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  • Healthy Eating Meal #1 – Oven..


    Every so often I thought I’d take some of the meals I have made (and enjoyed) from my Lose and Shape Up meal plans. First up, is Oven Poached Cod. This was the first meal from the plan that I made. I made a few tweaks to the final thing but this was one of the meals I used all the ingredients stated.

    What you’ll need;

    100g Cod Fillet / 1 Clove Garlic / 3 Spring Onions / 50g Leeks / 150g Sweet Potato

    1/4 Lemon / 2 Tsp Butter / 75ml Fish Stock / 2 Tsp Parsley / 2 Tsp Mint

    Start by Pre heating the oven to 230°C /450°F/Gas Mark 8.

    Boil some water and cook the sweet potato, this shouldn’t take long, once you’ve done the rest of it it’ll definitely be ready. Poke it with a fork and if it’s soft to the centre then you know its cooked.

    While that’s cooking, chop up the spring onions, leeks and garlic, if you’re using fresh mint & parsley then chop that too but I got the little pots so I just use them. Boil 75ml of water then crush the fish stock into it and let it mix (the part I got wrong). Mix all that together and add the lemon juice. Place all this into an oven proof dish, I use a large lasagne dish.

    Place the cod on top of the mixture in the dish, rub it around so it gets all the flavours then turn it over and let it moisten the other side.


    Place in the oven to roast for 8-10 minutes.

    Just before the time is up, check the sweet potato is cooked, then mash it with the bit of butter. I use a ricer to mash it because I can’t stand lumpy mash but if you put enough elbow grease into it you should be OK.

    Then if you want to be fancy you can garnish it with the lemon and serve it with your mashed sweet potato.

    Because I’m such a fussy eater I didn’t actually eat the leeks etc. but if I were to do it again I’d blend it all together then have it as a sauce on the fish so I’m still getting the nutrients. Hence why there isn’t a photo of the final product, because it looked so boring. But I can promise you it is seriously nice, and that’s coming from a well known picky eater.

    Let me know if you try this out and what you thought. If you have any good recipes then please let me know them.