Happiness Week

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As a listener of Radio 1 I couldn’t help but hear all about their “Happiness Week”. This is where they try and make everyone listening happy because we all know how depressing January can be.

I thought this was all very well except even though I was listening to the things they were doing to try and cheer you up I couldn’t help think that actually, the last two weeks have been weeks from hell. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as low as I have done. Now I don’t want to turn this into a depressing post but I feel like I need to talk about it and get it off my chest.

The reasons behind the last two weeks being the worst sort of spans over the past few months really, sort of only coming to a head. My Grandma has been really poorly for a few months now sort of deteriorating over three months more rapidly. It all sort of spiralled from then and last Tuesday we finally convinced her she needed help & go into hospital. It has been really hard on all of us and the situation at home has been pretty tense and not at all very cheerful. That on top of not being happy at work at the moment and struggling to get back into it after my time off at Christmas, it’s been really hard.

So all this has left me like this, not wanting to wake up in the mornings, spending 8 hours at work feeling rubbish then coming home into a sad atmosphere and just wanting to go to bed as soon as I can. I know it might not seem a lot but I’ve even lost the energy to be bothered to dress nicely, sticking to just jeans and whatever comfy/cosy jumper I can find. And on top of that I’ve kind of lost interest in makeup, I just don’t really see the point in making the effort at the moment. Hence the lack of Outfit Of The Day posts or Face Of The Day ones either.

I even lost confidence in my body, although I managed to get almost back down to my goal weight I’ve really just hated how I look in the mirror, and because of all the travelling around trying to get over to see my Grandma and try and get all the things I try and do done in the evenings my fitness had fallen to the wayside, which I feel contributed to feeling miserable. I do feel better after doing just a little bit of something that’s healthy in the evenings. In the last 3/4 days I have tried to kick it up a notch, I did a short run round the village yesterday and a longer one today, but I can tell that I’m not as fit as I was a week or so ago when I was running a lot more.

So that’s just an update with what’s going on with me really. I don’t think I’ll draw attention to this post, I think I just needed to vent and I also think that an honest post isn’t something to be ashamed of, I think more people should speak out when they’re not feeling so fine and dandy. I’m hopefully going to get myself back into blogging and working on my fitness and those are the things that really make me happy.

Back to the BBC Happiness Week, I can see why it’s a good idea and in the short term yes, it does cheer you up. But in the long run when you feel like nothings really going right, it’s not particularly helpful. Did anyone else listen to it? Would you say any of  it helped you feel happier in the month of January? Do you think January is as bad as everyone makes out or do you just embrace it and think of it like any other month. I do think the weather & whatnot does contribute to it but I think for me personally, it’s been the rest of it that’s been the hardest.

No more depressing stuff now, back to proper blogging again.


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