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    Before Christmas Ubanears held a “not so black Friday sale” so I thought I’d take advantage of it and order some Urbanears Medis headphones for while I’m out running and at the gym. I was in two minds to mention it but they do take a while to get to you because I think they’re a Scandinavian company. They took even longer to get to me because of the rush on orders during the sale. Just a pre warning if you’re going to order them as a present.


    The Urbanears Medis headphones are perfect for the job I wanted them for. I’m no expert when it comes to anything like this but I do know that they have a great clear sound quality that although they don’t “plug” your ears you don’t lose any of the sound that the headphones produce. While running they’re perfect, the weird shape of them means the do sit snuggly in your ear but there’s still space to be able to hear outside noises, which is perfect for when you’re out road running because it’s so unsafe to run deaf.

    The little bobble at the top of the headphone is interchangeable depending on what comfortably fits your ears ranging from small to extra large. Another addition is the extra bit of headphone with you just add on to the end of the headphones and it changes the connection. I’m still yet to use this, I don’t really see the point in it myself just for plugging it into my iPhone.

    Finally there’s the microphone that comes on all types of headphones that Urbanears produce. With the one button touch you can answer the phone and then put the call down. While listening to music you can click once to pause it, press again to start playing again and a double click acts as a skip to take you to the next song. You can also get the Medis Plus model where you can also control the volume from the microphone too.

    Personally I love these headphones and they’re the second pair of Urbanears ones I’ve bought (I also own the Bagis model).

    Are you a headphone buff or is it all about style for you?