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    Let me just start by saying that my love of sour dough pizza stems from my trip to Boudin whilst in San Francisco.

    A couple of weeks ago I attended the #BloggerPeterParty hosted by the always lovely Annie at the newly opened Peters Pizzeria in Leicester.

    Peters Pizzeria opened its first restaurant in Loughborough which I have spotted before but have never got round to visiting (which I will be doing now).

    I have to tell you, Peters Pizzeria in Leicester is absolutely awesome from the second you walk in. The toilets are in individual sheds for goodness sake!

    I’m an absolute sucker for interiors of restaurants and I’m a massive fan of how cool the inside looks and fortunately most new restaurants are ticking my boxes and Peters Pizzeria is one of them.

    Peters Pizzeria InteriorsPeter Pizzeria Toilet

    This meetup was a breath of fresh air, it was after work on a Tuesday and it felt like you were just meeting up with friends for a meal, except there were about 25+ of us there.

    It was lovely to see faces I recognised and to meet new people too. It was also really nice to just sit and talk to people from brands because they were sat as part of the meet up rather than purely there for brand purposes.

    Food wise we were treated to a selection of pizzas off the menu, I’m a picky eater so stuck with the margherita pizza which was ah-mazing! And as far as I could gather the others were pretty tasty too, not a bad word said so I think that’s a win. To make things even better we were also shown the delights of their ‘Peterella’ which is a sour dough pizza base smothered in nutella which I have to say is heavenly! who doesn’t love things covered in chocolate!

    Peters Pizzeria Leicester

    I ended up having a really good evening and it was great to meet new people and some new brands and businesses.

    A massive thanks to Peters Pizzeria for letting us use their facilities and have a nosey around and also Annie for organising the event, girl did good!