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  • Bow-jangles.


    Heya guys and girls, following on from my previous post with this little review.

    I was lucky enough to win a competition to chose some items from Beauxoxo through the FABB event that I went to, and I wanted to share with you the beauties that I picked.

    “Beauxoxo is an online boutique that boasts an array of lovingly handmade pieces, for wonderfully affordable prices. What started back in 2010, as a girl’s dream for chic yet inexpensive hair accessories, has now blossomed into a worldwide success, and now everyone is able to adorn pieces that are complimented by a unique blend of both whimsical and playful charm.”

    Now let me tell you, if I could get my hands on one of EVERY colour bow that there is available I’d be a very happy bunny. There’s a colour for everyone and they’re just so eye catching! But to start with I chose three of the standard sized bows in Pastel Sugar Pink, Navy and Petrol and I cant begin to tell you how happy I am with them, if I could wear them in my hair everyday I would. They’re not so big that they’ll get in the way of everyday life, I wear them to work, but if you’re still worried I’d go for the smaller ones, I wish I’d got a variety of sizes now but I may just have to treat myself to more!


    I also chose two bow headbands, which are quite a statement piece, and again, I struggled so much to whittle it down to the two I ended up choosing  I love all the designs! I chose the Green & Navy Tartan and the White Broderie Anglaise style which I think are really versatile and will see me through the upcoming spring/summer and the next autumn/winter, again if I could wear these everyday I would.


    Then the last two pieces I chose were a bit of a risk, they’re something I wouldn’t have normally gone for but I thought I’d push myself out of my comfort zone and try it. The first is the Black and White Butterfly hair clip, it was the model in the picture that sold this to me, I love the idea of dressing up a basic ponytail and making it a bit more interesting without it being too in your face. The second choice was the Navy Aubergine Velvet Turban, this was the most out of my comfort zone item that I chose, I’ve still not been brave enough to wear this out of the house but I will keep trying to style it and hope that I just bite the bullet, I think this is a personal issue because the beautiful Clementine pulls it off effortlessly.


    I just want to wrap this post up by saying thank you to Georgie for running the competition and I look forward to purchasing more items from Beauxoxo in the future. I hope to increase my bow collection and live the dream of having them in every colour and size!

    If you’re looking for affordable hair accessories that come in cute packaging with a few sweet treats then this is the place to get them.


    p.s. is it just me or is one of the models on the site Tessa from Laguna Beach? If it’s not then they’re doppelgangers! 😛

  • Have yourself a Lazy Evening

    scrubHappy Friday!

    Here’s another post featuring a product that I got at the FABB Event.

    Now I have to confess, I’ve never been one for exfoliating my body, that is until recently. I think this is due to the fact that I’ve never really faked tanned before until I was lucky enough to get a few to try out. I’m still fairly wary of tans because I have seen so many mishaps, and been on the receiving end of them before myself. So because of this I’ve looked into numerous different hints and tips on how to avoid disasters and one of the things that came up was exfoliating. The only other body exfoliator I have tried was a Makebelieve one.

    Again this is another product and company that I had never previously heard about. It was one of the items in my goodie bag that I was most interested in trying out.

    On first impressions because I’ve only used it twice so far, I really like it. It’s not your average scrub, its not full of grit but you can definitely feel the salt getting to work and I think it’s actually quite frothy, it’s like its whipped. I’m not crazy about the fragrance of it but it’s not that offensive. The first time I used it I just scooped it out the tub while I was in the shower and just rubbed it over my legs, but since then Mel posted her review of this product where she pointed out that there’s actually instructions on the tub. So the second time I used it I followed them, and I did notice a difference. Originally the product just slid around my legs a bit and I couldn’t feel the product as much. But the instructions tell you to use on dry legs, rub the product in your palms and then get to work. This way I felt the product working really well, and because of the oils in it I wasn’t worried about not having wet legs.

    The product worked amazingly, my legs felt exfoliated but moisturised at the same time, which is something I struggle with when I have used my other exfoliator. One thing I did notice was how my hands also felt after using them to rub it in. They felt so smooth as well, albeit a little bit greasy because of the oils, but because I did this step at the beginning of my shower once I’d been under water to rinse it off that soon went away. And I think the oils helped nourish my hands so it’s a bit of a multi use product. I feel like it would also be a great product for your feet, because I suffer from dry heels. I’ll definitely be trying this next time I have a shower.

    Do you exfoliate before tanning, or so you do it every time you shower? Have you got any tips and tricks that will help me when tanning?



  • This Is Not A Tweezer.



    Today I thought I’d review this nifty little gadget that I was lucky enough to get in my goodie bag from the #FABBbloggersLeeds event.

    This is the zip file. Now if you’re anything like me you were probably blissfully unaware that Tweezerman even did products other than tweezers. Well I was, until last year at the last Leeds meetup I went to and I got a mini nail kit in my goodie bag. When I first saw this product in the bag of goodies I was thrilled, knowing how much I use my nail kit and hearing all the rave reviews about their tweezers I was ready to give this a whirl. And boy am I pleased with it.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the files nothing special, although it feels super strong and the file makes a fairly boring task quick and easy, you get a spare replaceable file that’s really easy to change over once you feel you need to replace the other file. I’m not sure if you can get just the spare files for it instead of having to get a whole new one. But it’s the protective casing that sells it for me, I have never seen anything like it before and it baffles me why no ones thought of it sooner (correct me if there are others out there). I’m one that just throws random bits and pieces in my bag and sometimes a nail file finds its way in there for one of lifes great annoyances of a broken finger nail pops up. But I’ve always had a slight wariness of it just scratching about my handbag, scuffing my possessions and pulling at the lining of your handbag.

    Well no more do I need to worry about that when all I need to do is retract the file back into its protective casing and I know everything will be alright. I’ve found this to now be a permanent fixture in my handbag.

    I’ve found it on Feel Unique at the barginous price of £9! And that one has a keyring on the end so you can handily attach it to your keys so you’ll save time searching for it. But I’m sure if you Google it you’ll find it elsewhere.

  • FOTD #2 – FABBbloggersleeds M..


    Foundation – MAC Studio Fix Fluid / Bronzer – Nars Laguna / Contour Bronzer – Makebelive

    Blusher – MAC Legendary / Highlighter – MAC Soft & Gentle


    Lid – MAC Painterly Paintpot / Crease –  MAC Corduroy

    Waterline liner – Urban Decay 24/7 Perversion

    Liner – Soap & Glory Supercat


    Base – NYX Matte Lips (unknown colour) / Top – Rimmel Apocalips Celestial

    This is the makeup I chose to wear for the FABBbloggersLeeds event. I chose to keep the base and blusher quite basic and not too much but went for a light eye with a defined crease with a bit of a play on the eyeliner flick that I always do, but in a way which I thought would be in keeping with the pattern on the dress that I wore. On the lips I went for a mix of colours, I’m not sure if the base one made any difference but I felt like putting a bit more of a moist colour over the top just because I struggle with really dry chapped lips as soon as anything goes near them!

    Do you think you’d try the eyeliner look or is it a bit too much for yourself? I’d also love to hear about any eyeliner you can recommend to make the eyeliner design a bit stronger and easier to apply.


  • OOTD #4 – #FABBbloggersleeds ..

    Tribal Jacquard Skater Dress – Topshop / High Heel Chelsea Ankle Boots – So You Shoes

    Belt – Dorothy Perkins / Silver Collar Cuff Necklace– Ebay


    Bracelet – Swarovski / Personalised Charm Bracelet – Thomas Sabo

    Right Hand Ring – Chisholm Hunter / Above Knuckle Ring – Kukee

    Thumb Ring – Vintage / Nails – Barry M Gelly Blackberry

    So, this is the outfit I chose to wear to the #FABBbloggersleeds event that I spoke about in my last post. I wanted to be a bit dressed up but not so dressed up that I look like I could be going on a night out.

    The dress was a Christmas present from my sister and I’ve not had enough opportunities to wear it other than Christmas day, so I was really pleased to be able to get the opportunity to wear it again, I love it’s fit and flare shape and I also love the pattern it’s just a little bit different and I think it’s quite eye catching. I feel like the little capped sleeves are quite flattering for my shoulders and it’s always good when things cover up my burn scars on my shoulder from hair styling tool accidents. I added the belt just to make it a bit more interesting and I think this spiked belt goes really well with the pattern on the dress. My favourite part of it is how stretchy it is, so no matter how bloated you are, it’ll always fit. I chose to wear this necklace to add a bit of detail to the top of the dress without detracting anything from the dress itself.

    My Chelsea boots haven’t had an outing for a while since I’ve added to my heeled boot collection but now I’ve rekindled my love for them they’ll get a lot more love. They’re seriously comfortable other than the fact that yet again I struggle to stand/walk in heels for prolonged periods of time.

    As for the other pieces of jewellery I decided to go with a number of rings but not too many, deciding on my trusty ring that Harvey got me for a present a few years back that I wear almost everyday, a vintage ring on my thumb which I found when I was clearing my bedroom out at home the other day, and an above knuckle ring just to add another ring without going overboard. And then on my wrists I went with my everyday bracelets that include my Swarovski bangle that Harvey’s mum got me for my 18th Birthday and my personalised Thomas Sabo charm bracelet.

    And that’s it, my OOTD for a very exciting day. What do you think of my choice of outfit? I’d love to know what you’d wear to an event like this too.


  • #FABBbloggersleeds Event – 09..

    So picture the scene. Saturday the 9th March, a miserable and wet day. This is the day of the FABBbloggersLeeds event.

    Now, the weather wasn’t the greatest but despite that the thrill of what to come was all that mattered. Myself and Mel from MelKateBeauty hopped in the mean green driving machine and tootled up the country to the land of Leeds.

    The event was hosted by Ray and Tor who have started to plan blogging events as FabbEvents who have hosted a few previous events, one of which I had the pleasure of attending last year.

    When we were arrived we were welcomed by both the girls and given a name badge and a few leaflets which we were told to hold onto for later. Then we made our way over to say hello and chat to some familiar faces and get ourselves settled and ready for what else was to come.


    After a hello and welcome from the girls we moved onto a quick chat from the brightly coloured Jen from A Little Bird Told Me about Cloud 9 and what we had to do to try and win one of their best selling hair styling tools, the Waving Wand. Which in the end the lovely Hollie from Good Golly Miss Hollie was lucky enough to win. Next up was Bruce from Healthpoint Ltd who talked us through the company and what they do and showed us a few of the products they deal with which are in a number of shops priced at just £1 which is amazing. We were lucky enough to get given a goodie bag full of items to use and blog about and give feedback on which I look forward to doing so in the next few weeks.

    Then for a quick interval in which we were told we could grab one of the most incredible looking cupcakes or cake pops which had been sat on the table in the middle of the room being eyed up by everyone since the beginning. I begrudgingly declined, but from what I could tell all the guys that got one definitely enjoyed them.

    After we’d refueled there was another giveaway from Chiara Fashion which involved the leaflets we’d been given at the beginning.  Amazingly I was lucky enough to be one of the winners, to say I was shocked is an understatement. It was a lucky dip of wrapped presents and I pulled out a lovely dress (that I’ll write a post about at some point).

    After the excitement from the giveaway, up came Amy from Amy Elizabeth and Em from Hey World Its Me Emma who came as part of  Best British Bloggers for a sort of Q&A session. Both girls were so lovely with bundles of personality and a love of Pugs and all things cute/funny. They also spoke to us about BritBloggers and what they do and how we can get involved with them, and then they gave us the opportunity to chat to them personally and to put our names/blogs down on their books. The talk was rather inspirational for myself as a blogging newbie and having a few hints and tips about blogging is always helpful.

    Last but by no means least were Jo and Carlie from Ark Clothing who came to show us a few of their pieces from the Hearts & Bows range that you can find in Ark, which made me want to go out and buy their budget friendly clothing ready for summer with all their cute/cool skirts, tie-dye prints and cropped tops. We were lucky enough to get a few goodies from them too and I look forward to being able to wear my vest top when the weathers a bit better, or maybe I could wear it to just be wishful?

    And that was it we were left to mingle some more but then like all good things it had to come to an end. I came away laden with goodies excited to go through them all properly and show off to my sister about how lucky I’d been and how much fun I’d had. For my closing thought I’d just like to send another massive thank you to Ray and Tor for their amazing achievement, I look forward to the next one. If you’re a blogger of any kind then you really should get in touch with them and keep yourselves up to date with any of their other events.

    Have you ever been to a meetup/event before? Does the idea scare you or is it something you want to do in the future? There seem to be so many nowadays, if you know of any then please let me know :).