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  • Scaredoo All-In-One Brush



    Eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with Harvey taking this photo in the reflection of the brush! haha.

    I got this product in my #NottsBloggerMeet goodie bag and I have to say it was one of the goodies that caught my eye the most. I already have the tangle teaser or “pony brush” as Harv calls it, but you can never have too many hair brushes and this one is rather nifty.

    The Scaredoo All-In-One Brush is a multi use product, on first viewing it’s just a basic detangling brush, but on closer inspection you can pull the brush part out and turn it round for the paddle brush side.

    I do like this brush, you can get a better hold on it than the tangle teaser and it’s pretty much two products in one. Although Harvey still prefers the tangle teaser, so I really do think with this one it’s all down to preference and what you want it for.

    You can get them online for £10.99, I’ve not actually seen them in shops but if I did I would probably pick one up. They also come in a handful of colours including the Salon Black one which I have, baby blue, pretty pink, perfect purple and sunshine yellow. I think if I had the choice I would have gone for the baby blue or pretty pink. But the black one suits me just fine!

    Have you ever tried this brush or the tangle teaser? Any others that are similar I might be interested in?


  • #NottsBloggerMeet – 01.03.14


     It really does seem like you can go ages without hearing about a blogger meet up and then all of a sudden a load crop up!

    Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend another one, this time the layout was totally different again. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a meet up that has been the same/similar to another.


    This meet up was held by Becka and Sophie and the main bulk of it was held at Zizzi in Nottingham. We were greeted by two tabled laid out beautifully with some rather impressive looking goodie bags on each seat. When I got there, there were already a few girls there so that made me a little bit more comfortable.  I sat down at the end of the first table and was surrounded by some lovely girls including Leah, Lora, Gemma, Mei, Becki, Ellie and Frankie, a few of which I have met before/have been at other meet ups I’ve been to.


    Once everyone arrived we had a talk from Becky from Harlequin Cosmetics, a brand that is relatively small and is made in a family factory. At the moment the brand covers shower gels, body scrubs, soap bars and hand creams. We got to have a sniff of a handful of products and we were lucky enough to be treated to some samples of said products.


    We had the choice to have a 3 course meal, which of course I took advantage of. While we were eating we were also visited by Charmed Ivy who let us browse the collection of jewellery they stock. There were some lovely little pieces all at really decent prices too.


    Once the meal was over and we were all paid up we said our goodbyes and split into smaller groups to go for a bit of retail therapy. I didn’t find anything for myself really, I was trying to be good after my previous weeks spending spree. I then decided it was time to head off and said goodbye to the girls I’d gone round the shops with.


    It was a nice day overall and it was really great to catch up with some of the girls I’ve met before and also getting to know the girls I hadn’t met before. I love meet ups that are local because you know that you can easily meet up with the people you’ve met again at a later date.


    Thank you to Becka and Sophie for organising this meet up!