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  • Pretty Little Liars | Emily Fields ..

    Before I say anything, can I please just apologise for the scarringly short skirt! It offends me more than it’ll probably offend you.

    A few weeks ago I got asked if I wanted to participate in a collaboration project with three other lovely ladies, that collaboration was to each take a character from the TV series Pretty Little Liars and recreate their look. My character was Emily Fields who is played by Shay Mitchell, who is one of the most beautiful girls out there, she’s just naturally beautiful. I’ve only watched the first few episodes but I do really enjoy it and I feel like I want to continue to watch it because I’ve heard so many good things about it.

    Now, onto the outfit. As you can probably see, the bottom half put me out of my comfort zone.

    Emily’s look seems to be mainly tight skirts paired with slouchy and comfortable tops. She wears a lot of stripes and sometimes finishes off her outfits with a comfortable shirt over the top. On her feet she wears little trainers that aren’t really stand out along with her jewellery being rather basic and understated. Overall I actually think the outfit was the best part of my attempt at recreating her look.

    The makeup, Emily wears very minimal makeup, which is understandable because she’s at school. To recreate her look I did a natural colour all over the lid with some slight definition in the crease, with mascara that looks natural like you’re not wearing any. She also wears minimal natural blusher which just looks like a light flush. And on the lips she usually has natural pink lips. I was really upset with how this came out, which is why I didn’t include a close up of it.

    I do also like the hair but I’m unfortunate enough not to have the luscious locks that Shay has so I couldn’t get the volume and bounce that she has.

    So what do you think, do you think I hit the nail on the head or should I go back and watch more episodes and educate myself? haha

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