Travelpod -Travel Blog Review.


While I was away in America you may or may not have noticed my absence on the blog. However in reality I kicked it up a notch and blogged every day for 29 days, but using the travel blogging app TravelPod.

I wanted to use a platform that I could update easily and share each days activities with family back home to keep them up to date with what had been going on and so they were sure I was safe. I also love that I am now able to look back over all the posts and all the photos and remember all the amazing things I did while on my travels. This in turn will help me when it comes to eventually writing up all the posts I’m eager to put the time into to write for here on Rainydayfaces.

The app is actually just the addition to the website where you can do all the same updating but seeing as I took my iPad with me I thought it would be perfect to be able to update on the go without needing a computer or internet. Obviously to actually post you have to have internet connection but it all stays there ready for you to upload when you’re around wifi on your travels. Luckily the places we’d booked to stay all had internet connection and the only problem I had was the last few days in Las Vegas surprisingly, the wifi was rubbish there!

To start you have to set up an account and create a ‘blog’ which was easy enough. Give it an image, I put my limited photoshop skills to use and made this funny little image, which I’m actually quite proud of!


On the actual online blog it shows a map of all the journeys you’ve taken which I think is a great touch.


You can even add each hotel you stayed in and review them from the app/site.


I will definitely use this app for any future holidays I go on and recommend it for ease and usability if you’re wanting to do the same. My parents loved being kept up to date with what I was doing on a day to day basis and it also means they knew every detail rather than me getting home and missing anything.

For a few added features you can pay a yearly subscription of around $35 but I’ve just stuck to the free one. If I was to use it on a more regular basis I’d maybe consider paying that fee.


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  1. Mel says:

    This is awesome! You’re so sneaky! I thought you were writing in notes when you’d ask what random places were called occasionally.

    I will use this is the future!

    Mel xx