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    Continuing on with my “this post is so late” run. At the end of November I went over to Derby for another meetup. Unfortunately I was so busy dashing about the shops that I didn’t even twig to take any photos. I didn’t want the event to go unmentioned because I am still super impressed with Emma or even anyone that plans any of these meetups, takes an awesome person to get them all together.

    I did get a photo of all the amazing goodies so I thought I’d share that with you because Emma really excelled herself there. Look out for future reviews of some of the products!


    The day mainly consisted of shopping. We all met up at 11 and split up into smaller groups after we’d picked our secret Santa names out of the bag. Secret Santa’s scare me but I hope Annie liked what I got her! Was hard to sneakily buy it when I was with her in the group. I managed to tag onto the nicest group of girls who were lovely to me and made me feel a lot more comfortable than I was because I was by myself and I didn’t know anyone there!

    After a number of hours of shopping and a Starbucks break we all met up again and headed over to Fat Cats which was a short walk from the Westfield shopping centre. After a nice meal we had a fun lucky dip where we had the chance to win even more amazing goodies. I was incredibly lucky to have won some Sleep in rollers! Look out for a post featuring them.

    When the evening started to calm down it was time to head home, I think people stayed on for cocktails and drinks but I gave that a miss because I was driving. I had a lovely day and met some really lovely bloggers that I hope to keep in touch with. It’s good to go to a more local meetup because you meet people that are so close to you that you’d never have known about.

    Again, congratulations to Emma for planning it all, you’re a star.