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  • OOTD – Wild Hair Date Night.


    [ Top – Zara | Kimono – New Look | Jeans – Topshop | Boots – Topshop]


    A few months ago my mum treated Harvey and myself to a Living Social voucher for a meal at Chutney in Nottingham.

    We’d taken a while to decide when to go but we finally used it the other week. We both dressed up for the occasion which was nice, I love seeing Harvey in collared tops.

    I wore the top and jeans to work during the day but dressed it up for the evening my adding a kimono that I’d bought for America and my favourite heeled boots of the moment. My hair was super crazy by this point cause I’d put it up in twists while wet the night before, it looked good when I woke up but was nice and frizz-tastic by the end of the day!


    Accessories wise I went with the usual jewellery that I always wear keeping it nice and simple.


    What are your tips for taking an outfit from day to night?


  • Guest Bloggers – Thank You.


    [Image Credit]

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the girls that came and did guest posts for me while I was away, it took a lot of pressure off my shoulders to have things written for while I was off and gave me a much needed break.

    I’m back now and looking forward to getting back to blogging three times a week like I was before I went away.

    There will still be beauty/review related posts but I will also be doing some about my holiday too, once I’ve gone through 3000 photos.

    If you missed the posts you can find them here & follow their names to go through to the blog homes of the girls that wrote for me.

    Aimee BelleHow I Prepare For Holidays

    Amanda In A TeacupTake One Dress

    Style By AmberSummer Foundations For Acne

    Elsa Pell Gold And Turquoise Eyeshadow Tutorial

    SeriouslyShallow10 Beauty Rules To Break


    Thanks again girls!


  • Take One Dress – Amanda In A ..


    one dress


    Well this is a bit exciting, I’ve never been asked to do a guest post before so thank you Sally for asking me to do it whilst you are away on what sounds like a pretty amazing trip!!!


    I best introduce myself I am Amanda and I blog, admittedly very sporadically over at Amanda in a Teacup.


    I’m an aspiring illustrator and I love to draw and I draw a lot, like really …A LOT! I love it

    and try and draw everyday. My inspiration tends to come from tattoo art and culture. I love

    the fact that it’s so diverse! Here’s some examples of my work…


    I was thinking about what I should do for my guest post…I was going to do something about my summer make-up looks but who am I kidding I pretty much wear the same all year! So instead I decided to do a post on what else, a bit of fashion…

    My own style leans towards grunge for sure, I am rarely seen without my leather jacket and I like to wear black even on the sunniest days…so I decided to take one particularly amazing Top Shop dress and style it up two ways…Amanda style on the left and a slightly less dark version on the right! I’m completely in love with the boots! Which again I’d like towear all year round.

    All in all I think this dress is going to be a capsule wardrobe dream piece…oh and if youdon’t own a leather jacket yet?! Treat yourself, you will get LOADS of wear out of it!

    I’m on instagram if you want to come on by and say hello and I’m on Twitter too!

  • OOTD Maxi-ed out.


    As I’m sure you can all remember, we had an incredible weekend of weather a few weeks back. It was one of those weekends that I didn’t really have any plans so Harvey and myself decided to go for a drive to find somewhere new.

    It didn’t go completely to plan cause we ended up in Loughborough which isn’t too far from where I live and it’s where the rest of my family are from. We decided to get a McFlurry treat and sit in the sunshine and just enjoy some quality time together. We found a little park and decided to hang out there.

    This outfit wasn’t particularly suitable for the antics I got up to on the park, and I wasn’t particularly lady like trying to hoyk my dress up to get on a really cool home made rope swing.  I’ve had this dress for donkeys years, so many. I absolutely love it, it’s so comfortable it’s almost like pyjamas. I have to hold the bottom up with a belt but actually this makes it less clingy on my stomach


    It was such a glorious day but I still felt the need to cover my arms so I threw my trusty old Topshop denim shirt over the top, it’s lightweight enough to keep you cool and it keeps you covered when necessary.

    Sandals are two years old from ASOS and are my favourites! So comfortable. Handbag/backpack is Topshop fairly recently but I can’t find it online. Sunglasses are from Dorothy Perkins recently too but they’re not online either! It’s a conspiracy!


  • OOTD First Bare Legs Of 2014.


    While we’ve been enjoying the amazing weather that we had over the last weekend I thought I’d dig out an outfit post from when I visited Ox Pasture Hall Hotel. Luckily I’d got the day off work and I was able to actually enjoy the weather rather than admire it through the office window.

    It was the first opportunity of the year to actually get my legs out and give them some air rather than wearing jeans or tights. It gave me a great taste of summer.

    The Dress is from Topshop, I received it as a present from my parents one Christmas and you may have seen it on the wishlist that I’d posted before then, cheeky people reading my blog.

    I teamed it with my favourite Sam Edelman sandals that I managed to get at a discount on a few years ago. They’re super comfortable and I absolutely love the little heel on them.


    I kept it simple with jewellery by just wearing my Marc Jacobs Ginger Henry Dinky watch my Chrisholm Hunter diamond ring and an extremely old necklace from Dorothy Perkins which I dug out and thought would look nice and summer/springlike.


    It’s a fairly basic outfit but I felt great in it and I enjoyed being able to dress up for the sunshine. It probably wasn’t totally appropriate for the beach where it was a bit windier though! I covered up with an equally as old faux leather jacket from Dorothy Perkins.


    This post really makes me realise I need to get a new wardrobe so I can link to more things! I hope to do a few more OOTD posts, I do enjoy them, even if I do feel a bit silly taking the photos in public.







  • Retail Therapy – Leeds Haul


    [L-R | Minnie Mouse 3D Bag – Primark | Mickey & Minnie Kissing Tights – Primark | Marvel Pyjamas – Primark | Vintage Leigh Jeans – Topshop | Short Padded Parka Jacket – Topshop| Zara Jacket]

    The weekend before last I traveled up to Leeds with Mel to meet up with our bloggy friends Rachel, Joanna and Laura. It was a day of retail therapy & food at Nandos.

    I thought I’d do a quick haul of what I bought while there.

    Can I start by saying how much I LOVE Leeds Trinity and just Leeds in general. Every time I visit I fall in love again. The shopping is just 100 times better than Nottingham. We wandered around a lot of places but I ended up purchasing things from Topshop, Zara and Primark.

    I’ll start with Primark, I ended up with a few bits and bobs that arguably I didn’t need, but the draw of how beautiful (and how quiet) it was made me want to shop. My attention obviously turned to the Coca-Cola pyjamas, even though I no longer drink coke I still love the branding and thought it’d be a bit of fun to have  it on some pyjamas, I already have a gym t-shirt with the logo on. Secondly I picked up the Marvel comics pyjamas, I do love a good pair of novelty pyjamas and I wanted to match Harvey in his pair that are similar. Next my eyes were drawn to the really cute pair of tights with Mickey and Minnie kissing on them, I have no idea when I’m going to wear them but I thought they were super cute. Maybe if the weathers a bit cooler when I’m in Anaheim at Disney I’ll wear them then. Which brings me onto the bag… how cute is that. I bought this for no other reason than for when I’m at Disney California. Mel got one too cause we’re that cool.


    One place I definitely wanted to go was Topshop, I wanted a new pair of jeans that are coated but instead I ended up with a new pair of the light Leigh jeans that I’d worn a hole in the last pair, and the fluffy hooded jacket that I’d seen back when I was in London but didn’t pick it up so I’d been dreaming about it ever since.

    We also had a browse in Zara where Rachel spotted the blazer jacket. I’d been looking for a wool camel coat for ages. Still regretting not getting the one from River Island that I was in love with. But actually I really like this one, it’s a good in between coat for dressing up or dressing down. The extra bonus was that it was in the sale for £40.

    So overall I’ve bankrupt myself but I’m so happy with everything that I purchased. Have you treated yourselves to anything recently? Any recommendations for the camel coat that I actually want would be much appreciated!


  • Marc By Marc Jacobs – Henry D..


    “MARC BY MARC JACOBS proves size matters with this mini watch, which makes a major statement with a plated gold case, set off by a leather strap. It’s tick, tick, swoon!”

    • Enamel/leather/stainless steel
    • Case size: 21mm
    • 3-hand analog movement
    • Water resistant to 5 ATM

    Gosh the protective cover bothers me in these pictures, it’s usually the first thing I take off anything. So satisfying!

    I tried to keep it on for as long as possible though because this watch is just so beautiful, even now a few months later I still can’t help stare at it!

    Like I’ve said, I have had it for a few months now and I am still really happy with it. I’ve worn it on a daily basis the whole time unless I’ve forgotten to put it on, and left it at home while I was camping for a week. All the little details are beautiful, I love the letters in replacement of the numbers round the face of the watch, then it has “marc by marc jacobs” on the face and fastening of the watch.

    The only negative for me is that the strap has started to look a little bit worn. Admittedly, it isn’t obvious and actually sort of looks like it’s supposed to look like that. Other than that I can’t fault it. It’s small enough not to be too in your face and is a good in between for everyday and for dressing up and going out.

    There’s a little story behind this watch. I had originally asked for it for my birthday. But unfortunately Selfridges website hadn’t been updated so it said it was in stock but actually it wasn’t. So my mum went through the whole process of ordering it for my birthday but then a week before they got in touch and said they’d made the mistake of letting her order it. So that was it, no watch. I’m not going to lie, I was really dissapointed. This was the only colour/style that I really liked and I’d set my heart on it. I thought about getting a black one but the face was gold & I wear silver bracelets everyday so didn’t feel like I could wear them together.

    Long story short, I came about a Marc Jacobs watch stall in the Goldsmiths Boutique in the new Trinity shopping center while I think I was down for the Murad event. I thought in for a penny in for a pound and went in and asked if they’d got it in stock because no where else did the Ginger other than in America. They didn’t but they said they could order it in, so I jumped at the chance and asked them to do that for me. Then a few weeks later I took a very quick trip up to Leeds to go and pick it up. I can’t tell you how great the service was and how great everyone that works there was with the whole thing, especially when it came to putting deposits on it and whatnot.

    If you’re looking for a new watch then definitely go in and have a look there, yes they may be more expensive because of the brands they stock, but I’ll definitely go there again if there’s another watch I want.


  • OOTD #10 – Feeling Hot Hot Ho..


    Top – Topshop |  Skirt – Topshop | Flip Flops (Creedlers) – Volcom

    I know I always say this, but again please ignore the face, this is what being in an office 9-5 that’s 30+ degrees with broken air con looks like.

    I don’t think its even possible to pick out another outfit that all items are from at least 2 years ago, I apologise for that. So yes, this is the outfit I picked out while we were having our crazy heatwave. Trying to still be covered up enough for being in work but naked enough not to die of heat exhaustion.

    The top and skirt are really old now however much I don’t want to admit it, the skirt I even think was my sisters before me! I can’t work out if it’s too matchy matchy but who cares, it wasn’t intentional. The flip flops were purchased from a store in Florida when I was there two years ago with Harvey, the girl who served me was amazing and actually picked these out to go with a dress I was trying on at the time. I’ve never been anywhere with such good customer service, great sales technique. I love them because they’re a bit more substantial than normal flip flops.


    Left \ Acrylic White Druzy Ring | Right\ Rose Quartz Gemstone Ring & Plain Above Knuckle Ring

    Thomas Sabo Charm BraceletSwarovski Bracelet

    My nails are au natural, I think that’s because I had let it chip so badly it just needed to come off. On my hands is a few of the rings I recently treated myself to from Kukee, they’re my favourite online jewellery shop, everything is so cheap! I’ve bought quite a few favourite things from them since I found them last year. Sorry the image doesn’t show them off very well, that’s what you get when you ask your dad to take the photo for you haha. And obviously also my everyday bracelets.

    What have you been wearing to battle the heat in, I’d love to know, especially if it’s work suitable!


  • Collective Sale Haul



    Over the last few days I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree regarding clothing and jewellery. I thought I’d show you some of my wares from my first stint. I tried to stay in the sale rails but I panic and always end up in the less scary, more organised full priced areas of shops.

    Firstly I went into Topshop. Other than jeans I’ve not bought much from Topshop recently but I got a handful of items while on this trip. From the sale I got the Bold Stripe Crop Tee in red for £5 and the shorts playsuit that I can’t find online for £20, that may seem like a lot but I fell in love with them when they weren’t in the sale so I was super happy with them, I ended up wearing them to the FABB Manchester meetup. Not from the sale I picked up the Mesh Insert T-Shirt for £20.

    Over the way from Topshop in the Victoria Centre is a River Island accessories boutique where I eyed up a really beautiful nude backpack but ended up only walking away with two pairs of earrings, I think they were both about £1 each, one pair is little gold crosses and the other pair are teeny moustaches.

    Then on the way home after work I took a detour towards Zara and ended up getting two tops that I can’t find online either. The photo doesn’t really sell them very well but the white one is just a plain loose oversized top with tight 3/4 length sleeves, it;s super slouchy and really comfortable. And then the black top which really isn’t photographed well is a plain black t-shirt on the front but then has an all lace back. The lace is quite thick so I’ve worn this with nothing underneath with my bra strap showing and it doesn’t bother me. Both of these were £9.99. Then last but by no means least I picked up the Basic Messenger Bag in black for £15 from £19 so not a massive saving. I have a love hate relationship with this bag, I love it, but I hate that as soon as you put more than just your keys and purse in it the magnets aren’t strong enough to hold the bag closed so you end up walking around with all the contents on show a definite design flaw.

    I know the photo doesn’t do some of the things justice but i’m sure you’ll see them in outfit of the day posts at some point.

    That’s all I got on that trip, I’ll probably post the other bits and pieces I got at some point too. Have any of you been sale shopping recently? Do you have the same feelings over sale racks as I do/send your mums in to find things for you?


  • Wishing And Wanting And Wearing.


    Dress – Melon mini by Milly  / Shoes – Aldo

    A couple of Fridays ago I went to a  colleagues wedding and I was struck with the thought that almost all girls have when it comes to special occasions “I have nothing to wear!!!”

    I trawled through my wardrobe and there honestly wasn’t anything that was appropriate or that I haven’t worn to big occasions that people from work haven’t already seen. That was when I remembered a website I’d heard about in the bloggersphere and quite a few big bloggers have talked about before. That said website was Wish Want Wear, a online dress rental service. They offer a whole range of different designer dresses at a smidgen of the price to rent so you get to feel amazing in an awesome dress but without spending ££’s on a dress you’ll have limited wear out of. There’s quite a lot of choice on there, I’m sure there’s something for everyone. As well as dresses, these accessories like hats, jewellery and handbags. Brands on there that you might recognise are Alice by Temperly, Badgley Mischka, Hervé Léger and sass & bide. You can also define your search by what occasion you want the dress/accessories for.

    Onto the dress I ended up choosing, after um-ing and ah-ing over a handful I ended up choosing the Melon Mini. I think in the end it was the detail on the back and the flattering peplum that sold it to me, and the really cool colours which I thought stood out. I got so many compliments on the back of the dress with a lot of people saying it looked like butterfly wings. I felt great in it! I wore it with some black sweude high heels from Aldo I’ve had for years, they’re the comfiest heels I own (but they still came off at the end of the night). I was in such a rush to get ready I forgot to put any jewellery on but I think that makes the dress more of the main focus.

    I rented it for 4 days which was £65 but you can hire it for a longer 12 days at an extra cost  if you need to, although I’m not sure why you would need it for that long, maybe if you were taking it away somewhere. The process is so super easy and I had no problems other than a phone call from a really lovely girl that works there the morning I was supposed to receive it the day before the wedding saying they were having issues with the delivery company so the dress would arrive the next day between 9-6, I was a little bit worried but in the end the dress came just after 9 in the morning so I wasn’t bothered because I had the dress for the evening. They also throw in the same dress in an alternate size for no extra cost just in case you were worried one might not fit, which I thought was an amazing idea. All you have to do is throw the dresses in the returns bag provided and send it off at your local post office as free recorded delivery.

    As well as the dress I received a free gift that I wasn’t expecting, this was a pretty costume ring and a small bottle of dry shampoo.


    All in all I was really happy with this service and I would recommend it to anyone, in fact, since hiring the dress, I’ve told almost everyone I know about the service and I will definitely be looking here again for other occasions.