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  • A little bit of Makebelive

    As promised, heres the post I wrote for the competition mentioned in my previous post.

    Having just come back from a spa day, I’ve now added the fantasy of living there, just wandering around in a soft white robe and flip-flops, getting pampered and unwinding every day, to my never ending list of fantasies that help pass the hours while I’m sat at my desk at work. As I drifted off during my massage I couldn’t help but let my mind wander into a make believe world.
    Recently my fantasies have switched around a bit thanks to a scandal that broke in the news last week. I’ve always wanted to be a princess thanks to all the Disney films (despite them drumming false hope and expectations of what we as young girls expect of men). Unfortunately, Disney films aren’t real life, but Princes are…

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  • We’re going to London to buy ..

    So seeing as today’s the day, I feel like I should post this despite my blog being a complete mess! (please ignore it).

    As some of you may know (i’ve been banging on about it for a few weeks now on Twitter) i’m going to London Fashion Week, courtesy of Makebelive beauty.

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