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  • IMATS Haul





    So, in two pictures you can see the damage made at IMATS (and Zara).

    Where should I start?! Let me first off say that yes, I did need 8 new makeup brushes and I will continue to stand by my purchase of them even when my Dad says I have enough.

    Lets go in order of what I bought. So obviously, the first stall I went to was MAC. Before I went to IMATS I knew that I wanted a second 217 and 239 so they were the first things I picked up, then I did my usual trick of asking the sales person what brush they would recommend I should get. I love doing this because its nice to know what other people like and if you are in the purchasing mood but don’t know what you want it’s just a bit of fun. The girl that served me said I should get a 224 because its similar to the 217 for blending, I’ve also read good reviews saying to use it for blending in concealer. While I was looking at brushes, there were two eyeshadows that caught my eye. I wanted to add some more interesting colours to my pallet, so I went for two similar colours, Rose and Coral. Rose is a beautiful matte colour, obviously as the name says, its a coral colour, a little bit orangy too. Rose is the most beautiful iridescent pink, in the pan it looks sort of rose gold, but on the skin it is definitely pink. Then on the second day, I couldn’t keep away from the MAC stand again, especially because it wasn’t as rammed. I ended up buying the 138, I thought this brush would be great for bronzing, because a lot of my face brushes are quite big and I cant get as much of a controlled application with them as I can with this brush.

    Then I found a little stall that sold Make Up For Ever, which had a much smaller crowed than the actual MUFE stand. I ended up buying a set that if you purchased the foundation, you could pick up two other items and you got a little makeup bag all for £50, which when you add up the products I got is a bargain. I ended up getting the HD Foundation then choosing the HD concealer and the HD Powder. All of which I have been using lots and absolutely loving them.

    Also on the first day I picked up some Velour mink eyelashes in their most popular You Complete Me, I don’t wear lashes that often, if ever. But I plan on using these lots, I just need to practice application. I also managed to get to the stall selling the OCC Lip Tars, where I picked up Grandma (best name ever) and ChaCha. Once day one at IMATS was over I met my sister in Shepard’s Bush Westfield and we had a cheeky look in Zara where I ended up walking away with the beautiful monochrome floral jacket, which I ended up wearing on the second day.

    On the second day I stopped off at NYX, Inglot and Crown Brushes. From NYX I picked up, The Curve eyeliner, a jumbo eye pencil in 625 Sparkle Nude, and Xtreme lip cream in Nude Peach Fuzz and one of the popular blushes in Taupe. Then there’s Inglot, I didn’t need to get a pallet, but I wanted to, after hearing the rave reviews I knew I had to pick on up. I ended up choosing some more bold colours that I wouldn’t normally go for, I’ll be doing a review of it for you so you’ll get to see the colours in that. I picked up some DUO lash glue for my lashes from Inglot too, and they gave me a sample of their foundation but it was WAY too dark so I chucked it. Having seen the Mahron talk the day before I went and spoke to the girl that did it (mentioned in day 1 post) and she told me which brushes she’d recommended for foundation, which ended up being a Crown brush. Once I got to the table and saw how cheap all the brushes were I decided to buy a few others, I ended up getting the C439 Deluxe Round Buffer foundation brush, the AC011 Deluxe Double Sided Blender, a spoolie brush for my brows and a really small eyeshadow brush that I probably didn’t need but was super cheap.

    Overall I’m super happy with all my purchases and I’ve been loving using them all over the past few weeks since IMATS. Reviews of a lot of it will follow.



  • IMATS Day 2



    Day two of IMATS, and hopefully this one won’t be as long as day one!

    The second day was a little bit different from the first day. Because I’d bought the majority of the things I wanted on day one I decided to leave day two till a bit later and enjoy some time with my sister. We had a nice easy morning, sleeping in and then heading over to her friends beautiful flat in a converted warehouse for an amazing brunch, they really did look after me. I then braved it and headed from there to Clapham junction, then from Clapham Junction to Kensington Olymipa, and I made it! Life points go to me.


    Once I got there the first thing I noticed was how quiet it was compared to the day before. I started queuing for the NYX counter, despite it being quiet, this was still one of the busier stalls. I picked up a few bits and pieces that took my fancy, unfortunately they’d sold out of the jumbo pencil in Milk but I wasn’t too bothered really. That’s where Joanna met me and queued with me. I had a great time wandering round with her just taking in what I’d missed the day before. Admiring the second day of body art and makeup transformations that people had done.


     (I didn’t realise how inappropriate that woman’s head placement was)

    IMATS-makeup-transformationsI also got the opportunity to have a chat with Karla Powell, a makeup artist that now also works for Crown Brushes, that I’ve followed for quite a while now. She was really lovely even though I was nervous to go up and speak to her. It was great to see her work in real life. The previous day she did an amazing pop art look that I unfortunately didn’t get a completed photo of. You should definitely check her out


    After a few final purchases it was time to say goodbye to London and head home on a massively over packed train that I ended up having to sit in the luggage compartment all the way home with my giant suitcase that I came home with.

    Overall I had a really great time at IMATS, I enjoyed every minute of it. A few things for future reference and for other IMAT newbies. Don’t go alone unless you have a set list of things you want to purchase and that’s all you want from it, but at least have a bit of a list of what you want, don’t go clueless so you don’t have to swatch or try things. Make sure you do research into the talks so you don’t miss any you want to see, alternatively if you want a quiet day then go when the most exciting talks aren’t on. You probably don’t really need to go for both days. If you do go for both days try and fit in some sight seeing/shopping elsewhere too.

    And that’s about it for IMATs, I feel like it’s over for a second time now I’ve written about it and relived it in my mind. At least my next post on Monday is my haul of all my treats that I bought myself over the two days.