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  • #Nottsmeetsep14 – 20.09.2014


    This post has been a LOOONNNGGGG time coming.

    During September I had a wonderful opportunity to go to a local meetup. I feel like I’ve not been to one for ages!

    This one was run by Leah & Gemma both whom I have met before at previous events/meetups.  It was also great to see other girls that I’ve met before and get to speak to them at least a little bit during the day.

    The meetup was held at Sobar, an alcohol free bar and restaurant that also helps recovering addicts by giving them a place to work and get experience and help that they may not do otherwise.





    We were a few minutes late getting there but as we did they were prepared and were already bringing food out. I had the pulled pork pizza which was so yummy, it was a perfect size just for a mid day meal, not a huge pizza that you then don’t need food for the rest of the day. After food there was chance to chat to Amber who also joined us on the table and say hello to other girls that I’ve previously met at other meetups.



    Having paid for our food we headed upstairs to a private room that I presume they use for meetings with addicts we were sat around a table and given a Talk from Suzie from Xenca which was really interesting. She gave us a presentation on all the products and an in depth explanation of the company and then followed up with a tester of all of the Perfection makeup range and the supplements that help your well being from the inside out along with the skincare range. Afterwards we were all treated to the choice of makeup product from the brand, I picked the Mink eyeshadow.



    Once we’d had a play around with the products we had a raffle where the money raised was going towards Schools For Parents. I was super lucky enough to win three prizes! It was my very lucky day.


  • OOTD – Wild Hair Date Night.


    [ Top – Zara | Kimono – New Look | Jeans – Topshop | Boots – Topshop]


    A few months ago my mum treated Harvey and myself to a Living Social voucher for a meal at Chutney in Nottingham.

    We’d taken a while to decide when to go but we finally used it the other week. We both dressed up for the occasion which was nice, I love seeing Harvey in collared tops.

    I wore the top and jeans to work during the day but dressed it up for the evening my adding a kimono that I’d bought for America and my favourite heeled boots of the moment. My hair was super crazy by this point cause I’d put it up in twists while wet the night before, it looked good when I woke up but was nice and frizz-tastic by the end of the day!


    Accessories wise I went with the usual jewellery that I always wear keeping it nice and simple.


    What are your tips for taking an outfit from day to night?


  • OOTD Flashing Some Flesh.

    OOTDMelsBirthday Following on from the previous post I thought I’d share an OOTD with you of the outfit that went with the makeup.

    I bought this dress for Las Vegas and I thought while the weather was still nice (it ended up raining that evening) I’d try and get more wear out of it.

    Recently I’ve been loving the label Oh My Love, I’ve been buying it from Topshop but I’m not sure if you can find it from anywhere else.

    This dress caught my eye because of the back, it doesn’t look particularly special from the front. I wanted to be a bit more daring with what I wore while in Vegas and instead of going with showing off the chest I went with showing some flesh on my back. I was glad of that decision after my chest burnt to a crisp in LA.

    I feel amazing in this dress, I love dressing up and wearing something special.


    For accessories I wore some gold bangles I got from Tunisia, the gold ring is from & Other Stories and the above knuckle rings are from Brandy Melville, necklace is vintage from my great aunt. Bag was an amazing find from Primark and shoes are my go to heels from ALDO years ago.

    Are you a dressing up kind of person or do you prefer to keep nights out more casual?


  • OOTD Maxi-ed out.


    As I’m sure you can all remember, we had an incredible weekend of weather a few weeks back. It was one of those weekends that I didn’t really have any plans so Harvey and myself decided to go for a drive to find somewhere new.

    It didn’t go completely to plan cause we ended up in Loughborough which isn’t too far from where I live and it’s where the rest of my family are from. We decided to get a McFlurry treat and sit in the sunshine and just enjoy some quality time together. We found a little park and decided to hang out there.

    This outfit wasn’t particularly suitable for the antics I got up to on the park, and I wasn’t particularly lady like trying to hoyk my dress up to get on a really cool home made rope swing.  I’ve had this dress for donkeys years, so many. I absolutely love it, it’s so comfortable it’s almost like pyjamas. I have to hold the bottom up with a belt but actually this makes it less clingy on my stomach


    It was such a glorious day but I still felt the need to cover my arms so I threw my trusty old Topshop denim shirt over the top, it’s lightweight enough to keep you cool and it keeps you covered when necessary.

    Sandals are two years old from ASOS and are my favourites! So comfortable. Handbag/backpack is Topshop fairly recently but I can’t find it online. Sunglasses are from Dorothy Perkins recently too but they’re not online either! It’s a conspiracy!


  • OOTD First Bare Legs Of 2014.


    While we’ve been enjoying the amazing weather that we had over the last weekend I thought I’d dig out an outfit post from when I visited Ox Pasture Hall Hotel. Luckily I’d got the day off work and I was able to actually enjoy the weather rather than admire it through the office window.

    It was the first opportunity of the year to actually get my legs out and give them some air rather than wearing jeans or tights. It gave me a great taste of summer.

    The Dress is from Topshop, I received it as a present from my parents one Christmas and you may have seen it on the wishlist that I’d posted before then, cheeky people reading my blog.

    I teamed it with my favourite Sam Edelman sandals that I managed to get at a discount on a few years ago. They’re super comfortable and I absolutely love the little heel on them.


    I kept it simple with jewellery by just wearing my Marc Jacobs Ginger Henry Dinky watch my Chrisholm Hunter diamond ring and an extremely old necklace from Dorothy Perkins which I dug out and thought would look nice and summer/springlike.


    It’s a fairly basic outfit but I felt great in it and I enjoyed being able to dress up for the sunshine. It probably wasn’t totally appropriate for the beach where it was a bit windier though! I covered up with an equally as old faux leather jacket from Dorothy Perkins.


    This post really makes me realise I need to get a new wardrobe so I can link to more things! I hope to do a few more OOTD posts, I do enjoy them, even if I do feel a bit silly taking the photos in public.







  • OOTD #10 – Feeling Hot Hot Ho..


    Top – Topshop |  Skirt – Topshop | Flip Flops (Creedlers) – Volcom

    I know I always say this, but again please ignore the face, this is what being in an office 9-5 that’s 30+ degrees with broken air con looks like.

    I don’t think its even possible to pick out another outfit that all items are from at least 2 years ago, I apologise for that. So yes, this is the outfit I picked out while we were having our crazy heatwave. Trying to still be covered up enough for being in work but naked enough not to die of heat exhaustion.

    The top and skirt are really old now however much I don’t want to admit it, the skirt I even think was my sisters before me! I can’t work out if it’s too matchy matchy but who cares, it wasn’t intentional. The flip flops were purchased from a store in Florida when I was there two years ago with Harvey, the girl who served me was amazing and actually picked these out to go with a dress I was trying on at the time. I’ve never been anywhere with such good customer service, great sales technique. I love them because they’re a bit more substantial than normal flip flops.


    Left \ Acrylic White Druzy Ring | Right\ Rose Quartz Gemstone Ring & Plain Above Knuckle Ring

    Thomas Sabo Charm BraceletSwarovski Bracelet

    My nails are au natural, I think that’s because I had let it chip so badly it just needed to come off. On my hands is a few of the rings I recently treated myself to from Kukee, they’re my favourite online jewellery shop, everything is so cheap! I’ve bought quite a few favourite things from them since I found them last year. Sorry the image doesn’t show them off very well, that’s what you get when you ask your dad to take the photo for you haha. And obviously also my everyday bracelets.

    What have you been wearing to battle the heat in, I’d love to know, especially if it’s work suitable!


  • OOTD #9 – Party Pants.


    Black Roll Sleeve T-Shirt – New Look  / Black & White Tribal Print Trousers – River Island / Spiked Necklace – Ebay

    Shoes – New Look (not the same ones but similar)

    Please excuse the most awkward smile in the world.

    This is what I wore for my family meal on the Friday to celebrate my birthday. Again, I felt totally overdressed, I think this time it was the shoes, but I don’t know what other shoes I could have styled the outfit with.

    I felt totally comfortable in the outfit, the trousers look dressy enough but it feels like you’ve gone out in pyjamas! Perfect for when you  go for meals out. The trousers caught my eye in the window when I was walking to/from work to the bus back to my parents. I’ve been looking for a pair of jazzy trousers for so long, I’ve tried on quite a few pairs in Topshop but none of them really suited me, but I’m really happy with these ones, although they were a bit more money than I’d hoped, but they were for a special occasion so I didn’t mind. Plus… the t-shirt was only £5! For saying the same t shirt in Topshop would be £12, I think I’ll be going to New Look for the same top in multiple colours.

    Do you like the patterned trouser trend or is it not your cup of tea?


  • OOTD #8 – Casual & Comfo..


    Eagle Letter Print Grey Pullover – Romwe /  Indigo Leigh Skinny Jeans – Topshop

    Converse All Start Light Oxford Trainers

    This has to be one of the comfiest outfits ever. I wore it to work when I wasn’t feeling well last week and it sort of made me feel a little bit better, the jumper is so soft and snuggly, I love it! It was a recent purchase off Romwe, it was the first time I ordered off the site and I’m so happy I chose this, I was looking at Boy London items for a while and when I saw this dupe for half the price I thought why not, I know it’s not real but I’m totally happy with it.

    I wore the jumper with my ever trusty Leigh skinnys, I have gone through so many pairs of these and I think I will continue to do so because I’ll always replace them.

    Then on my feet I chose my little converse pump/trainers, I got these while I was in Florida a few years ago but you can get them almost everywhere now if you want them. I love them because they’re not as clumpy as the other style converse and they’re really wearable in the summer when you need more support than an actual pump.

    Do you dress down on ill days or do you try and dress up and make yourself look/feel better?


  • OOTD #7 – Black & Yellow


    Shirt – Forever 21 / Disco Pants – American Apparel / High Heel Chelsea Ankle Boots – So You Shoes

    Now this has to be one of the most boring outfit posts I can give you. If I’m being honest I forgot to put jewellery on before I left for work.

    This is yet another outfit I wore to work, it’s rather on the dressy side I think and as soon as I got there I felt it, but I embraced it.

    I’ve not worn this blouse for so long, I think because of the weather it’s been tucked away in hibernation. But seeing as the sun is trying to shine I thought I’d bring a pop of colour into my outfit. It is pretty in your face in person and every time I looked down it was a bit of a shock.

    I wore the shirt with my trusty disco pants. I love these bad boys, they really do just squeeze you in. I’ve had them for so long I really should get a new pair. I’ve noticed them starting to wear thin at the back, which is never attractive and also means I have to wear dark underwear. TMI?

    Then to finish the outfit off I wore my SoYouShoes black heeled boots. It was a toss up between these or my black Vans, but I thought these would make the outfit a bit more dressy but I think it was them that tipped the outfit over to too dressy.

    Have you started to dig out your old summer clothes to try and incorporate into this weather? Also, like I said, I need/want a new pair of disco pants but I just can’t bring myself to pay the ££’s again. Which dupes would you recommend the most? I want the closest to the actual thing as possible please.


  • OOTD #6 – Who Wears Short Sho..


     Jumper – Forever 21 / Vintage High Waisted Hotpants – Topshop /

    Spiked Necklace – Ebay / Boots – Urban Outfitters

    This is an outfit that I wore to work. It was one of the nicest days we’ve had so far but it was still quite cold so I didn’t brave any skin.

    This isn’t the most exciting of outfits. These shorts are the shortest I’ll go for everyday shorts, and I highly doubt I’ll ever wear them without tights. Maybe if I had better legs I’d be more willing to get them out (when the weather gets nicer). I love the high waistedness of them

    The jumper is another favourite from Forever 21 that I’ve had for years now, I think the sheer panel on the shoulders that goes round the back adds something to what could just be a boring jumper. Obviously the sleeves are a tad too long but it’s so slouchy and comfortable I love it.

    I thought this outfit was pretty boring so I added the spiked necklace to add something to it, it’s super cheap from Ebay and I get quite a few comments on it whenever I wear it. Then I just slung on my comfy boots and headed out the door.

    How short is too short when it comes to shorts for you?