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  • A Hair A Day – Week Two



    Week two – check.

    I think I’ve had quite a variety of styles this week which makes me happy.

    Monday I just went for a messy bun, which ended up being messier than intended but I actually quite like it.

    Tuesday was my start of poorly girl hair so I went for a simple twist across the front of my hair and just put the rest of it up in a ponytail.

    Wednesday was the day I was off work ill, at least I took a photo! So yes, I wasn’t going to spend time doing my hair so it was up in a top of the head bun situation to keep it all off my face.

    Thursday I got back to work and got my spark back to do my hair, so I used my straighteners to wave my hair all over then I pulled the fronts away from my face and used one of my Beauxoxo bows to snazz it up a bit.

    Friday’s hair was just Thursday’s waves restyled, I then gave myself a slight quiff, then pulled the sides back to meet at the middle at the back. I think it had a bit of a rocker look, especially with the outfit I wore it with.

    Saturday’s hair was for the Nottingham Meetup that I went to, I used my Enrapture totem styler to curl all my hair and then my straighteners to do the top layer just so the curls weren’t too much. I just left it down and natural and I was really happy with it.

    Sunday (today) I got Mel to try a style we saw done by Kayli (video here) just because I was lacking the creative mind, and also because the waterfall braid we were trying to do just wasn’t working on my hair.

    Which style do you like the most, would you try any of them now you’ve seen them?


  • A Hair A Day – Week One


    Week one done.

    None of these hairstyles are anything life changing but I feel like anyone can recreate them, there’s nothing worse than seeing a hairstyle you like and not being able to recreate it.

    Monday I didn’t actually do anything exciting with my hair just because that was when the feature started.

    Tuesday I went for the twists that I go to as a standard get my hair out of my face, I struggle with plaits so I go for these, I tried to bring them round the back but my arms don’t just don’t let me, hence why the plaits never work. Finishing it by putting it in a side ponytail.

    Wednesday was a fishtail plait day, I love fishtails and I actually impress myself with the fact that I can actually do fishtail plaits, I’m sure I learnt how to do them out of an old school Mizz or Sabrina’s Secrets and practicing on the creepy model head doll I had.

    Thursday was the first day of my new hair so I wanted it down but I didn’t know what to do so I kept it super simple and just did a plait underneath, you couldn’t really see it but I really liked it.

    Friday I was off work because I was ill, so all it was was bed head all day.

    Saturday I tried to keep my hair off my face again so I just did basic plaits in the front bits and clipped them back.

    Sunday (Today) – I have had a bit of a hair nightmare but I think it looks almost presentable in photos. All I did to get this hairstyle was do a bit of backcombing at the crown grabbed it together into a slight hive.

    Like I said none of these styles take much skill but I think they were good to ease me into this feature. Which would you wear?


  • New Hair And My Hair Story


    Bonus post for you this week :).

    The above photos are the majority of the hair styles/colours that I’ve had in my lifetime, the only one I know if missing is when I had a short hair with a pink ’emo’ fringe. As you can see it’s never been too drastic regarding colour, sticking mainly to brunette with a few blonde phases and the odd red moments. But unfortunately the same can’t be said about the cut, I’ve had it super super spiky short and when I look back it was not good look, but I actually think it was the growing out part that was the worst (spot the teeny tiny image of my “worm helmet”), back in the day when GHD’s weren’t invented/cheap enough for a 12 year old to afford. I think the times I had my hair changed the most was the few years that I worked at a hairdressers on Saturdays.

    The most recent was bottom left, and that was until a few days ago, on Wednesday after work I popped into the hairdressers and this is what I came out with…


    It’s not a drastic change, but you know when you just get bored of your hair but don’t want to chop it/dye it a completely different colour. I’d got to that point and if I’m honest I was dubious about getting it done because I don’t know if Ombre has been overdone now but now it’s done I don’t really care because I really like it and I’m super happy with it. Unfortunately not many people have even noticed it which on the first day I’ll have to admit sort of bothered me but now I think it might have just been because it is quite subtle in real life. I wanted the front bits cut in a bit more again so I can do more of a fringe when I want to but I don’t think they’re really that short still.

    So, this is my new hair and I think I’ll be keeping it for a while until I get bored/fed up with it.

    Have you ever had any hair disasters? Do you ever get the feeling when you just want a change up?