Room Tour



It’s been over a year since I moved out of my flat and back into my parents and I thought it was about time that I did a room tour.

Before I moved home I made sure that my dad helped decorate my room for me, I chose to keep it light and bright so went with a really pale grey shade for the walls and then a bit of accent wallpaper for under the built in wardrobes, it’s from Laura Ashley and I absolutely love it plus I’m so impressed we got the paint and wallpaper such a close colour match.

Slowly but surely I’ve been adding bits to my room to make it feel more homely and I thought I’d share with you my favourite bits.

I have to admit, I think the shelf above my bed is my favourite part of my room. I feel like it brings a bit of personality to my room. Here I keep all my books, mainly self help and religious books, aside from Mockingjay and The Wolf of Wall Street. I also have my Mini Dianna camera because I’m yet to actually put film in it and take it out for a play so while it’s not in use it’s a nice little decoration. Two personal items on my shelf are the Card that my parents got me because I always joke that my sisters the favourite daughter so they saw this and thought of me, and also the bottle of coca-cola, anyone that knows me knows that I used to be an absolute fiend for the stuff but I’d given up drinking it by the time that the named bottles came out, but when my sister found one with my name on she saved it for me. Goodness knows how flat it is now but I like it as decoration, is that weird?


If you follow me on instagram then you’ll probably be familiar with the above view of my bedroom, but below is the other end where most of the furniture is.


Here I have my skincare cabinet that I bought for £10 from the British Heart Foundation, yes, three shelves of skincare and no I do not need all of it but I’m working my way through it all I swear!

I also have all my entertainment bits like my PlayStation and my Now TV box along with the TV that I used to have in my lounge at the flat that I fought to have in my room because it’s so big. It’s been there so long now I don’t even think it’s that big any more. I also keep my hair grips, cotton pads and cotton buds in little glass jar type things along with a tray to keep the jewellery I wear most often in.

Above the TV I have a shelf where I keep my spare candle, my jewellery stand and two candle holders that I use for decoration which I got years ago from a Jamie Oliver party, your modern day Tupperware party.




The chest of drawers under my TV is where I keep all my makeup in the top draw and then t-shirts and shorts/leggings in the other two drawers. Again, it does seem mad that I have a whole drawer full of makeup but I do love the stuff!


On the other side of my room I have my dressing table/desk where I do all my makeup. This part of my room has changed a bit because I’ve actually moved my makeup brushes over to some pots that I’ve saved from my Grandmas belongings.


desk_detailsUnderneath this is my least favourite part where I store all sorts of bits and bobs, it always looks a mess but I can’t seem to make it look organised. Any tips for making it look better would be much appreciated.

Overall I’m so happy with my room, I keep adding to it and changing bits that I’ve accumulated. I’m usually told off by my dad for spending too much time in my room but I always say he shouldn’t have made it so nice to be in!

Is your bedroom your safe haven or is it a space you just sleep in?




Leave a comment with your thoughts below! =]
  1. Sarah says:

    I love this post soooo much! I must just be nosy, but I love room tours! I think that wallpaper is gorgeous, might be copying that when and if I ever finally move house! Laura Ashley stuff is beautiful. Also what a find with the skincare cabinet, total bargain. It’s a gorgeous space and very relaxing – I do thing bedrooms need to be a bit of a haven from stormy life! Great post xx