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  • #NottsBBMeet – 13.04.13


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    Last Saturday was the day of yet another Blogger meet up, this time it was a completely different set up and surprisingly, it was in my home town of Nottingham! Planned mainly by Sophia, this meet up would be a day rammed full of shopping.

    Now on the day unfortunately my wing woman Mel was poorly, so I was more nervous than I was to start with. But I manned up, and tootled down the road from my flat to get my shop on. Now let me tell you walking towards a massive group of people is daunting, and seeing as there were around 40 people stood around the Lion it was crazy. Luckily I found the always lovely Joanna so went over and said hi, and it was through her that I met Sammy, Ellie and Gemma who I loved spending the day with, and pretty much stayed with the whole time other than splitting off from Ellie (*sad face*) for the Kiehls trip, where I also ended up meeting the lovely Clair who joined the little group afterwards.


    (Cheeky photo taken by Joanna in New Look : L-R : Sammy, Gemma, Ellie, Me, Joanna)

    As a treat and to break up the day, Sophia had planned for us to go in small groups and go for a visit to Kiehl’s. When it was my groups turn we got to take it in turns to have a skin consultation where they tested our skin type and went through the products they recommended for you. While we waited for our turns we were able to have a wander round looking at all the other products they had while drinking champers and eating cakes. I knew I wanted to buy something while I was there because I’d never been in or bought anything from Kiehl’s before. I ended up going for their number one best selling product the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, purely because of all the great things I’ve heard about it and also because my Estée Lauder Advance Night Repair is almost empty. A review will come after I’ve used it for a while.


    (Kiehl’s Group 2 )



    I managed to hang on till the end until everyone started to meet up ready to go on to the evening meal which unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to mingle with some of the others I’d not had the chance to speak to, but I said my goodbyes and wandered back to my flat, multiple bags in hand(s).

    2013-04-13 14.23.29

    As you can see I may have gone a little bit overboard with my shopping but I’ve not been on a proper shopping spree for a while and I’d got a list of things I’d been wanting for a while. Below is what I ended up buying, as you can see I went a little crazy in MAC, but I just couldn’t help myself!


    Again, I just want to thank Sophia for all the planning she put into the event, I know I couldn’t do anything like it. And I’d also like to thank the girls that I spent the day with for making me feel welcome from the moment I got there.

    Is there anything you want me to review first from my haul? I’d love to know if you already read the blogs of some of the girls mentioned, and if you don’t then you should definitely go and say hi!