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  • Review – Garnier Fresh Eye Ma..


    Following on from the previous review of the Garnier Micellar Water I’m reviewing the Garnier Fresh Eye Makeup Remover.

    Like I said in my previous post I will always use the process where I use eye makeup remover followed by micellar water then finishing off with toner.

    This does a great job at clearing the majority of eye makeup, even waterproof. For what products I use on my face I don’t have to worry about anything being left behind.

    The makeup remover does have quite a strong scent which may not agree with a lot of people but I really like it, and it’s a really nice smell personally. The whole range smells great!

    There’s not much else I can say about it other than I like it, and for the cost I’m happy with it and there’s enough in the bottle to last you a fair amount of time.

    Look out for the final review from this range.


  • Crabtree & Evelyn Handy Tips E..


    Last Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Crabtree and Evelyn Handy Tips event at my local store in Nottingham organised by Gemma who was planning it thanks to Jamie.

    The main purpose of the event was to do with the Handy Tips Handed Down idea, where we were told to add a flower to the tree with tips that you follow (or should follow) that you have been told to do by your Mum, Grandmothers or any other older wiser person in your life that they swear by.


    As well as this we got to mingle with other local bloggers, some were familiar faces and others were new ones. We were treated to sandwiches and nibbles provided by Pret next door which was dangerous, I couldn’t resist the pane au chocolat!


    We were in turn treated to a hand scrub with amazing results, it was genuinely like someone else’s hand afterwards! Luckily they evened our hands up and sent us over to have a hand massage to follow.


    It was good to see all the classic products that most people would associate Crabtree & Evelyn with along side the newer more modern packaged products. Especially the fathers day presents, I was drawn to that packaging.



    After a bit of a natter and some group photos and funky polaroid photos we were sent on our way with some rather lovely gift bags! Blog posts to follow of the products I was lucky enough to receive.

    Go over and check out the blogs of the girls that also went to this event.












    I will definitely be taking a trip back to purchase a few items I’ve now got my eye on.

    What would your handy tip be that someone has passed down to you?


  • Review – The Body Shop Nutrig..


    [The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth]

    I was sent this by The Body Shop and it took me a while to actually use it to start with but I have since used almost all of it up so I thought now would be a perfect time to review it.

    I am a massive fan of Estée Lauder Advanced Night repair and when I saw this I knew I needed to try it.

    The texture of this product is similar to a serum but it’s also slightly gel like, when applied to your face it just feels like water though.

    To apply the product there is a pipet in the cap that you press the button on the top and it pulls up just the right amount of product for your face. I do think this is slightly flawed because you have to pull it out a little bit before you press it because it’s just the bit too long that it sits on the bottom of the bottle. The bottles design gives me mixed feelings, I like the glass bottle because that makes it feel a bit more high end, but the cap brings it down because it feels cheap and easily breakable.

    The product itself is good, I do like it and I think it has helped my skin stay as good as it can be, I think it has helped a few of my fine lines on my forehead but to be honest because of my age I don’t think there’s much it can do for me in the ways of visible difference.

    I think for more moisture and plumpness in your skin this product is great, but I’d probably use this alongside a product that reduces the appearance of scars too.

    Have you tried this yourself? What’s your favourite Body Shop product?


  • Review – Benefit Total Moistu..


    I got this sample pot of the Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream when I made a purchase after a mini makeover that I had recently.

    I’ve never bought any of the skincare from Benefit but they always use it on you when you have a mini makeover. Out of all of it I’ve always had a love of the Moisture Prep Toning Lotion but I’m yet to use that for myself.

    But onto the moisturiser. I have noticed that since using this on an almost daily basis my skin hasn’t been as problematically dry as it usually is. I tend to use it in the mornings but you could probably use it morning and night, it’s just that I have different things that I use in the evenings.

    It’s quite a thick consistency and needs a bit extra time to soak into your skin. Some days I can get quite far into the day and it’s still soaking in, that’s if I haven’t put any makeup on. This might not be ideal for anyone with oilier skin.

    I’ve had this for about 2 months now and it’s still going strong because you don’t need to use that much. If anything it might even be worth buying a different product from Benefit just for the sample of this… but don’t tell them I said that! That’s just from one blogger to another.


  • Empties #2


    I’m so backed up with empties it’s getting ridiculous, I need to blog about them more often!

    Following on from my first empties post, here is another lot of products I’ve finished off recently. Or just given up on because it was so horrible. Can you guess what that product was from the photo?

    Ojon Damage Repair Hair Spray – Unfortunately this product is no longer available on the Ojon site for whatever reason but you can still get it from Boots. I bought this such a long time ago when I was on the Ojon hype. It’s a fairly standard size of hairspray and it was pretty pricey, although no more costly than any other product from Ojon. This is a fairly light hold hairspray with a strong scent and a fine mist when sprayed, however I’m not sure how I feel about the repair claims. Personally I wouldn’t spend £24 on a hairspray again, now I think about it it’s madness.

    LOreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water – I did a bit of a comparison of this product in a previous post reviewing the Garnier Micellar water. I do like this water, it does an all right job at removing 80% of your makeup. I just prefer the Garnier one and you get less product in this one although I don’t think there’s much difference in the price.

    Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover – I used this along side the micellar water. This product had a double layer of water and oil that you had to mix up. This did a really good job at removing stubborn eye makeup, again I don’t think I’ve found anything that removes makeup completely. It does leave a bit of a residue on your face but if you follow it up with the micellar water then that removes anything left.

    Soap & Glory Peaches and Cream – This is a product that I was first introduced to by Mel almost a year ago as a sample size and I liked it so much that I purchased it in full size. The smell is a bit off putting, it’s not my favourite but it leaves your face feeling super fresh, it almost feels tingly on your skin. I loved using this in the morning cause it completely wakes you up. The only downside is that you can’t get all the product out so you’re wasting a bit, it took me so long to get that last little bit out of it, it was a bit of a pain.

    Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash – Now this is the product that I just can’t stand. I picked it up on a whim because I had run out of any other cleansers and I love the smell of pink grapefruit. This however, is gross, it feels horrible on your skin because it barely foams up, the smell is less than appealing. Just all round not nice, it reminds me of a product you’d buy as a teenager.

    Soap & Glory Ultimelt Cleansing Balm – As you can see I was on a bit of a Soap and Glory love in. I purchased this at the same time as the Peaches and Clean. I used to use this in the evenings to ‘melt’ the last bits of makeup away. The scent of it was really relaxing which helped chill you out in the evening. I do really rate Soap and Glory cleansing products.

    Anne Semonin Bath And Shower Gel – I got this product in a set, I think it was at the northern meetup held by Em. Before then I’d never heard of the brand before so it was a nice treat to be introduced to it. It feels luxurious and it smells like sherbet, its a really nice refreshing smell that I’ve not smelt from any other product.




  • Bath And Bodyworks Coconut Lime Bre..


    Now I have to start this post by saying a massive thank you to Annabella for this product. After her last trip to America she was kind enough to bring back a few goodies for me that I was so grateful and massively shocked about. As well as this product I also got some Black Cherry Merlot hand wash, which smells divine! I can’t wait to purchase more things with the same scent when I’m over in America.

    The Bath And Bodyworks Coconut Lime Breeze shower gel is the perfect little travel bottle, although I could have saved this for my travels I decided I couldn’t wait.

    This little bottle is a holiday in a bottle, even when the sun isn’t quite as bright or warm as it would be in a hotter climate, just shut your eyes and use this and you’re taken somewhere more tropical. The scent is quite strong, but so are a lot of Bath And Body Works products.

    As a body wash it foams up nicely and despite being a smallish bottle it will last you a while because you can use it liberally.

    Have you tried any Bath & Bodyworks products? Which would you recommend I have a sniff of while I’m in America?


  • Empties #1


    [L – R | Loreal Skin Perfection Cleansing And Perfecting Milk | Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer | Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner | John Frieda Luxurious Volume ShampooOrigins Make A Difference+ Rejuvenating Treatment | YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation]

    Happy Monday! I thought I’d start the week with a clear out of empties.

    Loreal Skin Perfection Cleansing And Perfecting Milk – I bought this product in combination with the Loreal Micellar water. I wanted this as the initial makeup remover to get the majority of my makeup off at the end of the day. For that purpose it really did do the job but I can’t really think of anything wowing about this product, I wouldn’t say its a bad product, and for the price it’s really good, but I will probably keep buying different ones until I find one that wows me.

    Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer – This product is one of my all time favourite products, it smells incredible, it feels incredible when used on your face and it’s just so refreshing. This product is great to use after you’ve used a cleanser to get the majority of your makeup off, I usually use this twice, once then and then again after I’ve had a proper cleanse in the bathroom with whatever product and a muslin cloth. This will be a product that I will repurchase and repurchase again, it’s not cheap, but I think it’s worth it.

    Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner – This product was the first product that I ever bought because of reading blogs, OK it’s not your average blog but it was when Lauren Conrad recommended this that I jumped at the chance. I hate to admit it but I had had this product for almost 2 years, bad I know, but I’ve made it my mission to use all the products I already own before buying any more. I did love this product, and it did help with the condition of my hair but it’s best for de-tangling your hair after having a shower.

    John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo – I’m forever buying different shampoos and conditioners, I think I bought this when it first came out. I’m always sucked in when it comes to products that promise thicker hair. I’m not 100% sure how successful it was with this product but I also don’t think I used it consistently enough to see the benefit.

    Origins Make A Difference+ Rejuvenating Treatment – I’m a massive fan of Origins products, I have had a number of them over the time. This product I bought with hopes that it would cure my dry skin woes. I ended up using this as a daily moisturiser. It was never a cure but it definitely helped with the dryness of my face.

    YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation – This has got to be one of my favourite foundations ever.I was gutted when this ran out, I even went to lengths to try and get it to last as long as possible. I’d have said the colour may have been a tad pale for me but it was all right when bronzed up. It was the perfect combination of fuller coverage but natural looking on the skin. If it wasn’t for the price tag and the fact I have about 10 other foundations to use up I’d have gone out and repurchased this.

    Have you tried any of these products yourselves?


  • An All American Launch – Mura..


    Last Thursday I was invited along to the launch of the American brand Murad’s new counter in House of Fraser in Leeds. As Murad is an American brand it was only fitting that they celebrated it on the 4th July. You can already find Murad in London but they’re expanding up north.



    (Photo credit to Joanna)

    On offer were skin consultations, using a special contraption that took a photo of your face and broke it down to view sun damage, redness and bacteria. Then it went into a 3D scan so you can see any fine lines, or dehydration lines and other observations on your complexion. It was terrifying to see how much sun damage I had, it wasn’t really bad but I never thought it would be as bad as it is. Sam (pictured) was a really nice lady that talked us through all this, if you pop in you should say hi, I’m sure she’ll be happy to help you out. You could also have a facial from one of the consultants, they have a menu of the options you could chose from. A few of the girls tried them out and they came out looking so fresh faced it was amazing, now I’m looking back I wish I’d had one.




    After a bit of mingling, wine and cupcakes and a photo op/chat with Claire Cooper (Jacqui McQueen from Hollyoaks) we were taken for a talk from Zoe who is head of PR who talked us through what Murad is about and about Dr Murad himself. We were told that Murad is more of a Cosmesutical company and their main aim is results, so the products may seem expensive, but they’re all proven to work and have great results so it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it. Hearing about Dr Murad was one of the most interesting parts. He is a certified dermatologist, that when seeing people not getting the results they wanted went about producing his own brand, he’s one of the only dermatologists in LA that doesn’t offer plastic surgery as a quick fix. He even started out testing the ingredients and products on himself, so from that his products aren’t and never have been tested on animals.


    After the talk we were all lucky enough to be treated to a goodie bag, in mine I got the Summer Sun Essentials pack which after my consultation I was really happy about. The pack  contains an essential-C Cleanser, an Advanced Active Radiance Serum and Oil-free sunscreen broad spectrum SPF30, and also an Energizing Pomegranate Lip Protector SPF 15. All the products in the set are to help with reducing the appearance of sun spots and hyperpigmentation while protecting against sun damage. Perfect! I can’t wait to try all the products out and review them for you.


    If you’re up in Leeds, or even in London and see a Murad counter, then you should definitely try it out, and with some great names supporting the brand, it’s definitely one to look into. Again, I just want to thank everyone at Murad that made the evening so enjoyable, and wish them luck with their new Leeds counter.



  • Body Shop Haul



    Can you believe I’ve never really bought anything from The body Shop, but since finding the blogging world the lure has been strong just to go in and try some things.

    Originally I went in for the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser after seeing Corrie talk about it in her drugstore gems post. But because I lack all self control I went a bit crazy! Because my skins been having a bit of a hissy fit recently I’ve wanted to try out a few new more affordable skin care items. I think I picked up so many items because it was 3-for-2, then I signed up for a Body Shop card so I got a free mini tub of pink grapefruit body and then the nail buffer caught my eye by the till (they do put them there on purpose!).

    I’ll give you reviews once I’ve used them enough to have an opinion on some of the items. Have you tried any of these items before? Are there any items you’d reccommend I get when I next visit?


  • Have yourself a Lazy Evening

    scrubHappy Friday!

    Here’s another post featuring a product that I got at the FABB Event.

    Now I have to confess, I’ve never been one for exfoliating my body, that is until recently. I think this is due to the fact that I’ve never really faked tanned before until I was lucky enough to get a few to try out. I’m still fairly wary of tans because I have seen so many mishaps, and been on the receiving end of them before myself. So because of this I’ve looked into numerous different hints and tips on how to avoid disasters and one of the things that came up was exfoliating. The only other body exfoliator I have tried was a Makebelieve one.

    Again this is another product and company that I had never previously heard about. It was one of the items in my goodie bag that I was most interested in trying out.

    On first impressions because I’ve only used it twice so far, I really like it. It’s not your average scrub, its not full of grit but you can definitely feel the salt getting to work and I think it’s actually quite frothy, it’s like its whipped. I’m not crazy about the fragrance of it but it’s not that offensive. The first time I used it I just scooped it out the tub while I was in the shower and just rubbed it over my legs, but since then Mel posted her review of this product where she pointed out that there’s actually instructions on the tub. So the second time I used it I followed them, and I did notice a difference. Originally the product just slid around my legs a bit and I couldn’t feel the product as much. But the instructions tell you to use on dry legs, rub the product in your palms and then get to work. This way I felt the product working really well, and because of the oils in it I wasn’t worried about not having wet legs.

    The product worked amazingly, my legs felt exfoliated but moisturised at the same time, which is something I struggle with when I have used my other exfoliator. One thing I did notice was how my hands also felt after using them to rub it in. They felt so smooth as well, albeit a little bit greasy because of the oils, but because I did this step at the beginning of my shower once I’d been under water to rinse it off that soon went away. And I think the oils helped nourish my hands so it’s a bit of a multi use product. I feel like it would also be a great product for your feet, because I suffer from dry heels. I’ll definitely be trying this next time I have a shower.

    Do you exfoliate before tanning, or so you do it every time you shower? Have you got any tips and tricks that will help me when tanning?