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  • Take One Dress – Amanda In A ..


    one dress


    Well this is a bit exciting, I’ve never been asked to do a guest post before so thank you Sally for asking me to do it whilst you are away on what sounds like a pretty amazing trip!!!


    I best introduce myself I am Amanda and I blog, admittedly very sporadically over at Amanda in a Teacup.


    I’m an aspiring illustrator and I love to draw and I draw a lot, like really …A LOT! I love it

    and try and draw everyday. My inspiration tends to come from tattoo art and culture. I love

    the fact that it’s so diverse! Here’s some examples of my work…


    I was thinking about what I should do for my guest post…I was going to do something about my summer make-up looks but who am I kidding I pretty much wear the same all year! So instead I decided to do a post on what else, a bit of fashion…

    My own style leans towards grunge for sure, I am rarely seen without my leather jacket and I like to wear black even on the sunniest days…so I decided to take one particularly amazing Top Shop dress and style it up two ways…Amanda style on the left and a slightly less dark version on the right! I’m completely in love with the boots! Which again I’d like towear all year round.

    All in all I think this dress is going to be a capsule wardrobe dream piece…oh and if youdon’t own a leather jacket yet?! Treat yourself, you will get LOADS of wear out of it!

    I’m on instagram if you want to come on by and say hello and I’m on Twitter too!

  • How I prepare for Holidays – ..

    Hello, if you haven’t met me before I’m Aimée Belle, I normally blog over here, but as both myself and Sally have some holidays coming up, we agreed to shake things up a  bit and guest post for each other. Make sure you keep checking my blog to see her guest post. 

    Today I’d like to talk to you about holidays. We all love them, right? But there’s a LOT of preparation that goes into them. First you need to save so you can afford one, and when there’s so many tempting new beauty releases this in itself can be quite hard. But once you’ve actually booked it there’s still so much to do. I’ve been planning mine for months now, and the topic has come up a few times on my blog too. I’m going to Tunisia and as it’s my first ever beach holiday there’s a lot to sort out. So what am I taking? Well, here’s my ever growing check list:

    Bikinis, at the moment there’s 3 but this may grow
    3 Sarongs
    Sun Hat
    Beach Bag, this is doubling up as my travel handbag
    Sunglasses, a prescription pair, and 2 or 3 non prescription pairs
    Lenses, spare lenses and lense solution
    White linen trousers
    3 or 4 Lightweight tops
    2 Maxi dresses
    2  beach dresses
    A short day dress
    Wedge sandals
    Flat dressy sandals
    Flip flops

    Toiletries, Make Up and Medicine – that  has taken up a blog post in itself. 

    But that doesn’t really seem like enough….

    Anyway, it’s not just packing to consider. I need to get myself prepared too. This has taken a bit of doing. It’s meant diet time. Cutting out things I love and factoring in a lot more exercise. As it’s just under 3 weeks until I fly, I’m now exercising daily, be it Zumba, Weights, or Pole. And I haven’t eaten cake in MONTHS!! (you might not know this but I love cake). Alcohol intake has been reduced. And the fruit and veggies are on the menu a whole lot more. I’ve been trialing various hair removal techniques. Sugaring/Waxing is not for me, so it’s back to the trusty razor. I’ve been attempting to limit my spending in order to have some spending money for while I’m away, but at the same time, as it’s my first beach holiday there’s a lot of things I need that I simply don’t have. I’m planning on keeping my make up to a minimum while away, but I feel naked without mascara, so I’m having some eyelash extensions next week. And then, there’s things like upping the exfoliation, and putting on way more mosituriser than I normally do – particularly the ones that target cellulite! I need to sort my nails out, hands and feets. I need to remember to give my eyebrows a pluck before we go. I’ve even had a go at teeth whitening!

    Then there’s the sensible stuff, the checklist, I’ve found a wonderful post that I’m tempted to print off to ensure I’ve done all it suggests. It’s written by Jay, and you can find it here, it really is an essential check list. Phew! After all that I think I need a holiday!!


  • Race For Life – Nottingham Vi..


    Last Sunday just gone I embarked on one of the biggest challenges of my life. I ran my first 10k!

    I’ve been officially “running” since I started my weight loss journey in November, starting off with a minute at a time using my Couch to 10k app. And all that running, three times a week built up to this, the Race For Life Nottingham along the Victoria embankment.


    I wasn’t completely sure about running 10k but after Losing my Grandma who had lived with numerous kinds of cancer I knew that when I was asked I had to do this. I thought it was truly fitting that it was the day after what would have been her birthday.


    I signed up with a group of girls from work and we all felt very professional in our matching t-shirts with our company name on. All of us were at different levels of fitness but we all did so well! Better than any of us thought we could do!


    I managed to do it in 56 minutes and 20 seconds and that number is one I never thought I’d be able to say, I was aiming for just over an hour, hour and a quarter, hour and a half on a bad day. But the fact I did it sub 1 hour, despite dodging the walkers and dogs in tutus on the second lap makes me so happy.


    As a group we’ve raised over £1500 and I think we can all say we earn’t it! It was great to have partners and parents there to cheer us on. I know that seeing my mum holding up her banner shouting my name really helped just before the finish line. And a surprise cheerleader Mel who floated past on a Trent cruise and I actually managed to wave to her! Seeing her at 9k and hearing her shout across the river Trent got me moving to the finish line.


    Even now a few days following I’m still so proud of myself and my achievement and I know my Grandma would be even more proud of me.




  • Crabtree & Evelyn Handy Tips E..


    Last Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Crabtree and Evelyn Handy Tips event at my local store in Nottingham organised by Gemma who was planning it thanks to Jamie.

    The main purpose of the event was to do with the Handy Tips Handed Down idea, where we were told to add a flower to the tree with tips that you follow (or should follow) that you have been told to do by your Mum, Grandmothers or any other older wiser person in your life that they swear by.


    As well as this we got to mingle with other local bloggers, some were familiar faces and others were new ones. We were treated to sandwiches and nibbles provided by Pret next door which was dangerous, I couldn’t resist the pane au chocolat!


    We were in turn treated to a hand scrub with amazing results, it was genuinely like someone else’s hand afterwards! Luckily they evened our hands up and sent us over to have a hand massage to follow.


    It was good to see all the classic products that most people would associate Crabtree & Evelyn with along side the newer more modern packaged products. Especially the fathers day presents, I was drawn to that packaging.



    After a bit of a natter and some group photos and funky polaroid photos we were sent on our way with some rather lovely gift bags! Blog posts to follow of the products I was lucky enough to receive.

    Go over and check out the blogs of the girls that also went to this event.












    I will definitely be taking a trip back to purchase a few items I’ve now got my eye on.

    What would your handy tip be that someone has passed down to you?


  • OOTD Maxi-ed out.


    As I’m sure you can all remember, we had an incredible weekend of weather a few weeks back. It was one of those weekends that I didn’t really have any plans so Harvey and myself decided to go for a drive to find somewhere new.

    It didn’t go completely to plan cause we ended up in Loughborough which isn’t too far from where I live and it’s where the rest of my family are from. We decided to get a McFlurry treat and sit in the sunshine and just enjoy some quality time together. We found a little park and decided to hang out there.

    This outfit wasn’t particularly suitable for the antics I got up to on the park, and I wasn’t particularly lady like trying to hoyk my dress up to get on a really cool home made rope swing.  I’ve had this dress for donkeys years, so many. I absolutely love it, it’s so comfortable it’s almost like pyjamas. I have to hold the bottom up with a belt but actually this makes it less clingy on my stomach


    It was such a glorious day but I still felt the need to cover my arms so I threw my trusty old Topshop denim shirt over the top, it’s lightweight enough to keep you cool and it keeps you covered when necessary.

    Sandals are two years old from ASOS and are my favourites! So comfortable. Handbag/backpack is Topshop fairly recently but I can’t find it online. Sunglasses are from Dorothy Perkins recently too but they’re not online either! It’s a conspiracy!


  • Confessions Of A Blogger Tag



    When did you start your blog?
    I started my blog on the 2nd of May 2013 so almost a year and a half ago.


    Have you had any past online presence before (Other blog, YouTube)?
    I feel like I’ve tried to write blogs before, but I can’t remember them and that’s probably for the best.
    I do have a Tumblr but its nothing to do with this blog and it’s been pretty neglected for a while now.


    When did you become serious about starting a blog?
    I became really serious about a year ago now, yes I’ve had on and off moments but this is my hobby and I don’t want to end up resenting it because it takes over my life. I like to have something come come home to after work and enjoy doing.


    What was your first post?
    My first post was just a sort of welcome post, apologising for the state of my blog because I hadn’t got anyone to help me design it and I just sort of threw myself into blogging without being planned.


    What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
    Fitting in the time to actually get the photos and making them the quality that I want when I work full time. I sometimes come home with zero motivation to do anything. And now it’s darker earlier I’m going to have to plan all posts over the weekend and get the photos done in preparation so I can make the most of the daylight.


    Where do you see your blog in one year?
    I don’t really know, you can never tell what’s going to happen. I’ll be happy if I’m still going and I hope to be able to post 3 times a week every week so hopefully that will have come into fruition .


    What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
    The most rewarding thing about blogging is meeting new people, sounds cheesy but it is. There are some of the nicest people out there that share the same interests as myself and I’m lucky enough to have met some great people along the way. I also think comments left on your posts are rewarding, it’s nice to know that people are actually reading what you’re saying and want to engage with you.


    What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?
    I think the most discouraging thing is when you fall into a slump and find it difficult to think of what to post, it’s really disheartening and you feel sad that you want to blog about something awesome but you just haven’t got the creativity. You just have to write it off and leave it until you get something good, don’t just post for the sake of it. I also still think my photography is rubbish and when you’ve got all these ideas for great shots and they don’t turn out how you want them to that can be discouraging.


    What’s your lasting inspiration or motivation?
    My motivation is seeing my stats go up and up, I know it’s not all about views but it helps keep me going knowing that what I’m doing is bringing in more and more people. I also get a great boost of motivation from being given the amazing opportunities I have been and hope to be given in the future.


  • Review – The Body Shop Nutrig..


    [The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth]

    I was sent this by The Body Shop and it took me a while to actually use it to start with but I have since used almost all of it up so I thought now would be a perfect time to review it.

    I am a massive fan of Estée Lauder Advanced Night repair and when I saw this I knew I needed to try it.

    The texture of this product is similar to a serum but it’s also slightly gel like, when applied to your face it just feels like water though.

    To apply the product there is a pipet in the cap that you press the button on the top and it pulls up just the right amount of product for your face. I do think this is slightly flawed because you have to pull it out a little bit before you press it because it’s just the bit too long that it sits on the bottom of the bottle. The bottles design gives me mixed feelings, I like the glass bottle because that makes it feel a bit more high end, but the cap brings it down because it feels cheap and easily breakable.

    The product itself is good, I do like it and I think it has helped my skin stay as good as it can be, I think it has helped a few of my fine lines on my forehead but to be honest because of my age I don’t think there’s much it can do for me in the ways of visible difference.

    I think for more moisture and plumpness in your skin this product is great, but I’d probably use this alongside a product that reduces the appearance of scars too.

    Have you tried this yourself? What’s your favourite Body Shop product?


  • Everyday FOTD – April 2014


    [ Left – Right : The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Primer | MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Light | MAC Marilyn  Blush | MAC Mineralised Skinfinish Lightscapade | Lush Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder | Origins Vitazing | Maybelline Fit Me Concealer | Benefit Gimme Brow | Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder  | Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara | Soap And Glory Supercat Liner ]

    I have a confession I say this is my everyday fotd but in reality recently I’ve been rocking the bare faced look more often than not.


    I’ve tried to go bare faced as much as possible to give my skin a bit of air. It’s been a bit of pain recently and I’ve not liked the look of the foundations/powders on my skin. The only combination I’ve been happy with when I have been reaching for my makeup stash has been Origins Vitazing as the base for a bit of extra colour and to try and smooth out the appearance of my skin tone. Especially after the crop of freckles appeared after being in the sun last time it was great weather. The tea tree primer from The Body Shop does a great job at keeping the base on as long as possible and helps keep spots at bay.

    I use the Maybelline fit me concealer to make sure that any areas that need extra coverage  are sorted. I have quite bad dark circles under my eyes and scarring on my chin and forehead. This concealer is great for serious coverage with a natural look, not cakey at all. To set the face I use my Lush emotional brilliance translucent powder under my eyes and my MAC Mineralised Skinfinish in Light to keep the rest of my face in place.

    I then use my Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting powder as a contour on my cheeks and MAC Mineralised Skinfinish in Lightscapade to highlight the top of my cheekbones. For an added bit of colour I’ve been reaching for my limited edition Marilyn which gives a nice natural matte pop too the cheeks.

    For the eyes I’ve just been sticking with my always favourite Soap And Glory Super Cat Liner for a line and small cat flick and a flash of my current favourite mascara Maybelline Big Eyes. Then to frame my eyes I use a few strokes of Benefits GimmeBrow just to add an easy bit of colour to them.

    Have you tried any of these products? I’d love to hear how you’ve got on with any of them.