Oh hello there, look at you having a venture round my blog. Thank you!


I’m Sally, a Google AdWords extraordinaire!

Well I wouldn’t go that far, but that’s my career and I spend my weekday 9-5’s creating “those adverts on Google that have the faint yellow background when you search something”.

In my spare time I often come here to ramble and chat about whatever I want to. This is my corner of the “blogosphere” and in the words of South Park, “I’ll do what I want” with it. Whether that’s showing you the contents of my wardrobe in ‘outfit of the day’ posts or beauty post ramblings hoping that you’ll join me in the makeup and skincare loving that goes on here. You’ll also occasionally see my mug on here covered in the slap that I’ve waffled on about in previous posts.

In the rest of my spare time I enjoy just relaxing, whether that’s sitting by myself watching rubbish television, spending time with my boyfriend Harvey generally larking about. Along with that, I also spend my time with friends talking about nothing and not really doing much either, just enjoying each others company. Or nowadays you’ll find me down at the gym trying whip myself into shape, whether that involves Sh’bam, pole dancing, yoga or what you might generally call punishment.

My love of dogs is verging on weird seeing as I haven’t actually got one (yet), I’ve got a sick sense of humor, I laugh at the most inappropriate times in films and I’m a recovering Coca-Cola addict.

Hope you like my blog. Till next time!