used to use this in the evenings to ‘melt’ the last bits of makeup away. The scent of it was really relaxing which helped chill you out in the evening. I do really rate Soap and Glory cleansing products.

    Anne Semonin Bath And Shower Gel – I got this product in a set, I think it was at the northern meetup held by Em. Before then I’d never heard of the brand before so it was a nice treat to be introduced to it. It feels luxurious and it smells like sherbet, its a really nice refreshing smell that I’ve not smelt from any other product.




  • Inhibitif Hair Free Deodorant.


    [Inhibitif Hair Free Deodorant]

    I bought this alongside the hair removal serum which I will also do a blog post on. I began using this when I was thinking about trying to limit hair growth for while I’m in America. I suffer from really dark skin and hairs under my arms and it’s really unsightly, especially when it grows back within 24 hours.

    Maybe I was expecting too much, and I didn’t give it enough time to work. But after about 3 weeks I noticed no difference what so ever. I also suffered from really bad, seriously unattractive  yellow stains on my clothes. Luckily it washes out  but it’s still not great when you’re walking around with pit stains and no serious deodorising properties.

    The smell wasn’t particually appealing either, there was no fresh smell whatsoever. Which is one think I like when it comes to deodorant.

    Personally, I wouldn’t spend the money on it again. I ended up throwing it away because I was so disappointed in it.

    If you want to try it yourself you can get it from Boots for £8.99.

    Has anyone had good experiences or is it a general consensus that this product just sucks?!


  • SensatioNail Gel Nail Kit – H..

    sensationails2[Items used: SensatioNail Gel Manicure Kit | Four Sided Nail Buffer & Polisher |

    Liz Earle Super Balm | Tweezerman Mini Nail Rescue Set]

    At the end of last year there was an offer on the SensatioNail gel nail kit at Boots. It was such a good offer I couldn’t resist, it looks like there is another offer on at the moment where you can get the kit and one colour with it for £45 online. The offer when I had it was two colours with it, today’s post is using Taupe Tulips for a perfect taupe colour that goes with anything in this in-between weather we’re having at the moment.

    Step 1: Use a four sided buffer and follow steps as stated on each side.


    Step 2: Clear any dirt or nail excess from under nail.


    Step 3: Oil cuticles to soften them.


    Step 4: Remove and push back cuticles.


    Stage 5: Trim Cuticles (be VERY careful)


    Stage 6: Use a lint free wipe and the gel cleanser both included in the kit to clean the nail from any surface residue.


    Stage 7: Use gel primer included in kit on all nails and allow to air dry.


    Stage 8: Apply a thin layer of gel base & top coat avoiding skin and cuticle. Cap the nail by running the polish brush along the nail tip.


    Stage 9: Use the UV lamp to cure for 30 seconds, you will hear a high pitch beep to notify you when 30 seconds is up. The light will continue to stay on for a further 30 seconds.


    Stage 10: Apply a thin layer of the colour gel polish, again avoiding the cuticle and skin and capping the nail. Use the UV lamp again to cure for the full 60 seconds that the lamp stays on. Apply a second layer and place under lamp again for 60 seconds.


    Stage 11: Repeat step 8 by using the gel base and top coat and cure with lamp for another 30 seconds.

    Stage 12: Finish by removing the oily moisture layer by using the gel cleanser and lint free wipes again.


    And that’s it! I can’t begin to tell you how great it is to be able to go out and use your hands as soon as you’ve painted them, that’s the thing I hate the most about painting my nails. The nails are meant to last up to two weeks, as I type this they have lasted completely through one week, I have no doubts it will last the two weeks if not longer, I think they do break it will be round the edges on the nails next to the skin.

    I have a second colour in my kit in Sugar Plum, if you would like to see that in action let me know, if you’d also like to see the removal process too then I will do a secondary post on that.


  • Review – Garnier Micellar Cle..


    Yet again this is a totally blogger hyped product that I’ve fallen for.

    I’ve obviously also tried the Bioderma, and the Loreal Micellar water and I’m still not 100% sure about the hype other than they’re hyped up waters. But actually, saying that, I would continue to buy micellar waters in the future. There’s nothing better than freshening you face up with it first thing in the morning or throughout the day.

    Now, on to this actual product. When I posted that I’d purchased this along with a few other Garnier products (reviews to come) on Instagram, Lianne suggested that I use the micellar water by itself before I use the eye makeup remover. So I did!

    Overall I would say it is better than any other micellar water at removing makeup, but it still doesn’t give 100%. I know that’s probably a lot to ask for from any product. I think the combination of eye makeup remover, micellar water and toner is the perfect one to get all the makeup off that you can and then a proper cleanse will finish it off completely, removing everything. I also think that the combination of all those products from Garnier is perfect for it.

    Overall, I’d say yes it’s another micellar water, but I like it and the amount you get in a bottle is amazing, lasts longer than the Loreal one and is at a snip of the price of Bioderma.

    Long and short of it is,  this is my favourite micellar water and if you want one, then go for this one! ha.


  • Ox Pasture Hall Hotel – Scarb..

    oxpasturhallhotel_entrance A couple of weeks ago myself and Mel travelled up to Scarborough to meet up with some other fellow bloggers and be treated to afternoon tea followed by a tour of Ox Pasture Hall Hotel. oxpasturehallhotel_frontIt was one of the most glorious days and pulling up to the beautiful grounds you’d be forgiven for thinking you were miles away from anything, whereas actually, you’re only a 15 minute drive from the actual seafront and a maximum of 5 minutes from the local village down the road.

    After a very warm welcome from Lynsey, we were shown through to the restaurant which was equally as beautiful as the exterior, where we were introduced to some lovely bloggers we hadn’t met before and the always lovely familiar face of Joanna.

    We were treated to a selection of handmade sandwiches, scones that were still warm and the most mouthwateringly beautiful selection of puddings, which of course immediately caught mine and Mels’ eyes. afternoon tea




    Following our afternoon tea and chat we were then given a tour of the accommodation. To start with we were shown round the original rooms of the hotel, these being around the perimeters of the beautiful courtyard.

    oxpasturecourtyardoxpasture_bedroomsAll the bedrooms in this area were decorated with a warm homely feel with old looking four poster beds and the bathrooms were all to the same newly finished style. After viewing these rooms we were shown to the new building of the business which would be perfect for if you were to have a wedding there you could have accommodation for all the people that needed it and you could all have breakfast together. One of the rooms was perfect for hen parties, there we two huge beds and two collapsible single beds in a sort of apartment style room (see top & bottom left photos below).


    It was wonderful to get to visit Ox Pasture Hall Hotel and I would love to go back again for a weekend break with Harvey sometime. And the fact that they are completely pet friendly is a great thing because I know family and friends that struggle to find places to stay if they have pets, and me and Harvey could go there with one of the families dogs if we wanted to make the most of the beach and countryside.