Sunday Fundays – Twycross Zoo & Woodhall Spa.

SundayFundaysI thought I’d do a new feature on here for a bit.

I’m calling it Sunday Fundays because Harvey and Myself have started to make plans for Sundays because now he’s got regular hours at his new job he always has Sundays off so it’s nice to make the most of them rather than sitting inside all day.

I thought I’d catch you up with the first two Sundays we’ve spent together.

Twycross Zoo –

The first trip we took was fairly close to home, it was actually Harveys idea to go to the zoo that weekend and I was happy to go to Twycross zoo. I have so many memories from from this zoo, my Grandma used to take me and we would have such great day trips bonding over our love of animals. Although the Zoo itself has changed a lot I still had so much nostalgia being there and remembering past trips.


2014-08-17 15.12.15 HDR-1



Woodhall Spa –

The idea to go here came to me thanks to Groupon. I saw an offer on one of the many emails you get from them for a maize maze and I loved the idea of it. I thought it’d be a large commercial maze but actually, it was just in the middle of a field run by some people in a portacabin. It was so much fun and we spent quite a long time wandering round it trying to collect the letters to work out the answer to the question they gave you before you headed in.

Afterwards we drove up the road and into the woods to find the Kinema in the Woods, which is a really old, tiny cinema in the woods would you have guessed it. They play all modern films that you’d find in the cinema but they have an interval in the middle and they have someone on an old fashioned organ come up from the ground & play a half time song. We didn’t actually go in but it was cool to see and would be a good idea if we were heading that way again. We did however go sort of next door to the Tea Rooms in the Woods for some lunch, it was quaint on the outside but like a proper restaurant on the inside. We were really lucky with the weather and it was good to go on a bit of a road trip.


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I’m really looking forward to future Sundays that we spend together.


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  1. Sarah says:

    What brilliant days out. I love Twycross Zoo too, the little monkeys are so adorable. I need to go there again soon! You’re inspiring me to get off my bum on the weekend and go do fun stuff! xx

    • Sally says:

      Do it, I’ve loved it so far! I’ve even started to feel bad because I haven’t been able to go on another day trip with Harvey for a few weeks. It doesn’t even have to cost much, just get out and go somewhere!

      Sally x