Oh Hi There…

2014-11-15 10(2)

Long time no see! How have you been? Glad to see you here again.

It’s been a while eh, and a lot has changed in the last year (almost) personally anyways.

I’m back, maybe not regularly but I’m back, and I want to get my mojo back, this blog is something I’ve always loved and been proud of. I’ve just had to take some time to myself and get my life back on track. I’m still not quite there but lets just say I am a LOT happier than I was back in October.

Over the next few posts you’ll get some past posts that never got posted, mainly event ones that I went to in 2014 but I want to share my experience of them and show my appreciation for the hard work that goes into organising events and meetups. You will also see posts from my travels from America that I went on almost a year ago! Time flies, it really does.

I look forward to getting back into it and being more present on my little old blog. I’m also looking into having a re-design cause I feel like it’s time to clean up and start a fresh like I have done in my life.


Leave a comment with your thoughts below! =]
  1. Yay! Welcome back lovely!

    Can’t read to get reading!

    B x