#MYFABBHALOHAIR Event – 24.11.13


I was lucky enough to have been invited to a very exciting event in Leeds that was held by Halo Hair Extensions helped out by Ray and Tor.

This event was to find some new “Halo Angels” who were lucky enough to be given a Halo to try out for themselves.

When we got there we were greeted by Rachel and given some bubby and canapés which were really well put together. We were given a talk by John who was really friendly and was great to talk to and hear about the brand and the product. He spoke about the product so highly that really made us get excited to try it.


 Photo Credit to Hannah Rose Photography

We were then taken two at a time to get our Halos added and adjusted to fit us and then styled. I still can’t believe how well my Halo matched my hair. After that we had more time to chat to people and get used to the added hair on our heads. I can tell you now, you really don’t know that it’s there after you’ve had it in for a few minutes and it’s fitted so quickly it’s so much better than any other extensions I’ve tried. I won’t go back to any other type of extensions that’s for sure.

We were super lucky enough to be able to bring our Halos home and use them for ourselves. I have worn mine on a number of occasions one being at work, I have to say, not one person noticed till the end of the day on the second day of wearing it which for me was actually a good thing, I can feel quite self concious but if it’s not so in your face and I can wear it without worrying about it being obvious then it’s a winner for me.

I’m hoping to keep trying out some more hair styles with it so keep your eyes peeled for some posts featuring it. Have you ever tried extensions, what’s your feelings on them? Would you try out this innovative new way of wearing them?


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