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  • Kiko Makeup Milano Cosmetics Haul

    IMG_1962Last month during the hottest days of the year I visited my sister down in London.

    While I was there we ended up doing some damage in a number of shops, one of them being Kiko. I only really know of Kiko Makeup Milano because of Annabella, she raves about them and was even kind enough to treat me to some bits from the brand.

    Here’s what I treated myself to

    Street Fashion Eyeshadow Palette – Addictive Song


    Soft Touch Blush – 108


    Quick Dry Nail Lacquer – 854 Mint



    Nail Lacquer – 491 Toucan Red


    The prices are ridiculous, it’s a steal! And for great quality products too. I think my favourite purchase was the blush, I’ve worn it almost everyday since I bought it.

    If you also love Kiko Makeup Milano Cosmetics are there any other products you’d recommend I pick up next time?


  • American Beauty Haul


    Its been a long time coming but here is my American beauty haul. I wanted to get this up before I get the reviews of them up on the blog.

    Its actually missing a sample size pot of Glam Glow Youth Mud and some nail polish that had hidden away still in my suitcase.

    The majority of these products were purchased from Sephora, either from 3rd Street in Santa Monica or the one in The Venetian in Las Vegas.

    You may have even spotted that I treated Harvey to some Abercrombie & Fitch cologne because whenever I’m in the store it smells amazing, I think it’s my new favourite smell on a man.

    I admit I went rather crazy but I have to admit I don’t regret a single purchase!


    Let me know which products you’d like me to review first.



  • Retail Therapy – Leeds Haul


    [L-R | Minnie Mouse 3D Bag – Primark | Mickey & Minnie Kissing Tights – Primark | Marvel Pyjamas – Primark | Vintage Leigh Jeans – Topshop | Short Padded Parka Jacket – Topshop| Zara Jacket]

    The weekend before last I traveled up to Leeds with Mel to meet up with our bloggy friends Rachel, Joanna and Laura. It was a day of retail therapy & food at Nandos.

    I thought I’d do a quick haul of what I bought while there.

    Can I start by saying how much I LOVE Leeds Trinity and just Leeds in general. Every time I visit I fall in love again. The shopping is just 100 times better than Nottingham. We wandered around a lot of places but I ended up purchasing things from Topshop, Zara and Primark.

    I’ll start with Primark, I ended up with a few bits and bobs that arguably I didn’t need, but the draw of how beautiful (and how quiet) it was made me want to shop. My attention obviously turned to the Coca-Cola pyjamas, even though I no longer drink coke I still love the branding and thought it’d be a bit of fun to have  it on some pyjamas, I already have a gym t-shirt with the logo on. Secondly I picked up the Marvel comics pyjamas, I do love a good pair of novelty pyjamas and I wanted to match Harvey in his pair that are similar. Next my eyes were drawn to the really cute pair of tights with Mickey and Minnie kissing on them, I have no idea when I’m going to wear them but I thought they were super cute. Maybe if the weathers a bit cooler when I’m in Anaheim at Disney I’ll wear them then. Which brings me onto the bag… how cute is that. I bought this for no other reason than for when I’m at Disney California. Mel got one too cause we’re that cool.


    One place I definitely wanted to go was Topshop, I wanted a new pair of jeans that are coated but instead I ended up with a new pair of the light Leigh jeans that I’d worn a hole in the last pair, and the fluffy hooded jacket that I’d seen back when I was in London but didn’t pick it up so I’d been dreaming about it ever since.

    We also had a browse in Zara where Rachel spotted the blazer jacket. I’d been looking for a wool camel coat for ages. Still regretting not getting the one from River Island that I was in love with. But actually I really like this one, it’s a good in between coat for dressing up or dressing down. The extra bonus was that it was in the sale for £40.

    So overall I’ve bankrupt myself but I’m so happy with everything that I purchased. Have you treated yourselves to anything recently? Any recommendations for the camel coat that I actually want would be much appreciated!


  • The Body Shop Haul – 22.02.14


    [L-R: Facial Buffer | Colour Crush Eyeshadow  – Be My Clementine| Vitamin C Microdermabrasion ScrubVitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil |Sample Of Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream]

    After Saturdays meetup we headed over to The Body Shop for a bit of a treat because we were lucky enough to have got some vouchers from Sophie & Autumn that had come to give us a bit of a talk. I tried to be reasonably good but I could have bought so much more than I did.

    So far I’ve only used a few things, my eyelids  have actually started to dry up and have become really sore so I’m laying off any products for a couple of days just to let them calm down and not have anything irritate/dry them out more.

    I’m yet to use the facial buffer, I’ve been suffering with dry skin recently so I thought this might help to buff that away a bit, it is pretty rough though so I won’t use it all the time. I’ve so far used the Microdermabrasion scrub once and I already know I love it, could quite possibly give my beloved Origins modern friction a run for its money. The Vitamin E range has caught my eye every time I walk past the shop in the mornings on my way to work, I decided to go for the best selling Serum-in-Oil and Autumn kindly gave me a sample of the Intense Moisture Cream to see how I feel about the combination of the two.

    To make the cost up to a certain amount to get a handful of freebies I also picked up the Colour Crush eyeshadow in Be My Clementine. I’d hung my nose over it and I thought it was such a unique colour that I’d take the plunge with it. Below are the goodies I then got for free for spending so much!


    When I was told that I was eligible to get a few extra goodies from The Body Shop I obviously got really excited, and when I was shown the handful of bits I was going to get I may have squealed a little bit.

    Included in the gifts I got Aloe Calming Cleanser and Toners, which I’m yet to use but am interested in. the only thing from this range that I have is the mask which I rarely use. I also got given a black eyeliner with a smudger on the other end, you can never have too many of them, love a good black eyeliner. Lastly I got a Big and Curvy Mascara which I’ve used once and have fallen in love with!

    Full and more in depth reviews will follow, let me know what you want to know about first!