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    Last week I was invited to attend the #FloridaTix1oth event in Birmingham. The event, as you might have guessed from the name of it was to celebrate the company FloridaTix’s 10th¬†anniversary of business.

    The event was held at Island Bar near the Mailbox in the centre of Birmingham and all evening I had the Disney song “Tiki Room” stuck on repeat in my head, because it was, a tiki room, it was like going to a bar on holiday, I absolutely loved the decorations.


    When I got there I was welcomed by Cindy who had got in touch about the event and she introduced me to a selection of the others that were already there which was lovely seeing as I had gone on my own and didn’t really know anyone. We had an opportunity to mingle and get to know one another and grab a drink from the bar. As I was driving I had a non-alcoholic beverage but it still looked just as awesome as one of their cocktails as it came in a mason jar glass.


    Having got settled we were then drawn together to attempt a #supersnapeselfie with all of us there including the FloridaTix employees who were in on the fun too, as a homage to the Oscars selfie.

    We then had the chance to wizz around the room to find the “hidden mickeys” a game that you can enjoy whilst in Disney parks which I thought was great fun and bought out the inner child in me. I managed to find them all which I was rather proud of too.

    We were then given a talk about the company by Simon one of the Directors at FloridaTix and told about how and when it had started and what it is that they do.


    Following on from that was the official cake cutting ceremony which seemed a shame because it was awesome! They called it a “cake boss” cake and it sure was, a lot of skill went into it I’m sure. It did taste as good as it looked too.


    Having filled ourselves up on cake and buffet food we were then set for the main event. The quiz.

    I was in a team with Chris and Joy and we’d already set our sights on the booby prize of the stickers but there were awesome prizes up for grabs for the winners. I’m not going to lie, the quiz was pretty hard, I didn’t know nearly as much as I thought I did about Universal and Disney, I did however know more about Florida itself which was quite nice, I think we redeemed a few points there and again on the music round, although that was pretty hard too!

    In the end, we came last but we still had a good time and a laugh whilst playing along. Plus it wasn’t likely that we would win anyway because there were some real hardcore Disney fans there who did extremely well.

    After the quiz we had a bit longer to chat and people started to disperse on their journeys home.

    We were lucky enough to be treated to a pretty amazing goodie bag too which had all sorts of treasures in it from Disney, Universal and Busch Gardens all of which will get you started for a trip to any of the parks.


    I had a wonderful time and I am grateful for being invited to the event. I was also a very lucky girl by winning a prize for finding all the hidden Mickeys and also for having the best Snape selfie!

    I want to thank Cindy for organising the event and the rest of the FloridaTix team for helping make the event so much fun. I look forward to the next one! ;).