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  • Race For Life – Nottingham Vi..


    Last Sunday just gone I embarked on one of the biggest challenges of my life. I ran my first 10k!

    I’ve been officially “running” since I started my weight loss journey in November, starting off with a minute at a time using my Couch to 10k app. And all that running, three times a week built up to this, the Race For Life Nottingham along the Victoria embankment.


    I wasn’t completely sure about running 10k but after Losing my Grandma who had lived with numerous kinds of cancer I knew that when I was asked I had to do this. I thought it was truly fitting that it was the day after what would have been her birthday.


    I signed up with a group of girls from work and we all felt very professional in our matching t-shirts with our company name on. All of us were at different levels of fitness but we all did so well! Better than any of us thought we could do!


    I managed to do it in 56 minutes and 20 seconds and that number is one I never thought I’d be able to say, I was aiming for just over an hour, hour and a quarter, hour and a half on a bad day. But the fact I did it sub 1 hour, despite dodging the walkers and dogs in tutus on the second lap makes me so happy.


    As a group we’ve raised over £1500 and I think we can all say we earn’t it! It was great to have partners and parents there to cheer us on. I know that seeing my mum holding up her banner shouting my name really helped just before the finish line. And a surprise cheerleader Mel who floated past on a Trent cruise and I actually managed to wave to her! Seeing her at 9k and hearing her shout across the river Trent got me moving to the finish line.


    Even now a few days following I’m still so proud of myself and my achievement and I know my Grandma would be even more proud of me.




  • New Body Mission – Month 4

    2013-11-25 19.09.08

    I know it’s no excuse but because of all the things that happened in April I totally fell off the health wagon. So much so that I broke my Coca Cola ban after seven months, but only for one day so I’m back on it. As you can see from the photos below, that is what one month of eating/drinking whatever you want looks like (sorry the body shots aren’t great quality, had to use my iPhone)…

    Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 09.11.17



    So, I’m totally more bloated and rounder and I can feel it in myself, I’m really disappointed in myself but it does show me what can happen when I give up with the hard work, I’m really upset about all the measurements being more than they previously were but it also motivates me more. Over the next month I’m going to cook as many of my own meals in the evenings and get back on the chicken and veg hype for lunches, and hopefully all the training in the office gym at lunch will help me too.

    I’ve also signed up for my first 10k, I’m doing the Nottingham Race For Life one so if you’d like to sponsor me even just a few pounds that would be amazing. I’m doing it with a group of girls from work and the aim is to raise £1000, the links here…, so hopefully getting back into running will help with losing the 7lbs I want to before I go to America.

    Any tips for getting back up on the horse when you’ve fallen off it?


  • New Body Mission – Month Thre..

    2013-11-25 19.09.08

    So, three months in and almost completely back on it.

    I’ve been eating better than ever other than snacking, I seem to snack a lot and I can’t control myself. It’s like that daily Twirl has become a habit, a bad habit that I really need to kick. I’ve bought apples and a cucumber to try and have them instead but I seem to be eating that and then the chocolate treat too. The vending machines in the new office are my nemesis.

    This coming month I’m going to try and aim for fat loss not weight loss. I think I’ve made it to as low as I’m going to get weight wise, now I want to lose the fat and tone up so you can see more definition in my body.

    I’ve added photos to this month from yesterday, I still have the problem areas that I want to work on. I feel like I’m looking more pair shaped nowadays, especially since my boobs have definitely shrunk. I know you can’t target things specifically but I want to work on my hips/love handles, I think these are the things that make me still look quite large and wide. Obviously that bulge at the top of my shorts would be great if that decreased but I know how hard it is to work on that bit specifically. I’m also wanting to work on my thighs and legs in general, they’ve always been pretty large and are something that when I look at myself I notice the most.

    Looking at numbers below, I am really happy with how things are looking, I’m down 2lbs, my fat percentage is down, although that fluctuates a lot at the moment. And amazingly my muscle is up, only slightly but that still impresses me! I’m amazed that I’ve lost 2cm from my love handles/tummy seeing as that’s the main area I struggle with.





    We’ll see how my gym goes, my membership at David Lloyds is now ended, but, we have a small gym in the new work office so hopefully I can go for at least 20 minutes a day.

    Have you got any tips for reducing fat? I’d really like to hear them if so.


  • New Body Mission – The Weight..

    So as you may or may not know since November I’ve been on a weight loss mission and to tone up my body.

    When I started my weight loss journey I said  I wouldn’t post my progress photos until I was happy with my body. I’m still not even 80% happy really, but after seeing Jessica (who already had a great body, that flat stomach turned me green for sure) post her photos it got me thinking. And after collecting all my photos together and comparing them side by side I can see a huge improvement in my body and I’ve been showing them to everyone I can that I feel comfortable showing them to.

    I’m so proud of the weight loss so far and to be honest, I want to show it off to you, even if only to motivate people that are at the lower end of the scales like myself and just don’t have the motivation and if you’re like myself always thinking to yourself “weight loss isharder when there’s less to lose”.

    At my heaviest I hit 10, when I started this I was 9st 10lbs. I’m now down to 8st 10lbs so I’ve definitely lost a stone over 4/5 months.

    Below I will put individual photos separately but I will then do comparison photos side to side at the bottom so you can see how different my body is looking. Completely unedited & half naked, please excuse the bra!

    November 2013 –


    December 2013 –


    January 2014 –


    February 2014 –






    Back –


    Side –


    I’m still not finished working on my dream body, but looking at these photos spurs me on to keep going. I’ll post the next lot of progress photos on Wednesday along with weight & new measurements.


  • New Body Mission – Month Two

    2013-11-25 19.09.08

    Another month down 3 and a half to go until America! It’s 100 days tomorrow until we’re jetting off.

    That puts a lot of fear in me fitness wise I’m not going to lie. This month I feel like I’ve plateaued really, yes I have lost another pound, and at one point I even managed to get down to 8st 11lbs but I really haven’t seen/felt much of a difference in myself and the measurements have proven that there was little to no changes.

    I think my problem this last month was that I got complacent, I started to eat a lot… and I mean a lot of sweets again and that definitely didn’t help and by the end of the month my fitness had slipped too. I managed to go almost all month without any fizzy drinks but by the end of it, the fact I was going out for meals and not knowing what to have to drink that had more flavour than water made the choice difficult.

    Below are the details of where I’m at now. Losing the 1lb was an achievement and I’m proud of that and if I’m to believe my scales are correct, I’ve also lost some body fat & increased muscle, so at least I have that as an achievement.



    My aim for the next month is to kick my ass into gear and get myself to the gym at least 3/4 nights a week, hopefully I can do at least some exercise 5/6 times with one rest day. My gym membership at David Lloyd runs out at the end of the month and I want it to end with a bang, hopefully it’ll all be worth it by this time in April.

    My second aim is to start pre preparing lunches for work, I’ve started to get really fed up with my bacon wraps so I need to get something ready on Sunday evenings at least for up until Wednesdays and then make more ready for Thursday/Friday too. That way it takes the hassle and grossness of using the office kitchen and I can just bung it all in the microwave and eat it when I want.

    So, a few things to get on with, watch this space to see how I get on. do you have any tips for getting complacent and trying to kick start yourself again? If you’re working hard with your fitness then let me know how you’re doing & if you blog about it I’d love it if you sent me a link to it.


  • My New Body Mission – Fitness..

    Following on from my last fitness update post (here) I thought I’d start the new year as I mean to go on.

    Yesterday morning (1st January 2014) I did a list of things. I took some “before” photos, weighed myself on my new fancy scales and then I measured all the main areas of my body and some of the ‘problem’ areas I have.

    I will just keep this brief and post the information so I have it for reference for future posts and so I can share the changes. I’m not sure if these posts will be once a week, once a year or even every so often depending on when I get the time to do the photos, scales and measuring. We’ll just have to leave this as an open book. No photos until I’m happy with my body though!

    So here it is, my body stats as of the beginning of the year.




    Wish me luck! Are you starting the new year with a new body in mind or have been training for some time now? I’d love to hear about your journeys too.


  • Lose & Shape Up – Week 8..



    Hello, it’s another update from Lose & Shape up! ‘ll keep this one super quick.

    After the previous week I was a little bit apprehensive about how this session would go. I prepared myself by eating an apple before I left work and I also ate a bag of grapes on the bus on the way to the gym. I still had a little bit of a bad turn but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the previous week. I think this time it was lack of water over the day, so maybe I’ll combine the two and see how that helps next week.

    The workout session was actually taken by someone else who works a the gym that specialises in Biomechanics. He also turns out to be a lad that I went to school with (it’s a small world). The initial workout part wasn’t too different from any other session, it was still circuits but then at the end he gave us a taster of what to expect with Biomechanics and what you do if you book a session with him. It was really interesting and I plan on booking a session once I move back home and have less on my mind.

    Then onto the weigh in, it wasn’t a very great talk for that week, I think it was just about portion control and making sure you don’t eat too much of things, because sometimes even if what you’re eating is good, it can still be too much for you and it will limit the weight loss process. My weight ended up being .2 back on! I’m so annoyed, but still, I’m honestly not giving it my 110% so what do I expect?!

    Have any of you got any tips for keeping me motivated and any lunch time meal plans, I honestly think it’s lunch that’s my biggest downfall. Let me know!

    I say week 8 & 9 but I was poorly yet again so missed last weeks session. It really is the last push from now, only three weeks left. As long as I’m less than what I started with I will be happy.


  • Lose & Shape Up Week 7



    Heya, I’m so sorry that all that’s been on my blog recently has been these Lose & Shape up posts, I hope you don’t mind and I also hope that some of you have been spurred on by some of them. I’ll try and keep them as spread out as possible (one a week), but I’m afraid week 7 & 8 are going to be close together. I’ll announce the winners of my giveaway tomorrow I promise, so at least that splits up the posts a little bit.

    I digress…

    So week 7. Same idea, circuit training to start with. There was a serious lack of people last week but I don’t know if it was because people have quit or it’s just because it’s holiday season as of now. I don’t know what happened but I reverted back to how I was the first week and almost passed out completely, like ended up legs in the air, wet towel on my face situation. I think it was a combination of how hot it was on the tennis courts with the fact I’d not had anything to eat since lunchtime. I will definitely be eating about an hour before the gym this week.

    Up until then I thought I was doing really well!

    Afterwards while I was calming down we went to the weigh in room which was so much cooler so I felt a lot better for that. Turns out that I’ve lost yet another 0.2 lbs, slowly but surely. I can’t complain because I’ve been completely off the bandwagon, eating too much, too much rubbish, drinking fizzy drinks. Just all round not good, so I’m happy with that loss and I’m hoping that if I can sort out my eating this week then next week it’ll be at least a 1lb.

    Week 7’s “lesson” was about how you can boost your metabolism with 5 meals a day. Cut short, if you , eat three 40/30/30 (Protein/Carbs/Good Fats) meals and two snacks a day approximately every three hours, your body will burn an extra 350 kcal. Over 10 days this will equate to burning an extra 3500 kcal which is equivalent to 1lb of fat. I know it doesn’t sound like too much but for me I think 1lb every 10 days would be awesome!

    So this has been way longer than it needed to be. Hope you’re all well & I’ll see you back here tomorrow to announce the winners of my giveaway!


  • Lose & Shape Up Week 6



    We’re at the half way point.

    You could really tell that people  weren’t looking forward to this one after the long weekend. From the stories we shared I think we’d all over indulged when it comes to food and alcohol. Although I’d managed to stay away from the alcohol I had definitely over done it with food, having had an Indian, Sunday dinner and a pizza hut on the three days running up to the Tuesday session.

    Again we mixed it up a little bit when it came to the gym session, we did it in pairs and it was along the circuits line but in between each activity there were boxing gloves and pads so we took it in turns to do the punching. It did feel like a really good work out and afterwards I was pooped!

    Then again we went to the other room and had our weigh ins. Despite being very pessimistic I actually lost .2 lbs, another time i’ve lost barely anything, but it’s better than putting anything on.

    I’m still really lacking motivation but I know that now is the time to really push myself because I only have the same amount of time again to lose the last 4lbs that I want to!


  • Lose & Shape Up – Week 5



    Having just about recovered from my virus I went back to Lose & Shape Up on Tuesday.

    Apparently all that I missed last week was that they had a different instructor  because our usual instructor couldn’t get back from a meeting in time. But we were back in action this week with an extra instructor who was there to get us doing some more cardio workouts and then some boxercise type exercises. So while half of us were doing that, the other half were doing the circuit training that we always do, then we swapped over. I really enjoyed the boxercise half of it so I’ll definitely be looking into doing a class in that again.

    After that we again went and got weighed and this time we got measured again like we did in the first session.

    Amazingly, despite being bad with eating again I’d actually lost 1.6lbs which doesn’t seem too much but I’m really happy with it. I’m now only 4lbs off my first weight goal, and if I lose almost 1 and a half lbs each week then it’ll only take me a fortnight, then that will give me just under half the sessions to get to my final goal weight. Which is my ultimate, probably won’t happen but want to at least try goal weight.

    Measurement wise everything has decreased;

    Waist – Was: 30 3/4 | Now: 30

    Chest – Was: 29 1/8  | Now: 29 1/4

    Hips –   Was: 38 3/4  | Now: 38 1/2

    I’m going to measure my thighs and arms myself when I remember to do so, my thighs are one of my problem areas so I’d love to see a change in them.

    I think I’m going to go to Body Pump tomorrow (Friday), despite it being such hard work and being in so much pain after my first session I know that it’ll be the best workout I can do, especially because I can’t get to the gym tonight like I’d planned to. I’m hoping that combining that with the Lose & Shape Up sessions I’ll see a difference.