HD Brows – Review.


As you may have noticed in recent fotd posts my eyebrow have grown out crazy amounts and I was sporting the caveman look (while wishing it was the Cara Delavegine look).

I usually go to The Benito Brow Bar in House of Fraser in Nottingham and get them threaded but after seeing a number of posts on HD Brows I decided to see what all the hype is for myself.

I booked myself in at Beautification on Claridon Street for after work. Despite seeing other HD Brows Reviews I still wasn’t 100% sure what it involved.

When I got there I was welcomed by Yasmin who is the only girl that does the HD Brows at Beautification and shown up to the room that the “treatment’ takes place in, it’s obviously where all the waxing etc happens because there was all that equipment and a table on one side of the room and a high backed bucket chair on the other. I was sat down in the chair and we had a chat about what I wanted from my eyebrows, what sort of shape and also what colour I wanted. I said I just wanted to have them cleaned up and if she could try and thicken up the ends of my brows that would be perfect, one her advice she said that I should go for a warmer colour on my brows and I was happy enough to trust her judgement.

To start she applied the tint all over my brows and extended over the main brow to make sure to colour any lighter hairs. This wasn’t left on for very long at all but that’s because my brows are pretty dark anyway, especially compared to my lighter hair at the moment.

That step then lead on to waxing. I’ve only ever had my brows waxed once before and I can say that this time was less painful but not completely pain free. But I have the lowest pain threshold ever so all of this may be nothing to some people.

Following that was the threading, I love threading because it just makes everything look so neat, especially the line at the bottom of your brow. This wasn’t actually as painful as it usually is when I get it done, but again like I said, in no way pain free. She even went quite far up my forehead which was weird but it’s good because it makes your makeup sit better on your skin.

Lastly was the tweezing, now this was the worst part for me, I ended up all teary eyed, blotchy nosed struggling to handle the pain. I don’t know why it hurts so much but it does!

She wiped it all down and showed me them in the mirror. Despite the redness I was super happy with them, she put some powder on my face to cover the redness a bit and used a brow pencil to fill them in. I was red and my skin was a bit raised for an hour or so afterwards but it soon went down.


[Before | After & Filled In | Next Day At Home Routine]

My verdict; £25 might seem steep but I usually pay £20 for a tint and thread anyway so the extra £5 for a bit of extra and more of a consultation wasn’t too painful for me to part with. I’ve booked in again for another 5 weeks and she’s told me not to touch them myself and she’ll continue to work on the ends of my brows then. I’m really happy with the result and I still felt pampered without actually having a pamper! (If that makes sense).

What brow taming route do you take? Have you ever had a HD Brows treatment before?


Leave a comment with your thoughts below! =]
  1. Sarah says:

    Oh, they look brilliant! You can’t beat the shape a good professional can get. Interested to hear about the salon you went to – I had HD Brows done a while back but it was at NKD (near L’Occitane) and I don’t think they did it properly. The end result was good but it didn’t have the consultation aspect and something seemed a bit off. Perhaps I need to give it a go again! xx

    • Sally says:

      Thats interesting to know, I don’t think anywhere does any brow routines the same. Even within the company I think it can vary depending on who’s doing it.
      I’d definitely recommend Beautification if you do go again 🙂

      Sally x

  2. Caroline says:

    They look brilliant on you Sally! You have a lovely shape to them.. I have one that grows and looks ok, the other just annoys me!
    I used to love having my brows HD done.. it was such a change when I found somewhere locally that did it!
    Unlike some people, I really liked the threading part.

    • Sally says:

      Thank you :). I have the same problem, because of my the droopy eye on my right it makes my eyebrow look different to the other one.
      But like they say brows should be sisters, not twins.

      I like the result of threading, just not the pain D: haha

      Sally x

  3. Michelle L. says:

    Your brows look awesome! However, I think it’s super expensive to do your brows there.. £20-25??! I usually get my brows threaded here in Malaysia at the saloon, and they usually cost me about £3 in your currency. Even the most expensive places charge £7 maximum.