Santa Came To Visit At Christmas.


As you can see I was a very lucky spoilt lady this year. Christmas isn’t about presents, it’s about spending time with family which I did, all 11 other members of my close family and it was a great day where we broke with tradition and split the day up a bit and did things differently.

I thought I’d just do a quick round up of the bits that I got. I’m not going to lie, my biggest present is not actually in this photo, it actually took this photo, myself and Harvey treated ourselves to a Canon 600D camera. I’m still yet to learn all the tricks and tips but I can’t wait to get my blog photos looking as great as possible.

From my parents we always get some random stocking fillers and this year didn’t disappoint, getting a few silly little things like nail buffers (because we always steal my mums), some hair bobbles (because we’re always losing them) and a little sweet treat of M&Ms. As my main present from them they bought me the Polar FT4 heart monitor and watch that I’ve been hanging my nose over for ages. They also treated me to a few other bits to help with my running including the socks & water bottle. Two random presents that I didn’t know I was getting from them was the Westie socks, because I bloody love Westies & the epilator. I have tried the epilator since Christmas and I think it’s a sign that I was a bad girl this year because it’s one of the worst pains on the same level as getting my eyebrows threaded (as you can tell I’ve not been through child birth or broken any bones).

From Harvey’s side of things, he also treated me to the Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallet on top of the camera, I don’t think I could love an eyeshadow pallet any more than I do this one. His Mum and Sister really pulled it out of the bag this year and surprised me with a beautiful Benefit makeup kit with all sorts of minis and a set of shadows so you can create a whole look. One of his sisters also got me the female Lynx gift set which is a good little set and it’s funny to use the body spray when you know that Lynx is usually a male brand, the body wash smells incredible and the sent does stay on you for a while but it’s not a strong smell unless you’ve got someone up close sniffing you.

Then from the rest of the family & family friends I got loads of special bits and pieces Including a few snoods, a beautiful red Zara handbag which I’ve used everyday since getting it. More sweet treats, Katy Perry’s Killer Queen perfume. I ran out of my last perfume and this one took my fancy when it was in a magazine and yes, I love Katy Perry so that’s a bonus. A great backpack with owls all over it which will be perfect for America because it folds up really tiny. I shouldn’t have favourites but I do love Just Dance 2014 and me and the family have already had loads of fun with it especially on New Years Eve when we stayed in as a family.

And last but not least my Sister treated us all to tickets to go and see John Bishop’s Supersonic tour at Wembley Arena and she has got some stonkingly good seats, like so close you can almost smell him sort of seats! So excited, I’ve seen him live before and he’s so good. I also have him on my “I fancy you but I don’t know why and you’re an old man so it’s wrong” list.

As you can see I was very lucky and will get lots of use out of everything! Did you have a good Christmas & was Santa good to you too?


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